Abdominal distension (flatulence)

Abdominal distension (flatulence) is quitecommon symptom in our days. Prevalence it is related to many factors. Due to the accumulated gas displaces the stomach intestines, stimulates throw food from the stomach into the esophagus, frequent belching and a sour taste in the mouth. But the most unpleasant fact that bloating always affects social life.

Abdominal distension (flatulence) is quitecommon symptom in our days. Prevalence it is related to many factors, in particular, poor environment, poor diet, stress. Flatulence is often accompanied by wildness in the abdomen, pain, diarrhea. But it may be the only symptom.

Even in such as flatulence causesdiscomfort and bloating in the abdomen. Due to the accumulated gas displaces the stomach intestines, stimulates throw food from the stomach into the esophagus, frequent belching and a sour taste in the mouth. The increase in the volume of the intestine can lead to a raising of the diaphragm, which is manifested by shortness of breath, palpitations and pain in the heart. What matters is that the increased pressure within the gastrointestinal tract. Some sections of the intestine spazmiruyutsya other pererastyagivayutsya that can manifest itself in the form of colic. Significant concerns brought rumbling in the stomach and carminative, which are often accompanied by flatulence.

But the most unpleasant fact that the swelling of the abdomenalways affects social life. Flatulence spoils the appearance of the figure, and something to hide, often forced to sit at home, so as not to blush in front of people for making sounds and smells.

The main causes of flatulence

Treatment of flatulence
The main cause of bloating is a violation of the control over the process of digestion, the formation of gases and their disposal, what is happening with the help of intestinal absorption or excretion.

The most common cause of bloating isair into hasty when chewing or talking while eating. Scientists suggest that up to seventy percent of the gas enters the body when ingested. The situation may be exacerbated by the use of carbonated drinks. Gases from drinking a liquid concentrate in the digestive tract, causing bloating.

There are: increased gas formation in the intestine in the absence of pathology and actual pathological conditions.

Physiological flatulence often developswhen used in food products, which cleavage occurs microflora enzymes to generate a large amount of gases. The same type includes high flatulence after eating foods that cause fermentation in the gut. Examples of flatulence:

  • eating products causingexcessive gas (for example, peas, soybeans). Often, excessive gas formation causing fresh vegetables and fruits. However, these cases are not the disease, and are easily removed with a diet change, or the body becomes accustomed to these products;
  • change of diet. Transition to power other food can cause temporary bloating, is not reconstructed intestines to digest food atypical;
  • binge eating. When long overeating food in the intestine is not digested, rotting and fermentation occurs, and as a result, produces a large amount of gases.

It is not a disease and high altitude flatulence. It appears in people who have risen to great heights. This is due to the atmospheric pressure and suction gas pressure equalization in the intestines in accordance with the ambient atmosphere. The body quickly enough to cope with the phenomenon. Sometimes there is excessive gas during pregnancy or before menstruation. It also will not last long.

However, flatulence is a common sign of pathology. Scientists have identified a number of causes of its manifestations:

  1. Decrease of liver enzymes, pancreas, and small intestine, and stomach. Examples of such manifestations of flatulence:
  • production while reducing liver bile, whichnormally inhibits the growth of pathogenic microflora in the intestine is an increase in the amount of harmful bacteria in the intestinal lumen. These then secrete excessive amounts of gas;
  • at low pH in the duodenum reduced activity of digestive enzymes may occur that causes an increase in flatulence and intestinal microflora.
  • Violation of the digestive tract microfloraviolation of the enzymatic activity of the intestinal mucosa. The same mechanism applies to the settlement of intestinal pathogens. It most often occurs in the following cases:
    • after a course of antibiotics. Drugs kill the body, not only pathogens, but also useful;
    • a similar effect is given glucocorticoids and chemotherapy, used orally (by mouth);
    • with insufficient development of gastric chyme (food) does not pass adequate training to assimilate her intestines.

    Note that individually, these mechanisms are relatively rare, they often appear in various combinations.

  • Mechanical type of bloating occurs in violation of movement through the intestines of food and gas due to the presence of mechanical obstacles. Examples of such diseases:
    • adhesions and stenosis of the abdominal cavity;
    • intracolonic tumor.
  • Dynamic flatulence occurs at lowerspeed food through the digestive tract and gas (intestinal atony). This is mainly the case after serious illness, as well as in violation of neurohumoral regulation, for example:
    • possible peritonitis intestinal paresis, as well as recovering from surgery;
    • intoxication certain substances, such as lead.
  • The psychogenic type of flatulence is manifested by a violation of the nervous and humoral regulation, which lead to spasm of the smooth muscles of the intestines, disrupting the movement of food and gases.
  • Food affecting flatulence

    Treatment of flatulence
    Products that cause flatulence, can be divided into three main groups:

    1. Products that cause gas formation.

    Of the products that cause the appearance of gas in the intestines, the most known beans. Quite often in the restaurant food add broccoli - very useful productBut, unfortunately, it can cause pronouncedflatulence, especially when it is in its raw form. Nutritionists recommend that whole apples, but this causes an increase in fruit gases in the intestine that may lead to bloating and belching. It is also suspected of flatulence pickled vegetables, bell pepper, chili pepper.

