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Homeopathic medicine for tenotentreatment of neuroses, it provides the brain with oxygen and improves the functioning of the central nervous system, is struggling with anxiety, fear. It is prescribed to both adults and children.

pharmachologic effect

homeopathic remedies, neurology, nervous system, stress, tenoten, anxiety

Tenoten produced in the form of tablets, havingcylindrical, white or cream color. Among the active components can be identified antibodies to protein S-100, by which are regulated by mechanisms of inhibition and activation of the central nervous system, come back to normal metabolic processes. If you take tenoten stress in the period of intoxication and hypoxiaIt is possible to increase the resistance of the body, and improve memory and concentration.

Tenoten also called "daily tranquilizer"since he does not possess sedative properties. Unlike other drugs of similar action, safety tenoten very high. A unique composition of a homeopathic remedy to minimize the number of side effects.

The drug is administered as a combination therapystroke when hypoxia is present, and as a neuroprotectant, normalizing memory and learning ability. Tenoten also helps to reduce the damaged area in the brain. Some testimonials from people taking the drug show that it helps to reduce cravings for alcohol and drugs.


According to the instructions Tenotenu, the drug should be used when:

homeopathic remedies, neurology, nervous system, stress, tenoten, anxiety

More often than adults taking the drugTenoten to deal with stress. In this situation, there is not necessarily a negative character, sometimes in a state of stress can introduce positive experiences and emotions. US scientists have developed a whole range of events leading to stress, according to which, the biggest points gain a divorce and the death of spouses, followed by events such as marriage, injury, pregnancy, birth, personal achievements, admission to university and even holidays.

Man faces more dailynumber of stress factors, but each has a different degree of susceptibility, some people can easily cope with stimuli, the other - go depressed, tired, they develop lethargy, deteriorating memory, tormented insomnia. This state is dangerous to health, it could trigger the emergence of diseases such as hypertensive crisis, Ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and others.

The stress man goes through three stages:

  1. Anxiety and mobilization. During this period, a surge of energy occurs, the so-called "stress hormones" enter the bloodstream, blood pressure rises, the heart rate increases, all feelings become aggravated, and even the speed of thinking increases.
  2. The phase of resistance - all the processes start to slow down gradually.
  3. exhaustion phase - reduced operation, the negative perception of life.

Stressful situations in life can not be avoided,but you can protect the nervous system and to minimize the negative impact of the events around him. To do this, first of all, resort to anti-stress therapy. Man prescribe drugs which are not only have properties to withstand stress, but also provide the body activity. These drugs include tenoten. Its advantages include the fact that it does not cause drowsiness or lethargy, does not reduce the rate of reaction and, therefore, it can be applied to people whose profession requires utmost care, for example, drivers, dispatchers. The efficiency while taking this drug is maintained throughout the day. Tenoten used as long courses - up to six months, and short - up to three weeks, for example, during the session the students.

We have tenoten drug analogues, prescriberswhen the patient originated idiosyncrasy components. The primary analogue - is Proproten 100 have different composition, and similar effects on the body. Other analogs can be identified Glycine, Enerion, Parkon.

Tenoten for children

homeopathic remedies, neurology, nervous system, stress, tenoten, anxiety

Very often the child's brain does not have timeto adapt to stress and change the world, and this is reflected in the moods, the closure in itself, ignoring the adult requests. To help the child in such cases can be correctly chosen medicine, it removes too much activity or, on the contrary, weakness. Such a drug refers tenoten. It is used in different situations:

  1. In times of crisis. Psychologists have identified three main age crisis: 3, 7 and 14 years. At this time the child becomes fussy, cries a lot, resists the rules laid down in the family. No need to be considered such behavior is a disease, it is a natural process of the formation of character, but doctors recommend at this time to protect the weak psyche of a teenager from overload. And this will help sedatives.
  2. During the adaptation to the new conditions. The biggest burden on the nervous system of the child rests when his life is undergoing significant change. These include the first days in kindergarten, school, change of residence, parents' divorce. At such times, you need to help your child cope with stress by using a properly sized sedative drug. Such is tenoten for children. Its action is aimed at helping the child cope with the mental and emotional stress. If you choose the right medication, he will not have a negative impact on the child's body, on the contrary, will help him.
  3. During mental stress. To a child it was easier to do homework, test papers, take exams, he needs to take sedatives.
  4. During the period of illness. Rarely a child comfortable with the injection and reception of bitter drugs. During this time he became moody, tearful and irritable. To load on the child's mind was not so strong, it is recommended to give the child tenoten.

For children a tablet to be dissolved in waterand give drink. PCP assigns dose, usually one tablet three times daily between meals. Children from 3 to 18 years old can only take tenoten children, as it contains a smaller dose. The course of treatment for children up to three months, if necessary, the doctor may extend the course to six months. The break between courses - 1 month.

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