Polydex, instruction manual

On the background of colds, respiratory diseases,influenza-like states in a number of cases arise and complications, which are the originators of pathogens. And if the doctor understands that connect the bacterial microflora, that to the list of drugs to successfully treat a patient, he adds antibiotikosoderzhaschie spray or drops under the name "Polydex".

General information about the preparation

nasal drops, runny nose, Polydex, colds

Polydex - a combination of severaldrugs in one bottle, due to which simultaneously reduces inflammation drug inhibits microbial activity constricts blood vessels. At the pharmacy you can meet the two dosage forms Polydex, manufactured by the French company «Laboratoires Bouchara»:

  1. Spray droplets - this is a clear liquid packaged in plastic bottles with spraying of 15 ml. Active ingredients in those few drops:
    • neomycin sulfate and polymyxin B (this antibiotics);
    • dexamethasone (a corticosteroid);
    • phenylephrine hydrochloride (vasoconstrictor).
    • Auxiliary ingredients used in the manufacture of: methyl parahydroxybenzoate, citric acid, lithium chloride and hydroxide, polysorbate 80, macrogol 400, purified water.

    • Ear drops - this is also a clear liquid,packaged in bottles brown-orange glass 10.5 ml. They are equipped with a special pipette. But there is no phenylephrine. In addition to the three main components are present and support - purified water, thiomersal, citric acid, macrogol 400, sodium hydroxide, polysorbate 80.

    The drug

    nasal drops, runny nose, Polydex, colds

    If appointed as a nasal spray, it is not necessaryturning the bottle to make the injection in each nostril. Dosages individual. Children, aged from 2.5 to 15, produced on one injection in each nostril three times daily. Adults and adolescents after 15 years to do one injection nostril up to five times per day. If the excess of the solution put in the mouth, they do not swallow and spit out. The treatment lasts from 5 to 10 days.

    How to use ear drops?

    1. First bottle a few minutes, hold in your hand. It is necessary that the solution was warmed to body temperature.
    2. Instill in the affected ear are held twice a day - morning and evening.
    3. Children who are more than 2.5 years, instill 1-2 drops.
    4. Adults instill 1-5 drops.
    5. After instillation produced, the patientI must tilt your head to the side that is opposite to the ear, into which entered a medicine, that it is not leaked out of the ear canal. If you want to treat, and the second ear, the landfill is carried out in a few minutes.
    6. The treatment duration of 6 to 10 days.

    The medicine can be used in means includingcomplex therapy. But you should know that Polydex can not be combined with aminoglycoside antibiotics series, such as gentamicin, amikacin, monomitsin, streptomycin, as strengthening their ototoxic action may occur.

    About side effects and contraindications

    nasal drops, runny nose, Polydex, colds

    In the treatment of these drugs may have undesirable effects:

    • allergic reactions;
    • dryness in the nasal passages (due to phenylephrine).

    In case of overdose, and very long-term use of drops may develop systemic side effects - fatigue, headaches, Sleep disorders, blood pressure jumps, tachycardia, Pronounced pallor of the skin, hand shake.

    Polydex can not be used for high sensitivity, individual intolerance and allergies to those substances that are composed of the drug.

    Nasal Spray manufacturer prohibits the use in the following cases:

    • if the patient closure glaucoma;
    • in renal failure, severe kidney damage when albuminuria is present;
    • if the patient uses drugs MAO (monoamine oxidase);
    • viral respiratory diseases.

    Caution should be observed for those patients who suffer hypertension, Coronary heart disease, angina, hyperthyroidism.

    Ear drops have the following contraindications:

    • If ear infections are caused by viruses;
    • when avium ear canal;
    • in violation of the integrity of the tympanic membrane structure, its perforation due to trauma or infection (otherwise it will negatively affect the vestibular and hearing the work).

    Polydex not use during pregnancy, lactation, and for the treatment of children under the age of 2.5 years.

    MirSovetov warns that Polydex not appoint professional athletes. This is due to the fact that the doping test may show a positive reaction.

    Polydex doctors believe the drug is veryeffective for serious diseases of upper respiratory tract. But do not buy the tool at the personal request and the advice of friends, be sure to consult a specialist, so as not to harm your body.

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