Givalex, instruction manual

Winter frosts are inevitable. Cold air enters the respiratory tract. Often it happens hypothermia feet are freezing. Yes, and the number of sneezes and coughs around markedly increases. And if the immune system is weak, it can not cope with the onslaught of bacteria and viruses. That becomes inflamed.

Most of the winter cold months are bought inpharmacies for the treatment of the throat and other respiratory tract components. And if those drugs that before you rescued in such cases, stopped to help, then they will have to find a replacement. our site has already informed readers Tantum Verde. bioparoks, Hlorofillipta. Let's now talk about Givalex preparation.

General information about the medication

sore throat, Givalex, medicine, cold, pharyngitis

Production Givalex dealspharmaceutical company from France Norgine Pharma. The products of this company for several years strengthens position. Leading medkliniki two Russian capitals - Moscow and St. Petersburg have carefully studied the drug and confirmed the pharmacological efficacy in the treatment of inflammation of the mouth and pharynx. It was noted that Givalex well tolerated, rarely causing undesirable effects. The preparation is allowed to even use the patient asthma.

Spray is dispensed in vials of 50 ml (there is also a nozzle for spraying), and the solution for rinse - 125 ml.

The main active substances are:

  • hexetidine;
  • chlorobutanol hemihydrate;
  • choline salicylate.

there are polysorbate 20, sodium saccharin Among the other components of the solution, propionic acid, ethyl alcohol, lemon flavor, purified water.

pharmacological properties

In Givalex marked anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and local (ie local) analgesic effect.

Hexetidine medicine gives envelopingproperties and the ability to win pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Molecule hexetidine microbes perceived as vitamin thiamine, absorbed by them, which leads to disruption of bacterial growth and activity. The spectrum of therapeutic action is wide enough.

At choline salicylate has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic (antipyretic) action.

Well, thanks to the presence of chlorobutanol medicineable to remove the pain that accompanies inflammation. It is this "troika" provides a good therapeutic effect in the use of the drug. After application of the drug long its active substances still remain in the mouth cavity mucous membranes.

When administered Givalex?

sore throat, Givalex, medicine, cold, pharyngitis

If you suddenly taking out the vial from its packaging,You notice that the solution is turbid, or at the bottom of a small precipitate was formed, there is no cause for concern - it is a valid phenomenon. Just before applying the drug is recommended to shake a few seconds.

To prepare a solution for rinsing,Take a teaspoon of the solution in it is necessary to measure twice, placing a measured amount into a glass, which is already pre-poured 50 ml of warm boiled water. All mix - ready solution for the procedure. And yet it is more convenient to use a special measuring cup, pour it up metochki 10 ml Givalex and bring the solution volume up to 50 ml otmetochki, pouring gently boiled warm water. our site warns that this can not swallow the solution! The number of procedures per day is from 2 to 4, it depends on the state of health. For children such a solution for the procedure using Givalex can be done from the age of six.

If you want to water spray inflamed places,the adult quite a day from four to six irrigations. Adolescents (mean age 12-15 years) is enough for two or three irrigation per day.

If your child is less than 12 years, the use of the spray is not recommended.

Immediately after irrigation or rinsing is noteat and drink anything for 10 minutes, during which time drug substances that are part of the drug, are locked in the inflamed areas and then will gradually exert their therapeutic properties.

The average treatment lasts 5 days, if the physician is not assigned to a different scheme.

special instructions

sore throat, Givalex, medicine, cold, pharyngitis

Be careful when carrying out medical procedures to Givalex missed the conjunctiva. If all this had happened, just gently rinse with warm water.

Drug treatment can be combined with other drugs (capsules, tablets, injection), which can eliminate the infection.

You clearly practice five days of treatment regimens, but improvements in health there? Then be sure to visit the doctor, he will apply a different treatment regimen.

To protect yourself from an imbalance of microorganisms in the mouth, superinfection, for a long time (ie more than a week), the drug should not be used.

Women expecting a baby or nursing mothers before applying the medication necessary to receive advice and guidance of their physician.

This medication you can buy in the pharmacy network even without a prescription, because it is well tolerated, has no serious side effects.

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