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With the arrival of spring, when they begin to warmthe warm rays of the sun, people increasingly leave the countryside. Some go to the forest glade, to relax, gain strength, have a picnic. And others are rushing to their country houses - there and the air is cleaner, and the garden of affairs no end. But what to take for those who in this period of pollen and violence of natural fragrances allergy begins?

Exacerbation of hay fever

Avamys, allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents

A person suffering from hay fever each year with the appearance of small particles in the air of pollen, there suddenly sneezing, nasal congestion, its swelling, cold, Watery eyes, sore throat ... Herbs,shrubs, trees begin to bloom in a certain period of nature. Therefore, exacerbation of hay fever occurs in different people at different times. It depends on what kind of particles of pollen does not favor your body. There are four main periods when it encounters the greatest number of exacerbations of allergic rhinitis:

  1. Spring - it is in April-May (depending on weather) - allergens appear at flowering birch, alder, hazel, poplar, maple.
  2. Summer comes into its own in June and July, when actively bloom cereals (wheat, rye, oats, timothy, wheatgrass).
  3. Autumn - captures the last days of the hot July and lasts until September. This is the time of flowering goosefoot, wormwood, sunflower.
  4. Open all year round - when damp, it can start an allergy to spores produced by fungal organisms.

In some cases, allergy is called "withexperience ", one has to resort to relieve their condition and the treatment of the manifestations of rhinitis to preparations based on synthetic glucocorticoids. One such drug, its capabilities and recommendations on the application and you will learn further from our article.

General information about Avamys

Avamys, allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents

The medicine is prescribed for allergic rhinitis.any type, both seasonal and year-round. It is also used in the complex treatment of sinusitis (especially sinusitis) and adenoids in children. The dosage is determined by the doctor depending on the diagnosis and age of the patient. Adults are usually prescribed two injections in each nasal passage once a day, then this dose can be reduced. Before use, be sure to check the operating status of the dispenser. If the hole is clogged with particles of suspension, then it must be cleaned. When using this medication, follow the rules:

  1. Before spraying the drug release their nasal passages of mucus available there.
  2. In the bottle is a thick slurry that sheIt became more liquid and a well-dosed without removing the cap, first, shake the vial for 10 seconds. Only after such a medicine can be sprayed shaking.
  3. Pull cap index finger and thumb, so he withdrew.
  4. Bottle keep upright and point the tip of his own.
  5. Click on the thumb button repeatedly until you see a small "cloud". Now spray can be used.
  6. Slightly tilt your head forward. Holding the bottle vertically, enter a tip into one nostril. The tip should not be directed at the nasal septum and the outer wall of the nose, then the correct dose is injected.
  7. At the beginning of the inhalation through the nose with your fingers, press the button to spray the drug.
  8. Now you can remove the dispenser from the nose and exhale through the mouth.
  9. If the doctor has appointed two injections in each nostril, repeat the irrigation procedure.
  10. Similarly, the injection preparation is carried out in the other nostril.
  11. Keep your eyes to spray the medicine in them did not get. If you were not careful, then immediately rinse your eyes.
  12. Tip after the procedure blot clean napkin, perform the same steps with the inner surface of the cap.
  13. Always keep the vial in a closed form, because the cap will protect sprayer from dust particles and clogging.
  14. If the hole is clogged nozzle, the sharp objects (such as pins) can not be used to clean it.

About side effects

Avamys, allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents

The following undesirable effects in the treatment Avamys:

  • nosebleeds;
  • ulceration in the nasal mucosa;
  • hives, Asthma attacks;
  • much less - an anaphylactic shock, angioedema.

Are there any contraindications?

Although Avamys operates only in the lining of the nasal passages, it is not recommended to be used in conjunction with the reception of hormonal agents orally or by injection.

Not allowed to use Avamys:

  1. In identifying individual intolerance of components of the formulation.
  2. With tendency to bleeding from the nose.
  3. If there is a wound in the nasal mucosa.
  4. After operations on nasal sinuses (in the first week).
  5. Children up to two years.

Avamys, allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents

Pregnant use Avamys is permitted, but only in cases of extreme necessity.

With care it is necessary to use this spray to those who have severe liver disease, since the drug is metabolized in this organ.

Do not use this tool withKetoconazole, ritonavir, otherwise there is a risk of developing symptoms suggestive of an overdose of hormones of this type. Then the person falls pressure, increased heartbeat, weakness is felt.

Even if you Avamys prescribed by a doctor, before hisbuy at the pharmacy, read the instructions carefully, lying in the package. Pay special attention to contraindications and possible adverse effects. Only use the drug correctly, you will bring your body a favor.

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