Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Soreness in the wrist,provoked by prolonged work at the computer, today was named tunnel syndrome. He is a professional disease of freelancers, programmers, web designers, journalists, secretaries and other persons whose activities are related to computer technology.

"Hand typist" - so called carpalsyndrome in the XX century. Since the constant vibration typewriter harm employees joints of hands, sometimes bringing to their disability. A century later, the disease spread among offices - a threat to get the syndrome is high for those who work at the computer more than 3 hours a day. However, in addition to "white collar", prone to disease as cashiers, taxi drivers, truck drivers, photographers, designers, hairdressers and even pianists. The average age of the victims varies between 40-55 years, but the syndrome today, alas, younger, and often with a disease specialists treat patients 25 years of age.

Causes of the syndrome

pain in the arm, pinched nerve, carpal syndrome, neuralgia, carpal tunnel syndrome

The reason for the appearance of a tunnel syndromepinched nerve that goes to the carpal canal, whereby the disease is also known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Nerve Entrapment occurs in the wrist, by pressing it to the tendons or the transverse ligament. In this case violated the nerve signaling, and as a result - a painful nerve provokes pain symptoms, and then dies at all. This leads to adverse health effects.

Compression can be triggered thickeningor swelling of the tendons that pass close to the nerve. This phenomenon occurs as a result of the constant static load on the same muscle group that is due to the duration of repetitions of monotonous movements. Also, the reason can serve as an uncomfortable position of hands when working with the mouse, the keyboard, when the wrist is in a constant voltage. Such actions lead to a weakening, continuous pain sensation or discomfort in the hands, numbness of hands, particularly the palms.

Do not confuse the manifestations of tunnel syndrome withpain manifestations that may result from various pathologies of the spine - intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, etc. With such diseases, the nerve that comes from the spinal cord is damaged. our site will tell its readers how to determine the symptoms of carpal syndrome and take measures to eliminate it.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

pain in the arm, pinched nerve, carpal syndrome, neuralgia, carpal tunnel syndrome

To get an accurate diagnosis, you mustcontact a neurologist. A specialist examines the patient, learns information about his lifestyle. In complex cases, it may require electromyography (EMG) or electroneuromyography (ENG) for the differential diagnosis of the patient. These techniques distinguish carpal syndrome from other diseases. After which the final diagnosis is made.

to save yourself

Self can not replace a full medical treatment. But at the beginning of carpal syndrome enough and improvised means to revive the operation of the hands and their health.

The most affordable tool that was usedsince olden times, these are mitts. They are fingerless gloves made of natural wool. The accumulated heat from the mitts will relieve pain, and the prickly coat will become a natural massager for the palm of your hand. In addition, with the help of an elastic cuff on the wrist, the bandage will be firmly fixed in the palm of your hand and will relieve tension from the joint.

Enough effective method are alsocompresses or rubbing massage with the addition of oils - eucalyptus, camphor and mint. These oils have a cooling or warming effects. A hot baths for hands with sea salt brush quickly remove the swelling, relaxes muscle spasms and reduce inflammation.

Massage of the hands - an essential procedure fortreatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. To do this, rub the daily wrists, forearms, hands and fingers, baby oil, or a simple cream. In the summer on the beach nice to use the hot sand or shells as a natural massage hands.

Treatment by a specialist

pain in the arm, pinched nerve, carpal syndrome, neuralgia, carpal tunnel syndrome

Until recently in 80% curetunnel syndrome could only be surgery. The treatment consisted in dissection of the palm and the elimination of cross-channel nerve bundles. Today there are many treatment procedures and surgery doctors treated only in advanced cases.

In the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome is usedmedical treatment in the form of analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs action, hormonal agents and drugs that improve blood flow. In addition, the therapy applies manipulation, acupuncture, Corticosteroid injections, massage and physiotherapy.

How to protect yourself?

pain in the arm, pinched nerve, carpal syndrome, neuralgia, carpal tunnel syndrome

Undoubtedly disease prevention is always better to treat it. To do this, follow simple precautions. These include the following manipulations:

  1. Competent organization of its spaceworkplace. Carefully sure how comfortable you are sitting, whether there are the arms of the chair. Especially good if mouse pad has an anatomic mound for Palm, since it allows you to relax the wrist. It is also important conditions in the room, there should not be too wet or cold to absent drafts - compressed air and cold impact on this syndrome is not the best way.
  2. When carpal syndrome useful physicalactivity. For example, will be effective swimming lessons for small distances, table tennis and a variety of child's play with the rope, also called "thread waste." No less fascinating way of disease prevention are dances that require the involvement of the hands - of flamenco, Indian and traditional "belly dance". It is recommended to refrain from sporting activity associated with loads on the wrist, especially ball games, shooting, gymnastics and power sports. Lifting heavy objects, wearing hefty bags in hand bags is also undesirable.
  3. An excellent preventive measure to pre-emptDevelopment tunnel syndrome are elastic toy "anti-stress". they are similar and metal beads, wooden beads, beads because the fingers to touch is very useful.

Remember that the most important in the event oftunnel syndrome - to prevent progression. Avoid overtime, long stay at the computer, with a keyboard too Loose or overly tight keys uncomfortable working space and peripherals. Go on vacation time, let the hands rest on weekends. And immediately contact your doctor at the first suspicion of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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