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Herbal medicine, ie the use in the treatment ofmedicinal plants, is becoming more popular. Natural remedies have far fewer side effects than synthetic pills. Action on the body have a lot of herbs - an anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, antibacterial, diuretic ...

The healing power of plants is high, it helps peopleto solve problems with health without harming the individual organs and systems. Depending on the properties of some plants is used directly for treatment, the other - as a prophylaxis to prevent diseases. Today we talk about herbal diuretics, also called herbal diuretics. Readers of our site know which plants possess diuretic properties, when they can be used and in what quantity.

How are herbal diuretics?

Diuretic herbs help excreteexcess liquid, prevent and relieve swelling. Some plants have more and disinfectant action, ie destroy pathogenic bacteria trapped in the urinary system. At the same time it docked inflammation, cleans urinary tract inflammation of the products. The mechanism of action of diuretic substance is different. Amplification of urine may occur in suppressing the activity of the enzyme is carbonic anhydrase, in the synthesis of acidic products in the body, resulting in changes in osmotic pressure that would weaken processes reabsorption in the renal tubules. Sometimes the impact is carried out directly on the hormonal regulation of water and salt exchange.

Indications for use of diuretic herbs

  • edema associated with renal insufficiency;
  • swelling and shortness of breath, resulting in heart failure;
  • prevention of re-formation of calculi in the kidneys after surgery for their fragmentation and removal (lithotripsy);
  • urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis or other urinary tract infection occurring in both acute and chronic form;
  • chronic glomerulonephritis (in remission);
  • hypertonic diseaseAccompanied by fluid retention;
  • after various poisonings (food, toxic substances) in order to remove toxins and poisons from the body.

Some rules of reception diuretic herbs

Convenient to many receiving infusions or schemeinfusions twice daily (morning and evening) in this case is not suitable. Diuretic herbs is better to drink up to 16 pm. If you drink the grass later, there is a risk that you will raise up all night from the warm bed internal "alarm clock". Then, during the night, you will not be able to rest during the day will feel frustrated and sleepy.

Required to pick up the correct dose to achieve the best results. Required coursework reception, intermittently, so as not to weaken the effect and there was no kind of addiction.

With prolonged use of diuretic herbsIt leaves the body, and potassium, so try to eat avocados, dates, raisins, dried apricots, baked potatoes and other foods rich in this element.

Treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor, take the necessary analyzes, to do the survey if necessary.

When serious diseases do not cancel the reception of herbs without indication doctor to not worsen their condition.

When nephritis and nephrosis permitted to use only those herbs that do not irritate the kidney parenchyma.

The greatest effect is achieved by the application of charges, consisting of several components.

Are there any contraindications have diuretic herbs?

Enumerate the state in which it is necessary to restrict the reception of diuretics:

  • allergy on the grass;
  • Children under six years;
  • Caution should be observed with urolithiasis, as there is a danger that the stones start to move, and there will be renal colic;
  • lack of potassium in the body;
  • BPH men to avoid acute urinary retention.

In addition to the above, pay attention to the other individual contraindications existing plants.

Acquisition of medicinal herbs

If you do not have sufficient knowledge oropportunities to own harvest medicinal plants, then the question arises - where to buy them? Herbs are sold in the market grandmother, calling himself a healer, a lot of sites full of ads that can send your mailing address phytoremedy. And in every pharmacy there is a display of packages containing already checked all the required parameters medicinal plants. So where do I purchase? Try to protect themselves from substandard, doubtful raw material collected and dried with deviations from the rules and counterfeiting. It is better to buy herbs in the pharmacy. If you decide to make an order on the site, pay attention to the reviews of those who have already taken advantage of this offer.

Examples of the diuretic herbs

List the most commonly prescribed diuretic herbs.

Kidneys and birch leaves help remove even strongedema renal and cardiovascular origin. From the leaves are preparing the infusion, and the kidneys - broth. Only we must remember that they contain resinous substances, which may be slightly irritating kidney tissue.

The broth is made from the fruit of juniper, relieves swelling. But it should not be used in inflammation of the kidneys, so as not to annoy them.

cranberries, herbs, juniper, diuretic grasses, knotweed, bearberry, grass

Leaves cranberries wonderful withdraw excess liquid, they are shown even if the stones in the bladder. A decoction of them will have more and disinfectant action.

cranberries, herbs, juniper, diuretic grasses, knotweed, bearberry, grass

bearberry leaves also contain a glycoside arbutin,like cranberries, so they are used to increase urine output and reduce inflammation in the genitourinary system. The leaves of bearberry and cowberry leathery, so for better extraction of medicinal substances are prepared broth.

cranberries, herbs, juniper, diuretic grasses, knotweed, bearberry, grass

Bird Highlander (knotweed) - this herb can be used in a variety of edema, for the treatment of urinary tract and even kidney stones. Here are just a gipotonikam we must be vigilant, this plant reduces the pressure. It can not be used in thrombophlebitis.

cranberries, herbs, juniper, diuretic grasses, knotweed, bearberry, grass

Diuretic properties also have herb horsetail. In addition, it has a more soothing effect, is used in kidney ailments, bladder, pathological urinary incontinence, edema.

The soft drink has a diuretic effect of the hips, thus enriching the body with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

cranberries, herbs, juniper, diuretic grasses, knotweed, bearberry, grass

It is a powerful diuretic kidney tea, scientificwhose name orthosiphon staminate. The infusion of its leaves helps with edema and hypertension. He also indicated for gout. With excess fluid derived chloride, urea and uric acid, urine indicators improved. This herb is prescribed and in heart failure.

In folk medicine, it is widely used beautiful cornflower blue flowers. They can be brewed with urethritis, pielitah, cystitis, nephrosis, urolithiasis, edema.

For long-term treatment will be effective charges, which include herbs listed.

Diuretic properties also have flax seeds, herbs centaury, burdock root, parsley root, dill.

Dosage and method of preparation of infusion or decoction clarifies the doctor or on the package, every plant they have their own characteristics.


Often you can find online recipesdiuretic herbs. But be careful, sometimes there are errors in the dosage and the number of receptions. Also do not indicate those diseases in which the plant can be harmful. Therefore prior to treatment MipSovetov recommends his readers consult a fitoterapevta or treating doctor to avoid side effects.

Pregnant women need to be even moreattentive to their health and brewing herbs to prevent swelling only with the permission of the doctor who oversees your condition and pregnancy.

We hope that after reading recommendations will be useful for readers. Let the herbs are good allies to eliminate any health problems.

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