We make medicine chest

For this article, assume the following: you - not a doctor and not a man of extreme profession (or you already know everything you need on this issue); medicines and medical assistance available in principle, but not necessarily immediately (ie you are not on a desert island, but a pharmacy can be closed over the holiday, but rather stuck in a traffic jam).

We make medicine chest
If you - a doctor, you probably have at homean impressive first-aid kit, and you even know how to apply it. But why first aid kit for people without medical education? Primarily then to wait for a physician in a viable form as much as possible. And as for those situations where you can do even without a doctor - or when the doctor is not available for technical reasons.

For this article, assume the following: you - not a doctor and not a man of extreme profession (or you already know everything you need on this issue); medicines and medical assistance available in principle, but not necessarily immediately (ie you are not on a desert island, but the pharmacy can easily be closed over the next festival, but rather stuck in a traffic jam).

General recommendations

As practice shows, it is more convenient to store a first aid kit is not in one big box, and in several places in accordance with the purpose and requirements for accessibility
As practice shows, it is more convenient to store a first aid kitnot in one big box, and in several places in accordance with the purpose and requirements for accessibility. The general rule for all drugs - do not keep the light and warmth. Some are stored at room temperature, some in the refrigerator.

Each drug has to be recognizable, and verypreferably in the native package. Refills are best kept with the medicine, it is possible to draw a rubber band or pharmacy simply folded into the same box. Separately, we note that to keep a first aid kit in the bathroom - not the best idea, since according to Murphy's Law precisely at the moment when it is needed, someone will lock in the bathroom. Yes, and excessive dampness do not all drugs useful.

Murphy's Law was first formulated at the airbaseEdwards in 1949, and was: "If something can be done wrong, this person will do so!" In the future, there was a lot of different formulations of the law, even entire collections. General are also boils down to is that if some trouble can happen, it happens, and in the most inopportune moment.

Every six months it is necessary to carry out inspection of all medicines, restock necessary, dispose of expired.

Emergency first aid kit home

Emergency first aid kit home
First part - harmless drug urgent application. They should be stored in an easily accessible place in theincluding for children 5 years (of course, children need to tell and show what and why). It is desirable that the desired object could get one hand, and still that. our website advises to keep the "emergency first aid kit" in the kitchen - simply because that is where it is needed most.

So, what will happen in the "urgent" home medicine cabinet? To understand this, look at what may happen to us this, what will need to urgently respond? The first to come to mind all sorts of cuts and burns. So, put a couple of bubbles of hydrogen peroxide (possible, but not less, otherwise you risk to find that coveted bubble ended just when you need it), put cotton wool (it is convenient when there is not only a classic wool, and cosmetic cotton pads pre-printed) and add something burns (panthenol, Bepanten or equivalent), preferably in the form of a spray - can be quickly applied with one hand, enough for longer. You can also add a band-aid (and a lot of different - to seal the wound, so it did not fall, it is not necessary), a pair of coils of the bandage, Zelenka, elastic bandage. Will not be superfluous tweezers (to extract the splinter, for example) and scissors (to cut the bandage and plaster). By the way, a few pieces of tape is also better to print out in advance - be removed from the paper wrapper, but do not remove the protective film. If it does not cut into strips - 2-3 cut strips width 1.5 cm.

The first aid kit is required to put nestolko chopped pieces of pre-patch
Also in the "urgent" need nitrogletsirin kit (fromheart), no-spa (antispasmodic), activated charcoal or smectite (in case of poisoning). Moreover, if the drug is potent, it is better not to put a full bottle of pills, and almost empty - not to accidentally take more than you need. Better then to add.

If a family has diabetes, allergies, orpeople suffering from other diseases that may need immediate assistance (for example, older people with problems with pressure), corresponding drug as a place here.

In the same first aid kit our website recommends puttinga piece of paper with brief instructions - in which case, what and how much to take. The dosage should specify both adults and children. In an emergency, it is much easier than finding the right information on drug inserts, which are also often written in small print. And sometimes even affect the "reasonable" - on one side of the sheet is written dosage of the active drug to another - its content in one tablet.

