Application of ointments Baktroban

To cope with skin infections orsave the patient from staph in the nose, doctors prescribe modern means - Baktroban ointment. Our article will tell about what effect has this drug, how to use it, whether adverse events in the treatment possible.

General information about the preparation

baktroban, dermatology, skin diseases, cream, ointment

The active ingredient is Baktrobanaeffective antibiotic mupirocin, providing local, that is, local effect on pathogens, agents of several diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. Comes Baktroban in our country from the UK, where it is available in two dosage forms:

  • 2% ointment, packaged in tubes of 15 grams (applied to the skin);
  • 2% nasal ointment, put up to 3 grams a convenient tubes with a special tip, helping to introduce the drug into the nasal passages.

In addition to mupirocin, ointment includes the outer polyethylene glycol 3350 and polyethylene glycol 400.

Excipients for nasal ointment somewhat different: softizan 649, soft white paraffin.

Baktroban for external use in pharmaciesis about 350 to 440 rubles. But there is synonymous with the drug delivered from India called "Supirotsin", its price is much lower - from 250 to 280 rubles.

pharmachologic effect

Once on the skin or mucous membranes, Baktroban trying to fight with aerobic gram-positive and gram-negative microbes such as staphylococci, Streptococcus, Neisseria, Escherichia, klepsielly,Proteus ... In different concentrations, the drug inhibits (brakes) or completely stop the synthesis of proteins (proteins) in the walls of the bacterial cells, the process violates their division or completely destroys harmful microbes. Thus it manifested bacteriostatic or bactericidal effect. It is found that the drug has a devastating effect even on those microorganisms which exhibit resistance to many antibacterial agents. If the tissue, which is applied to the preparation, integrity, it is not absorbed into the blood, when the damaged state - metabolized in Moniev acid, which is then excreted by the kidneys.

When applied Baktroban?

baktroban, dermatology, skin diseases, cream, ointment

Now consider the case when Baktroban ointment may be helpful:

  1. The appearance on the single skin boils and furunculosis. Furuncle - is caused by streptococci or staphylococci, necrotic inflammation that occurs in the hair follicles, which are located on the skin. If it boils pour out almost simultaneously in different parts of the body, then the diagnosis "furunculosis". Most often boils are localized on the face, neck, back, shoulders, buttocks. To cope with the disease, it is necessary to destroy the perpetrators - infectious agents.
  2. Impetigo - also a skin disease that occursdue to streptococci and staphylococci. When streptococcal impetigo on the skin appear slightly rising bubbles ranging in size from 2 to 10 mm, which are prone to peripheral growth. Eruptions sometimes crowding together in groups, often surrounded by a red rim. The content of such formations is first clear, and then began to turn cloudy, followed by desiccation process - there are yellow crust, which usually disappear within a week, but in their place remains depigmentation. Our website lists the species of strep impetigo: dry pyoderma (skin redness with peeling foci on the face), or lichen simplex. Another species, occurring most often in children - streptococcal perleches in the corner of the mouth.
  3. Surface felon - a type of cystic impetigo, appearing on the nail shaft with injuries on the spot barbs.

    Vulgar impetigo - mixed inflammation, forwhich is characterized by a purulent content of bubbles and massive crusts. If the patient is trying to tear the crust, then wet eroded surface is exposed, which contributes to the spread of infection to nearby skin.

  4. Superficial folliculitis - pustuleshemispherical or conical shape with a diameter of 5 mm, connected directly to the mouths of hair craters surrounded by a reddish rim. On the third day of content shrinks and forms a brown crust, after its drop-preserved little pigmentation and exfoliation.
  5. Deep folliculitis - a painful inflammationas a dense nodule having a red color, permeated by a hair. After a few days it opened education, or there is yellow cake. Perpetrators of folliculitis: golden or white staphylococci.
  6. Ecthyma - inflammation of the skin, in whichbubble yellow pus is present, sometimes bloody impurity. usually the integrity of the bubble is broken On the third day, it is covered with loose yellow crust. If the crust removed, under her apparent ulcer having an uneven base, it heals for a long time - about three weeks. Most often it occurs in the lower extremities due raschёsov and getting germs.
  7. Secondary infections, joined with eczema, small wounds, burns, Abrasions, insect bites.
  8. Prophylaxis to prevent entry of bacteria into the wound, cuts, abrasions, for surgical interventions.
  9. Nasal ointment shown inflammations occurring in the nasal cavity induced by staphylococci.

methods of use

baktroban, dermatology, skin diseases, cream, ointment

Outside the ointment should be applied on a thin layeraffected areas of the skin two to three times per day. Permitted to impose a top aseptic bandage, sticking plaster bactericidal. Depending on the effectiveness of the course can last up to 10 days. This ointment is not recommended to use simultaneously with other medicines for external use, since it can reduce its therapeutic properties due to the risk of dilution basics other ointments.

Intranasal administration of an ointment intended for itnasal two or three times a day. After introduction of a small amount of the ointment in both nostrils, compress them two fingers of the hand, that at this moment was ointments uniform distribution throughout the nasal mucosa tissue. The treatment of staphylococcal nasal lesions - about a week. According to the rules rely upon the use of a cone-shaped applicator on the tube to rub a cotton swab moistened with 70% alcohol. For ease of administration of the ointment can be used cotton buds.

These ointments are allowed to use both adults and children alike. Do not forget to wash your hands well after the procedure. And take care of your eyes to make sure we ointment in them did not get.

whether side effects are possible?

Yes, some patients in the field of applicationthe drug appears burning, itching, sudden tingling, pain. Rarely, but there are still allergic reactions. Very rarely observed when administered intranasally rhinitis, Change in taste. If the patient is found hypersensitivity to any component of the ointment, the drug overturned.

While there is no sufficient evidence that the drugIt can be safely prescribed to pregnant women and those who are breast-feeding a baby. But sometimes doctors prescribe a medicine for the treatment of cracked nipples. Then it is imperative to thoroughly wash the breast before feeding the baby.

Special conditions for storage of the ointment is not required, it can be stored in home medicine cabinet in a room where the temperature is not above 25 degrees. Ointment should not be frozen. Before use, pay attention to its expiration date, it is always indicated on the package. To the drug benefit, follow your doctor's recommendations, his right dose, to observe the treatment time.

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