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Viferon pharmacies in great demand. It is followed with a prescription from different doctors - pediatricians, internists, gynecologists. This drug is allowed to be used in newborns and even pregnant women. Our site offers to understand - why the drug is so popular?

The spectrum is very wide application Viferon - hisused in the treatment of various viral, infectious, respiratory and septic diseases, atypical pneumonia in children of different ages. Not bad, he and pregnant women who are at childbearing are not immune from colds, Flu-like states, herpes, Vaginal infections having bacterial orthe fungal nature. Let's talk about the composition, how to use the medicine is available in different dosage forms, whether fear of side effects from it.

General information about the preparation

viferon, flu, immunomodulatory, SARS, increase immunity, antiviral, candles viferon, suppositories

Viferon produced in Russia in the form of a gel, ointment, andrectal suppositories. Translated from the Latin «rectum» - this is the rectum, it is necessary to lay a candle after you carefully pull out a plastic bag from her. Under the influence of the temperature of waxy base candles (you can even find the name "suppositories") is melted, and the drug is absorbed directly by cells of the mucous membrane and immediately enters the blood. Form of bullet-candles with a diameter of 1 cm, they are white or slightly yellowish. Allowed and marble painting. The main active component of any formulation Viferon is a recombinant interferon alpha-2 human. This protein is obtained through genetic engineering in the laboratory. It is identical to the compounds formed in the body when introduced to uninvited guests - pathogenic bacteria or viruses. He gets up at protecting tissues and organs from developing in such cases of infection. The amount of this component may be different, it is determined in IU (international units) - 3,000,000, 1,000,000, 500,000, 150,000.

From shaping and auxiliary substances are used: vitamin E, ascorbic acid, disodium digitata dihydrate, sodium ascorbate, polysorbate, cacao butter, confectionery fat.

The package is placed 10 candles.

The readers of our site can be a question -Why this medication is not available in the form of tablets, injections? We try to explain it in simple language: any medication, once in the digestive tract, once exposed to acidic gastric juice, digestive enzymes, bile. Therefore, active proteins are degraded by the influence of these components. Therefore, if you take into Viferon, it will not have any therapeutic effect. There interferon in ampoules, but let his other manufacturers, it exhibits several other properties, often used in oncology, in some cases causing serious reactions of some body systems. Developing a drug Viferon specialists set themselves a challenge: to create an effective medicine that can be used for the treatment of babies and pregnant women, that is, it must be safe.

Sometimes traheobronhitah or laryngotracheitis treatment gel supplement Viferon, lubricating them tonsils. Ointment or gel may be applied to areas of the skin or mucous membranes, herpes the affected.

What action has Viferon?

The drug exhibits antiviral,immunomodulatory and antiproliferative (prevents the growth of cells) properties. The active substance Viferon mobilizes the defenses of the body, stimulates the production of its own interferon, increasing the ability of the body's cells to fight viruses, bacteria and other "outsiders", to introduce into the body. Macrophages are beginning to strongly absorb foreign agents, a process called phagocytosis. Also the stabilization of immunoglobulins of different classes. In the presence of vitamin C and E interferon activity increased markedly. These antioxidants confer Viferon anti-inflammatory, regenerating and membrane stabilizing properties, fast body healthy is already involved in the infectious process of tissues and cells. Appointment Viferon allows doctors to reduce the dose antibiotics, Hormonal agents, thereby reducing their side effects.

Cocoa butter has in its composition of phospholipids,which enables to produce suppositories, easily giving them the look you want, without the use of synthetic emulsifiers, which makes non-toxic dosage form.

Areas of use

viferon, flu, immunomodulatory, SARS, increase immunity, antiviral, candles viferon, suppositories

The drug is available in different dosages, sopay close attention to it when buying. Follow the doctor's instructions when applying the medicine, especially for children, to be effective. Schemes and dosage may vary, depending on the diagnosis, the patient's health, age, the degree of infection. Most often babies from the first days of their birth until one year of age take Viferon 1 (the active ingredient in such suppositories 150,000 IU), administered twice daily for one candle. The interval between injections to be 12 hours. If the child of years old and up to 7 years, the prescribed Viferon 2 (ie 500,000 IU) - also twice during the day. At the age of 7 to 12 years are used Viferon Viferon 2 or 3 (for 1,000,000 International Units). If a teenager or adult influenza, SARS, herpes infection, it is sufficient to apply for suppositories 500,000 IU twice a day to the time between the rectal administration was 12 hours. Many parents are very happy that their children medication helped in the short term to get rid of the infection and recover. This happens if the treatment is started on time, fulfilled all dosage and usage patterns. Viferon 4 may be used for adults, teenagers, and sometimes with more severe disease. Moms doctors prescribe medication in a dose of from 500,000 to 1,000,000 IU.

In mundane cases, influenza, herpes, SARS course lasts from 5 to 10 days. In the treatment of other diseases it may be repeated after 5 days.

whether side effects are possible?

Very rarely allergic reactions. They usually pass after a few days after the drug was withdrawn. To avoid them, refer to the composition of the product before buying it. For example, if you know that you or the child have an allergy to ascorbic acid or cocoa butter suppositories that can not be used. Contraindications to the use Viferon are hypersensitivity, intolerance to at least one of the components of the composition.

special instructions

viferon, flu, immunomodulatory, SARS, increase immunity, antiviral, candles viferon, suppositories

The earlier start to treatment of influenza or other viral infection, the symptoms of the disease disappear faster.

Viferon allowed to combine with antibiotics, hormonal and chemotherapy.

Expectant mothers can safely use the drug, starting with the 14th week of pregnancy.

When breastfeeding data suppositories are appointed without any restrictions.

It should be remembered that this drug allergic rhinitis can not be disinfected.

Keep Viferon should be in a cool place on the access door of the refrigerator. The permissible storage life - 2 years from the date of issue.

Medicine remarkable effectiveness,most cases, helps to fast, has a high level of security. But in order to avoid trouble, be sure to consult with your doctor, read the user manual before you buy it yourself or loved ones. Any medication, even the most innocuous and harmless, should be used when indicated. Not all drugs that help your colleagues at work, at home to neighbors, friends, can benefit you.

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