sodium Sulfatsil - the drug of first aid for eyes

The purpose of this article - to acquaint readers with thethe most popular eye drops, which are called sodium Sulfatsil. They are not magic, they will not make your eyes more beautiful, but their presence in the home medicine cabinet will help to quickly erect a barrier began infectious inflammation of the eye. Should sodium sulfatsil quite inexpensive. Sold without prescription.

The purpose of this article - to acquaint readers of our site with the most popular eye drops, which are called sodium Sulfatsil. They are not magic, they will not make your eyes more beautiful, but their presence in the home medicine cabinet will quickly erect a barrierbegan an infectious inflammation of the eye. Until recently, these drops were required as part of the automobile first-aid kits, but the order of the Health Ministry were removed from there with the rest of tablets and solutions.

What is sodium Sulfatsil

sodium Sulfatsil relates to antimicrobial, easiersaying, antiseptic, anti-drugs group sulfonamides. From antibiotic sulfonamides different origins: antibiotics were "peeped" at the molds and bacteria, and sulfonamides "found" in the aniline dye.

As sulfonamides were discovered?

History of discovery began in the sulfonamidesthe distant 1908, when the Austrian chemistry student P. Guelma synthesized sulfanilamide as the basis for stable dyes, and for 20 years no one knew about its antimicrobial action. In 1935, another German chemist G. Domagk in the experiment were administered to mice infected with streptococcus, a variety of substances and observe the reaction. He found among aniline dyes substance - prontosil or red streptocid, experimental animals rescued from a streptococcal infection, but has no effect on these bacteria outside the body. For this discovery G. Domagk was awarded the prize Nobelevs Coy. Later it was found that the disintegration occurs in the body to form Prontosil sulfonamides, and acting on the bacteria in the body and outside the body. Domagk conducted a clinical trial to his own daughter, inadvertently pricked a needle, which is when you try to remove it broke. I had to turn to surgeons who got the needle and stitches. The next day, the hand was swollen - began pronounced inflammation, come down to the elbow. At that time there was only one way to save the child's life - amputation. Then Domagk and decided, with the consent of surgeons began treatment prontozilom, introducing him intravenously. On the second day the temperature began to fall, swelling decreased, and soon the girl is fully recovered.

Later we created and other drugs on the basis of sulfanilamide, including sodium Sulfatsil.

Properties of sodium sulfatsil

Eye drops sodium sulfatsil
sodium Sulfatsil (or as it is often referred to as sulfacetamide) has an international name Sulfacetamide.

The antimicrobial action of sodium sulfatsilbacteriostatic. This means that the drug stops multiplication of bacteria, which helps the body's own resources (immunity) to cope with the infection. That is bacteriostatic drugs to treat two conditions are necessary: ​​the local nature of the infection and a strong immune system. The mechanism of action is that the microbes need for vital P-aminobenzoic acid, and sulfonamides are chemical similarities with that same acid instead enter into chemical reactions in the body bacteria. This leads to disruption of vital activity of bacteria.

sodium Sulfatsil active againstGram-positive and Gram-negative cocci, Escherichia coli, Shigella, Vibrio cholerae, Toxoplasma. Penetrates into tissue and eye fluid can be absorbed into the blood stream due to falling into the tear duct on the lymph system or the inflamed conjunctiva.

The dosage form of sodium sulfatsil - eyedrops. The active compound content of 20%. Eye drops are available in bottles, bottles with a dropper and a tube-droppers. our site recommends their readers sodium Sulfatsil acquire a more convenient containers, such as dropper bottle (volume of 5 or 10 ml) dropper or tube (in multiples of two 1.5 ml), and if purchased without a dropper bottle, then you need to purchase a pipette.

Indications, contraindications, and special instructions

The use of eye drops
sodium Sulfatsil shown conjunctivitis,blepharitis, purulent corneal ulcers, prevention and treatment of ophthalmia (ie, acute purulent inflammation of the eyes caused by gonococcus) in newborns, gonoreynyh and chlamydial eye diseases in adults as well as for the prevention of conjunctivitis if it enters the eyes of foreign bodies, dust and sand.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity, ie allergy to sulfonamides in the past.

Side effects: burning, tearing, stinging, itchy eyes, allergic reactions. The severity of side effects depends on the individual person.

Special instructions: Patients having hypersensitiveto furosemide, thiazide diuretics, sulfonylureas, or carbonic anhydrase inhibitors may have increased susceptibility to sulfacetamide. This so-called cross-allergy.

MirCovetov advises his readers not to be used in conjunction with sodium Sulfatsil mestnoanesteziruyuschimi procaine and tetracaine drops and drops containing silver salts.

Dosage and administration: topically, instill 1-2 drops in eachconjunctival sac 4-6 times per day. Please note, if inflammation in one eye, still treat both eyes to the infection does not spread to healthy. And at first instilled in the eye, where the inflammation is less pronounced !!! Eye drops should be lying down or sitting, his head thrown back, you need to pull the lower eyelid and drip into the eyes closer to the inner corner. The child is best instilled in the eye, together with an assistant, who holds the baby hands and feet, while the second man, apart fingers forever, produces landfill. In the hospital necessarily drip to prevent Infections in newborns: 2 drops into each conjunctival sac immediately after birth and 2 drops - after 2 hours.

Note that on the captube-dropper or bottle-dropper has a thorn, so its cover is not screwed down, before the application should tighten the lid tightly to spike pierced hole.

How else can we use sodium sulfatsil?

Drops and nose
sodium Sulfatsil can not just digeyes, and nose. Pediatricians often prescribe it in lingering head cold when the snot green, indicating that the accession of a bacterial infection. When using sodium sulfatsil in the nose can also be a burning sensation that I do not like small children.

You can also drip of sodium in your ears when Sulfatsil acute otitis mediaOnly need to dilute it with boiled water in a 2 or 4 times.

Used Sulfatsil sodium and for the treatment of eye a pet, from dogs and cats and ending with turtles and birds.

It should sodium sulfatsil quite inexpensive, no more than 30 rubles. Sold without prescription.

MipSovetov encourages its readers to payattention to storage conditions sulfatsil sodium, which are set out in the instructions for a particular package you purchased the drug. Depending on the manufacturer, they may be different, but the open vial or tube-dropper always stored in the refrigerator for no longer than a week.

Currently, sulfonamides lost leadingplace in a number of antimicrobials, as it appeared resistant to the bacteria, and the science is not in place, all the while creating new substances with antimicrobial action. But sometimes the old proven drug is better than new: it has long been known, cheap, available and in the absence of other drugs, as well as skilled care can help in the prevention and treatment of eye infections and the common cold ... or otitis media. In short, sodium Sulfatsil - preparation for home, villa, holiday camp and first aid kits.

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