    When used in any foodproducts you get bloating, it means that the body is not used to produce enzymes for their digestion. At regular eating the above mentioned foods, the digestive organs begin to produce a sufficient amount of essential enzymes, and after a while the symptoms are bloating.

    The best thing - it is to observe them after meals, and determine which product is most clearly leads to the formation of gases.

    Supporters separate power supply They argue that there are no products that doby itself cause flatulence. Only their wrong combination can cause bloating. For example, specialists in a separate food does not recommend eating meat food with fruits and juices. This is due to the fact that for complete digestion and assimilation of nutrients from meat and vegetables require different enzymes conflicting.

  • Foods that cause fermentation processes.
  • These products include kvass, beer, black bread, kombucha.

    Interesting theory offer supportersunleavened food. They claim that the yeast bread damages the intestinal mucosa, digestion gives that eventually causes it to swell. They offer to watch the women who mainly feed rolls at lunchtime. Most of them have normal feet and hands, but a large swollen belly. To get rid of this symptom should be stop eating leavened bread and go for bread on serum (or any other content without yeast).

  • Dairy products for people with lactose intolerance cause flatulence.
  • What if I have bloating

    Treatment of flatulence
    If you suffer from bloatinga short time, then try to normalize diet. Usually the exception of only a few food products leads to normalization of the bowel. Empirically determine which foods cause you flatulence.

    If flatulence need to eat right,excluded from the food spicy, salty, sweet, fizzy drinks. Also I recommend to readers our website to take time off from bread, because it often causes the accumulation of gas in the intestines. Often dairy products lead to increased formation of gas.

    Spend purgationBecause getting rid of constipation often leads to normalization of the formation of gases.

    What is desirable to pass inspection

    If bloating symptoms persist after normalization of diet, you must undergo a medical examination, the purpose of which is to eliminate the disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Usually examination includes laboratorytests (complete blood count, urinalysis, fecal), bacteriological examination of the intestinal microflora (in the wash enterobiosis) and instrumental diagnostics (abdominal ultrasound, endoscopic examination of the colon, and others.).

    With the passage of the survey focusshould be paid to such organs as the stomach, liver, pancreas, intestines, since the problem is in the digestive system can cause increased gas production.

    Treatment of flatulence

    Treatment of flatulence
    Treatment of bloating is based on a systematic approach to the disease, and may include:

    1. A diet based on features of digestive disorders.
    2. Treatment of the underlying disease and correction of violations revealed during the examination.
    3. Normalization of the intestinal bacterial composition.
    4. Treatment of gastrointestinal motility disorders.
    5. Preventing and removing excess gas from the intestine.

    After diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe you the necessary diet and treatment of the underlying disease identified.

    To correct the intestinal microflora can youappoint agents pre- and probiotics. Prebiotics (an example is Laktrofiltrum) - a non-digestible in the digestive tract of food ingredients that stimulate their own growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Probiotics (eg, Linex) - is ready to beneficial bacteria, which have a positive impact on the digestive tract.

    There are several classes of drugs that influence the formation and removal of gases from the intestine:

    1. Drugs, defoamers (Espumizan). Preparations hinder education and contribute to the destruction of gas bubbles inside the intestine. The gases, which are released at the same time, can be absorbed mucous membrane, as well as output by reducing the muscle of the gastrointestinal tract.
    2. enterosorbents (activated carbon, Smecta). Due sorbing properties, of the organism is removed from the gases, toxins and bacteria.
    3. Agents acting on the intestinal motility (Reglan, Motilium). Due to the strengthening of peristalsis is accelerated removal of gases from the gastrointestinal tract.
    4. Herbal preparations (Plantex) and traditional medicine: decoctions of dill or fennel.

    Often these drugs actually produce results,but remember that taking them in isolation from the full complex treatment - a measure of symptomatic, that is, taking these drugs, it is impossible to cure the root cause of the disease. After medication bloating symptoms usually return. For high-quality full treatment necessary to find the cause of the disease and to correct all the violations found in the body.

    Frequent bloating can be a symptom of an importantserious illness, so take it responsibly. Be sure to go through the screening and follow all recommendations of the doctor, because the bowel health is an important indicator of the health of the whole organism.

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