Treatment of tuberculosis folk remedies

Tuberculosis - infectious, contagiousdisease. Infection occurs when dealing with the already ill person through the air or through infected cattle and small cattle. Recognize tuberculosis is not easy. He likes to hide under the guise of other diseases. In the treatment of tuberculosis and drug treatment is important, and nutrition, and lifestyle.

Treatment of tuberculosis folk remedies
Tuberculosis - infectious, contagiousdisease. Infection occurs when dealing with the already ill person through the air or through infected cattle and small cattle. Infected through food. It occurs in utero infection. Scientific name - Mycobacterium tuberculosis or the tubercle bacillus. Distinguish pulmonary tuberculosis and extrapulmonary. Previously, tuberculosis was called tuberculosis, lupus, mucous membranes - scrofula, internal organs - bugorchatkoy.

The world is infected every third inhabitant. Especially dangerous is the situation in Africa and Asia, South and Central America. Last year, there were about 350,000 cases in Russia. In Ukraine, - 700,000. This is the tip of the iceberg. And how many undocumented patients walking through the streets, using public transport, eats in canteens, goes to work. Some people are unaware that they are ill with tuberculosis. And if earlier tuberculosis was considered a disease of the poor, but now the disease does not choose, and mows all those who have weakened immune system or who are genetically predisposed to the disease.

It could be that someone in your surroundingssick, someone wilted, lost hope. Someone had been treated and was not able to recover, someone has an intolerance to modern medicines. This article is for those people.

Recognize tuberculosis is not easy. He likes to hide under the guise of other diseases. Just in time to make fluoroscopy and radiography can help determine if you are sick. Therefore, it is desirable to pass the planned check-ups every six months or a year.

at TB treatment important medication, and food, andLifestyle. And sometimes will, a strong desire to survive. In the example I want to bring the story of Nikolai Morozov (1854-1946) - Russian revolutionary populist, a scientist, an honorary member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He spent twenty-five years in prison, suffered from a severe form of tuberculosis, he recovered without any pills and help of doctors and spent rest of his life healthy. But our article about something else.

Folk remedies

Treatment of tuberculosis folk remedies
TB patients can not smoke and have to findability to work in air. It helps visiting salt caves. The presence of salts in the air inhibits the inflammation in the lungs, and potassium ions are readily seep in blood, improving metabolic processes in the body.

In the course of the disease much people lose weight, soit is recommended to eat more protein foods and foods containing fat: meat, liver, brains, milk, egg yolks, butter, eggs, various cereals. It is a question of animal protein, it was he who gives TB immune system and stimulates the oxidation processes, which helps to quickly absorption of vitamins. Also required onion, garlic. Needed salt.

It is advisable to drink fresh milk every day, aboutliters. There is no way to get milk every day - warm normal milk and dissolved charcoal intestinal disinfection. Drink milk slowly so as not tortured flatulence (Gas).

If the disease is very useful fat - bear,dog. It must be melted in milk and drink warm (important, to melt the fat). Add a teaspoon of fat per cup of hot milk. His, fat is often consumed in the Caucasus among mountaineers. To do this, mix a glass of pork lard, beef, mutton, and one-third cup of dog. Together, boiled in a water bath and drink 3 times a day for 2 tablespoons in the form of heat. If this form of reception does not suit you, then the mixture is cooled to smear on bread like butter, a little salt. According to the observations, a month later the lungs are filled with fat acceptance so tightly that localize the sore spots. This method helps even in very severe forms of tuberculosis.

Often helps such a mixture: squeeze 20 lemons, juice, strain, pour into a jar. Attach to 10 fresh eggs in the shell. Bank to link with a cloth and leave for a couple of weeks in a dark place. You will notice at the end of that shell has dissolved, then add to this 400 grams of honey, a glass of good cognac and mix. Mixture pour into bottles. Drink 2 or 3 times a day for 50 ml, before shaking the bottle. Store in a dark place.

Take iron. No need for pills, simply plug the apple with a dozen nails pure iron (not steel!) And leave for a day. After that, you can eat an apple. On day 3 enough apples. But if you do not have my apples, just put in a glass of water, a large iron nail for 24 hours. Then drink 3 times a day for 1 tablespoon, shake well in advance. Be sure to rinse your mouth after that iron did not spoil the teeth.

Replace the water sometimes broth from bran and oats. Cook for an hour, strain, drink it of the density that you prefer. Well add honey, but then you have more time to boil. On day 2 cups.

Patients need to eat every 2 hours after eat, swallow raw egg yolk and lemon juice, which helps fight the disease.

In the fight against the disease helps to swallow tar. His drop (and it is big), divided into three stages. Drink.

This is a very old folk remedy for the treatment ofTB: take one glass of juice of radish (preferably black), beet juice, carrot juice, this honey. All poured into a bottle for 13 days buried in the ground. Then you need to take before meals for a drink 3 times a day (do not forget to shake).

But this is a purely Russian folk remedy (particularlygentle people, please do not read). Urine from a healthy eight-year boy. Morning. Fasting. Half a cup. After a few days, begins to hawk phlegm, cough wears off. After 3 months, a clear improvement in health.

Those who suffer from tuberculosis, night sweats, andthen feel weakly. Advise on the night to wipe himself with water. Add the alcohol in water or vinegar. More sweat sage helps with milk: a glass of boiling milk pour a teaspoon of herbs. Ingest.

Cough helps patients to drink a very warm infusion of grass Icelandic moss (ch. L. Glass of water).

If you cough up phlegm difficult and it has accumulated a lot of chest, I advise you to drink a hot infusion alteynogo root.

When bleeding relieves cold drink Navaro from astringent fruits (blackberries, mountain ash, pear, pomegranate). Or extract from uterine horns 15 drops per day.

During the crisis (severe bleeding): the patient's seat, heart attach cold wet cloth and often change it. Legs - into heat (heating pads). Take a tablespoon into the brine. Here's how to prepare: a tablespoon of salt to the top, we plant a glass of water. Mix well and when the salt will not dissolve, allow to stand until the precipitate will form on the bottom and the top layer will be a pure liquid. Gently pour the clean part of the solution in a new bowl and kept handy for such cases.

Any of these recipes may not cure, butdefinitely alleviate the suffering of the patient. Pick it more convenient recipe. Or change them. And do not forget - strengthen your body. Take care of your health.

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