Treatment for otitis

Otitis - a serious ear disease. So serious that many do not even imagine the possible effects (hearing loss - one of them). Even if you are an adherent of the popular methods of treatment, going to the doctor is required! Remember, you run the risk of many! To avoid this happening to you, try to figure out how to prevent the occurrence of otitis media.

Otitis - a serious ear disease
Otitis - a serious ear disease. So serious that many do not even imagine the consequences. Today, our site will tell you about the symptoms, prevention and treatment of otitis media specifics.

I can tell you as someone who has repeatedly experienced the all the "charm" of acute otitis media - toothache and other "horrors" of humanity just relax. Middle of the night (usually) sharp backache begin in the ear, they are quickly amplified and it seems that someone with a needle frequency drives you to the brain in a couple of minutes. I want to climb the walls from pain. To avoid this happening to you, try to figure out how to prevent the occurrence of otitis media.

Causes of otitis

Treatment for otitis
The most important cause of otitis media is a hitbacteria or viruses in the ear. Many people believe that all these organisms fall into the ear from the outside. In actual fact, 95% of the otitis media is caused by bacteria from entering the Eustachian tube. This can happen if incompetent blowing the nose, the nostrils are closed when not in succession (which is true). That is often otitis cold go hand in hand. The cause of otitis media can become a sore throat, and such infectious diseases as scarlet fever, measles, etc. Otitis may develop on the background of inflammation carious tooth, ear injuries, after cleaning the ears intended for this objects (pins, matches). The causative agents of otitis media can penetrate the ear and the bloodstream (infectious diseases).

At risk - children under six years (due to the physiological characteristics of age), allergies and all those who had been ill with any infectious disease.

From the foregoing it is easy to conclude thatotitis media most often occurs as a complication of a variety of cold or viral diseases. And they in turn appear on the background of a weakened immune system. Therefore, the most important rule to combat otitis media - do not get sick, harden, strengthen the immune system! But apart from this it is necessary to know the enemy in the face, in time to neutralize and prevent the terrible pain.

Symptoms and types of otitis

Normal tympanic membrane (left) and the eardrum in acute otitis media (right)
Otitis media is of three types - external (the mildest form), middle and inner.

otitis externa accompanied by periodic aching,swelling of the ear, a slight increase in body temperature. It appears most often due to mechanical damage of the ear or external auditory canal tissue injuries.

Otitis media It appears as inflamed mucosamiddle ear. It is very dangerous consequences - if left untreated can be complete or partial loss of hearing, brain damage. Symptoms: sharp pulsating pain, backache, stuffy ears, different sounds (noise of bubbling waters), hearing impairment, body temperature over 38 degrees, suppuration.

Internal otitis - It is a consequence of running otitis media. It requires immediate hospitalization and surgery.

Otitis media is also acute and chronic, as inBasically, any disease. In acute otitis symptoms are pronounced, the pain increases quickly. Chronic process is slower, but, despite this, too dangerous.

Treatment for otitis

Treatment for otitis
It is said that otitis media - not runny, itselfwill not pass! Therefore, as soon as possible consult an audiologist. Only a doctor can establish the form of otitis media, and assign the correct treatment. Even if you are an adherent of the popular methods of treatment without medical treatment you can not do! Otitis Treated about 10 days or even longer. And it provided a timely reference to the doctor.

Treatment of otitis media is extremely complexcharacter. To start the patient should ensure complete rest, so as not to provoke the appearance of complications. This is followed by the appointment of a specialized antibiotic for the purpose of operational control of the pathogens of otitis. The antibiotic may be in the tablets (e.g. Flemoklav Solutab, TSifran) or in drops (Sofradeks, Otipaks), the latter must be at room temperature. But (!) To prescribe antibiotics should only be a doctor!

Usually otitis caught unawares - on the road or inday off. Find a doctor very difficult, and it is important not to run the situation. Therefore, when the first twitches, shot in the ear, try to immediately buy drops (Sofradeks - for adults, Otipaks - for children) and, observing the dosage specified in the instructions to bury them disturbing ear. painkiller should be taken in acute pain. Even if the ear ceases to hurt, going to the doctor is required! Remember, you run the risk of many!

If treatment can consist of external otitisheatings, warm compresses, wash the ear canal. If an abscess, it may be necessary to open it. When otitis media shows the use of antibiotics, antipyretics. If suppuration occurs, the physician should make an incision of the eardrum to the pus flowed faster.
Treatment for otitis

There is one popular recipe to relieve swellingeardrum. It must be mixed in equal parts of glycerol and 70% alcohol. This solution turundochku wet cotton wool and inserted into the ear. We must put a ball of cotton wool soaked in baby cream. After 2-3 hours to extract all. The swelling will disappear after a few treatments.

To relieve ear pain, enough to takean anesthetic. If this is an adult - to drink Coldrex, the baby can be given a dose of Nurofen. Relief comes almost immediately. It is important to know that the hot compress contraindicated at high temperatures!

our site again stresses that all of these recipes just for the temporary relief of the state, before seeking medical attention. To avoid complications seem audiologist must!

Prevention of otitis

Prevention of otitis media is to enhance immunity
To prevent the occurrence of such diseaseslike otitis media, it is necessary to stop this match. It sounds like science fiction, but still ... tempers, strengthens the immune system and, at least, colds and infectious diseases you can avoid. And with them, and otitis media. But if all the same you get sick, the first thing you need to keep track of what - to mucus in the nose is not thickened. While she was "flowing", she fights bacteria and viruses. To do this, try to drink plenty of fluids, to maintain moisture in the room does not exceed 50% and the air temperature is not above 18 degrees. To do this, do not feel cold, wear warm pajamas and take cover. It is scientifically proven that in these optimal conditions, the body will likely fight the disease.

Yet do not forget to blow your nose correctly -Cover each nostril alternately. Babe need to suck the mucus from the nose special pear (sold in every pharmacy), since small children are not able to blow your nose correctly.

Protect your ears while disease water, bathing cover with a cotton swab, lubricated with any cream. Try not to run cold, and if he does not go for a week - consult your doctor.

I wish you health!

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