And in this "emergency" medicine chest isput some money in a plastic bag - so if you have to go to the fracture clinic or with the emergency, you can quickly pick up and do not think about this moment (although theoretically help should be free, but you may need to purchase a drug or device, or simply "thank "the doctor).

medicine chest
Experience shows that it would be nice to have here atat least a pair of disposable syringes - "insulin" and "standard" (of course, sealed). So, just in case - if you suddenly have arrived ambulances have problems with the lack of instruments.

Next big block - that should be stored in the refrigerator. Typically, here are all the creams, ointments, as well assome injections and drops for the nose, eyes and ears. From mandatory - baby cream (any help from abrasions and irritations), and, perhaps, everything. The rest - only when necessary and prescribed by a doctor (it is possible in any case to keep the bubble drops, but that those who have helped or are advised by the doctor).

The basic home kit

medicine chest
And, in fact, the basic home kit. With its complete set it is useful to calculate the maximum term autonomous existence - how many days you should have enough drugs in the worst scenario. The calculations should take into account holidays (rarely more than 3-4 days in a row), the possible difficulties with going to the pharmacy, especially if the apartment is only one person could potentially do so. To address more serious options such as global cataclysm is not worth it - sooner or later drug shelf life expires. The only exception - a rare drug with a large enough shelf life. They need to get the time to add the approximate time for the search and delivery of the desired drug.

The main home medicine cabinet is most convenientorganize on the principle of "what from what disease." It is most convenient to use a cardboard box of sufficient size with glued partitions or several smaller boxes.

The first block - from problems with the stomach. Here you can store a large supply smekty and activated charcoal (used in the poisoning), laxative, potassium permanganate (slightly pink solution - for gastric lavage in case of poisoning), or equivalent mezim forte(Enzyme set to help the stomach with overeating), Linex (dysbacteriosis). Last (Linex) correctly put in the refrigerator, and in this compartment kits to put a piece of cardboard with the inscription "Linex" description of the action and the dosage (attributed to the liner), and the signature "in the refrigerator door," or where it is you. It also (in the main unit home kit, and not in the refrigerator), and can be put Nospanum or equivalent. You can also add "stomach drops" (tincture of valerian, mint, St. John's wort) - nausea.

Basic home kit
But painkillers do not belong here, because when abdominal pain can not take them, and you need to immediately see a doctor, not lubricating the clinical picture.

Next big block - colds and flu. It is here the place to various antibiotics assoluble, or not. Actually different people and in different versions suitable for different influenza medication, so it is best at the beginning of the next wave of influenza to check with a doctor that "fashionable" in the season - and to get the package to your home first aid kit.

In addition to antibiotics may be hereimmunostimulants type Aflubin and tazhke mustard, warming essential oils ... In general, what people are accustomed to using. It is logical to put and a thermometer (because at high temperatures we first suspect flu) and antipyretic (which specifically is better for you personally - tell your doctor), and cough syrups (those that do not require the fridge - they do the same as with the previous block lineksom). Here is our website advises putting and a cheat sheet for the national media - so the temperature nice strays compress of vinegar and water, headache in influenza can relieve mild neck massage and inhalation of moderately hot steam can with essential oils of tea tree or eucalyptus, and so on. d. You can also put a pack of vitamin C - but a marker write on it that it can not be taken in parallel with the most modern medicines against influenza (they already contain the necessary dose of vitamin, overdose and it does not lead to anything good).

Vitamin C helps to withstand any stressand inflammatory processes in the body. But they can not be reserved in advance - it is not postponed for the future. Contained in almost all acidic fruit and vegetables, but is destroyed by thermal treatment or storage. Most of it is in the black currants, rose hips, strawberries.

The next block home kit in some way dubs "emergency" first aid kit. There is a stock of all that there is in it - but not in microdozes, and as much as you see fit, given shelf life and maximum term autonomous existence.
We make medicine chest
We can also put a feminine pads and tampons and condoms - if you prefer not to store it all in a different place.

A separate unit - occasional symptomatic drugs - from headache, Rinse off toothache, Valerian (calming), etc.

And in the latest home kit box should lie that at the moment is taken regularly. Often these medications are stored only on the tableor where it is convenient to place - but it's easy to forget about them, and besides they can get into the hands of children. It is better to put them all in a single box, it also put the prints on the printer with the dosage schedule of reception, and a pen or pencil to put a tick in it.

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