Treatment of chronic cholecystitis

Chronic cholecystitis brings anxietymany, they suffer from a 17% to 22% of the total adult population of the planet - these are the statistics of recent years. Therefore our website has decided to tell his readers in detail about him, about his symptoms, symptoms, causes of. In this article you will find, and treatment recommendations.

Unfortunately, many people after 40 years of coming tophysician with complaints, directly pointing to the fact that in the body there is a problem with the activity of the gallbladder and liver. The majority of patients diagnosed with "chronic cholecystitis" is placed after the survey. Doctors are forced to admit the existence of "sand" and the stones in the gallbladder already in those patients who are only 35 years old. All this contributes to the frequent exacerbations of inflammatory processes, deterioration of health, and frequent visits to the doctor.

Chronic cholecystitis - what is it?

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Inflammatory processes in the gallbladder,who have taken a permanent chronic character and a tendency to periodically recurring exacerbations are called chronic cholecystitis. Inflammation occurs directly in the walls of this organ, similar to a sac, and stones appear in its lumen (cavity). Gradually, the walls of this organ are destroyed, shriveled, which leads to a decrease in functions or their complete loss, which affects the digestion process - it significantly worsens. And why is this organ needed in the human body? This hollow sack-shaped organ, a bit like a pear, is adjacent to the lower part of the liver. Its main task is the accumulation of bile, which is produced by the liver, and its storage in stock. When a person eats, the walls of the gallbladder begin to contract rapidly, which leads to the release of bile into the intestine through a special duct. Bile is actively involved in the digestive processes: it is necessary for the digestion of lipids (fats), destroys harmful microbes if they enter the body with food, and stimulates peristalsis in the intestinal tube. In addition, unwanted cholesterol, toxins, and toxins are removed from the body with bile. Constantly inflamed gall bladder cannot accumulate the necessary amount of bile, which affects the digestive system.

The causes of disease

The main reason that triggers the bodymechanism, leading to cholecystitis, doctors believe bile stasis and infection. Moreover, both of these are often the dominant factor potentiate the effect of each other, while there is a vicious circle. After all, if the bile stagnates in the bladder, then there are very favorable conditions for the development of an infection caught in it. And infection in turn spoils the wall of the gall bladder and duct, they can not be reduced in due measure - compounded by stagnation. Very often the companion of chronic cholecystitis is cholelithiasis. And persistent inflammation leads to the formation of gallstones in the affected organ. Here more number of factors contributing to the course of chronic pathological processes in the gallbladder:

  • obesity, excess weight leads to the accumulation of cholesterol in the gall bladder, which is a building material for the formation of gallstones;
  • women more likely to develop the disease, since they are produced hormones that increase the intensity of cholesterol education;
  • pregnancy can also lead to stagnant processes in the gallbladder;
  • in old age is reduced contractility of the gallbladder wall, which also leads to stagnation of bile;
  • irregular meals with large time intervals;
  • permanent appointment of certain drugs, such as oral contraceptives, Ceftriaxone, clofibrate.
  • presence in the gallbladder or duct worms (ascarids, Giardia);
  • diabetes leading to impaired liver function, developing its fat.

Symptoms of chronic cholecystitis

gastroenterology, cholelithiasis, gall bladder, cholecystitis, chronic cholecystitis

What are the obvious signs and symptoms you can recognize the disease?

That is what gives the body signals:

  1. The pain is localized in the right upper quadrant. She is aching, dull in nature, it lasts a few hours, sometimes days or weeks. Emphasize pain, if a person has eaten something greasy spicy, fried. Sometimes the pain spreads to the neck and right shoulder. During exacerbations of pain acquires cutting character.
  2. Vomiting, nausea, appetite loss, the presence of metal in the mouth or bitter taste.
  3. The severity of discomfort, distension of the liver after eating.
  4. Increased production of gases in the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Disturbances of the chair, in the form of diarrhea, and in the form of long constipation.
  6. In advanced stages of joining weakness, irritability, decreased performance, frequent colds.

If you notice the appearance of the described symptoms, be sure to visit a physician or a gastroenterologist, who will appoint a survey and then give recommendations for further action.


To properly diagnose requiredto listen to the complaints of the patient, an inspection, palpation of the liver and gall bladder area, sometimes the doctor presses on a special point, available on the right side of the neck. More doctor will take into account ultrasound data holetsistografii, blood tests, stool and other necessary research. And already then the doctor will make recommendations, which will have to adhere to a patient.

Treatment recommendations

gastroenterology, cholelithiasis, gall bladder, cholecystitis, chronic cholecystitis

  1. During exacerbations of disease gallbladder patient better at least three days to lie down in bed, to limit the load on the possible stresses.
  2. During exacerbations, try to eat less. The food should be light, preference is given to tea, compote, sweet fruit juice, mineral water (certainly without gas) and a few crackers. our website warns: do not take the crackers in ready packages with different preservatives, flavor enhancers and other harmful components listed in the composition. When the condition becomes better, the diet can add useful porridge, a piece of fish, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled grated low-fat meat. Food chew carefully, take your time, it is advisable to eat 6 times a day. Sometimes it is useful to make fasting days - Compote, kefir, watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber.
  3. In chronic cholecystitis is better to exclude from your diet:
    • rigid meat, smoked, canned, fatty, fried, spicy, too salty;
    • pastry-baked;
    • alcoholic beverages;
    • hot spices.

    Eggs can be eaten no more than three a week, do not get carried away with excess sweets.

  4. Be sure to include in your diet the following products:
    • fresh vegetables, fruits - beets, carrots, tomatoes, melons, apples, pumpkins, watermelons, cucumbers, zucchini and others, contain a lot of fiber, which stimulates the removal of excess cholesterol;
    • cereal, bran, bread made from wheat flour; it removes muscle tension and contribute to the gallbladder outflow duct for bile;
    • vegetable oils (corn, sunflower, olive), in small quantities, they reduce bad cholesterol, improve digestion and will prevent stone formation.
  5. Eat mineral water, givingpreference for such brands as "Essentuki" №17 and №4, "Slavyanovskaya", "Izhevsk". Admission spend before you want to eat, about half or a whole glass of water.
  6. To remove the pain, appointed antispasmodics in pills or injections (No-spa, Spazmalgon, Baralgin, spazgan, maksigan).
  7. To suppress vomiting doctors prescribe Reglan, Motilium.
  8. At the doctor selects a bacterial infection antibioticIndicating the dose, the multiplicity of methods and duration of the course.
  9. Bile products (Allohol, Holenzim, Liv-52, Tanatsehol, holosas, Mezim, Festal). They help the bile released into the intestinal lumen, liquefy it, improve digestion.
  10. The beneficial effects on the function of the gallbladderwill infusions and decoctions of herbs, such as Helichrysum flowers, rose hips, yarrow, calendula flowers, grass peppermint or lemon balm, parsley and parsley root, corn silk. At the pharmacy you can buy ready-made and cholagogue fees.
  11. Good effect on the state of the gallbladder have a milk thistle (in the form of meal or oil) and sea buckthorn oil.

Treatment of chronic cholecystitis without failshould be under the supervision of a physician. It is properly advise medicines and herbs. After all, with the presence of stones in the gallbladder cavity a number of herbs and drugs are contraindicated. Only dieting and expert advice to help avoid frequent exacerbations and complications of the disease. Do not start the disease, so as not to lose the gallbladder.

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