Treatment of vasomotor rhinitis

The mechanism of the common cold is knowneveryone is too cold and there it is, an old acquaintance: the inner surface of the nose swells, breathing becomes difficult, starts mucus from the nasal passages. However, it is usually not complicated by cold, it takes place during the week, in which he compares favorably with vasomotor rhinitis.

The mechanism of the ordinary common cold known to all, it is too cold and here it is,an old acquaintance: the inner surface of the nose swells, breathing becomes difficult, starts mucus from the nasal passages. However, it is usually not complicated by cold, it takes place during the week, in which he compares favorably with vasomotor rhinitis.


When a person is constantly vasomotor rhinitisuncomfortable: impaired nasal breathing, nose or completely laid, or "does not work" is one of the nostrils. Reduced olfactory sensitivity, constantly disturbed mucus from the nasal passages, sometimes very abundant. Because of the inability of the patient to breathe normally brain gets less oxygen, disturbed sleep, increased fatigue.

Types of vasomotor rhinitis

Treatment of vasomotor rhinitis
Doctors are divided on allergic rhinitis, vasomotor and neurovegetative.

nasal allergy appears when the subject of allergiesa person comes into contact with the allergen. It can occur sporadically, for example, a person with an allergy to household dust casually walks past a woman knocks dusty carpet. A few breaths - and powerful allergic rhinitis it is guaranteed. Either season is allergy to pollen of flowers and trees. When vasomotor rhinitis allergic origin is necessary to observe a few simple rules to reduce the frequency of its manifestations. First of all, the patient should as much as possible to know about your allergies: what caused it, how to avoid contact with allergens than cure. our website drew attention to the fact that all these questions can be answered only by a doctor, because there are thousands of different allergens and give one recipe for all occasions impossible.

Rule two: regularly conduct prevention of SARS (severe respiratory viral infections). That is not supercool, take vitamins during the cold season, less contact with people who are sick during outbreaks of colds.

And thirdly, on doctor's advice, you need to conduct regular preventive treatment with antihistamines (allergy) preparations.

Neurovegetative vasomotor rhinitis It can be treated much worse. The fact that the main role in the occurrence of this kind of disturbances in the play rhinitis endocrine system. In other words, at some point in time a hormonal imbalance in the body causes a nerve disorder in the regulation of physiological processes occurring in the nose. Changes tone of blood vessels of the nasal mucosa and the patient appears very sharp reaction to the stimuli of the most common, manifested by spontaneous bouts of sneezing, copious mucous secretions and congestion on one or both nostrils. Irritant can be anything - from the weather to change the conversation in a raised voice.

In addition to endocrine disorders causeoccurrence of vasomotor rhinitis may be abuse of vasoconstrictor agents in the treatment of the common cold. Doctors are not in vain warned us: can not be used vasoconstrictor drugs (such as Galazolin) more than 3-5 days in a row. Their action could permanently alter the normal functioning of the inner surface of the mucous membrane of the nasal sinuses and cause permanent swelling and mucus. Congenital or acquired (for example, after an injury) deviated septum can also cause the beginning of vasomotor rhinitis.

Accompanying illnesses

Suggestive of the fact that the majority of people suffering from vasomotor rhinitis, there is one or more of the following diseases:

Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system;

This may mean that in the presence of one orseveral of these diseases the body is exposed to constant negative influence of waning, it ceases to function properly, which leads to development of vasomotor rhinitis.

Necessary analyzes - are diagnosed

If you suspect vasomotor rhinitis,Our site recommends that you do a number of tests without delay in order to accurately determine the nature of the disease. It is necessary to visit an otolaryngologist, take a general blood test, go to an allergist and conduct an allergy test to identify a possible allergen. You may also need an x-ray of the maxillary sinuses (they are located on both sides of the nose) to exclude genyantritis.

How to treat vasomotor rhinitis

Treatment of vasomotor rhinitis
But all the tests carried out, the doctor has diagnosed you trouble. Now what?

If you have any of the abovediseases will have to pay special attention to its treatment in order to strengthen the immune system and minimize the symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis. Successful treatment of rhinitis also contributes to improving the living conditions - reduction of dust in the apartment and in the workplace, control humidity.

Therapeutic treatment of vasomotorrhinitis are very diverse. Depending on the etiology (cause) of disease, as well as the presence or absence of concomitant disease, the physician may prescribe the patient physiotherapy (UHF, various kinds of heatings). In some cases, it is advisable to conduct a series of nasal saline washes - mechanically irritating substances washed out of the nasal cavity, swelling is reduced and restored a normal nasal breathing. However, no medication is still not enough. Your doctor may prescribe antihistamines or steroid nasal drops. Antihistamines drops effective in allergic rhinitis origin and steroids, topically applied, well reduce inflammation and reduce swelling.

Many doctors are supporters of the surgicaltreatment of vasomotor rhinitis. There are several types of transactions: submucosa vasotomy, ultrasonic disintegration, vnutrirakovinnaya radioelektrokoagulyatsiya, laser photodestruction. Describe every method does not make sense, because they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The general sense of any surgical intervention for vasomotor rhinitis reduces the destruction of blood vessels under the mucous membrane of the nasal turbinates. After the vessels are destroyed, turbinate longer susceptible edema disappears and breathing difficulty. The most appropriate method of treatment for you can only choose a doctor! But what about the people's money? Alas, the effectiveness and usefulness of the popular treatments for this type of rhinitis is not proven scientifically. Of course, you can try to cure vasomotor rhinitis decoction of herbs, rinse, wash nose, burying his nose in the juice of various plants, but the result is not guaranteed. Moreover, the plant juice (aloe, kallanhoe) can cause violent allergic reaction and increase vasomotor rhinitis symptoms.

Our website recommends that you do not risk your health and be treated only by certified specialists otolaryngologists. Be healthy!

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