Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment

"It hurts, I do not know where ..." - each of usI faced similar. Some disease in most colorful symptomatology is very difficult to calculate. When a person experiences unpleasant sensations in the intestinal area, but the laboratory study did not show any abnormalities, talk about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Nature of the disease - functional. Simply put, when all functional disorders malaise is, and clinical analyzes stubbornly repeating: the person is healthy. The most common bowel problems occur in women between 30 and 40 years. Because of the disease, patients become indifferent to everything that used to bring pleasure - whether it's sex or work.

Causes of IBS

abdominal pain, gastroenterology, stomach, intestines, intestinal peristalsis, irritable bowel syndrome, IBS

  1. Stress.
  2. Jamming stress with a lot of food.
  3. Improper diet with a predominance of fatty, fried foods, caffeine, carbonated and alcoholic beverages.
  4. Insufficient amount of fiber in the diet.
  5. The systematic overeating.

Irritable bowel syndrome and Psychology

Victims of the disease - a pessimistic suspiciousminded people, who are always afraid of something, such as fear of dying from cancer. With this organization, the mind body produces hard endogenous opioids. These substances are pushing active digestive system. From their effects abundantly allocated gastric juice, enhanced motor and secretory capacity of the intestine.

What can provoke the development of the syndromeIrritable Bowel? All that somehow brought man from the mental equilibrium: the death of a loved one, a meeting with a robber, divorce of parents in early childhood.

What happens in the body

When IBS pain is born in the walls of the colonintestine. Body pervades a large number of nerve endings that are sensitive to the increase in the level of stress hormones, such as adrenaline. This leads to the fact that the nerves increases intestinal peristalsis, and even if not strongly expressed flatulence It appears quite palpable pain, because the intestinal receptors under stress are constantly excited.

Symptoms of IBS

abdominal pain, gastroenterology, stomach, intestines, intestinal peristalsis, irritable bowel syndrome, IBS

Initially, the doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis. Further specialist highlights the overriding symptom by which determine the form of IBS. This is followed by a series of activities to avoid such serious diseases as a nonspecific ulcerative colitis, Intestinal infections, Crohn's disease, diverticular disease.

The next step is isolated organicdisorders caused by the disease, studying the results of specific tests and analyzes. Diagnosis is completed approval of the first stage of treatment of pathology. Its effectiveness helps the doctor to either approve or deny the diagnosis delivered earlier.

IBS Treatment

Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome onlyconservative ways. Treatment is complicated by the fact that the combination of symptoms in each patient's own, respectively, and a course of treatment should be individualized.

Ideally, each patient will not interfere with the conversationan experienced psychologist. The specialist will teach the patient how to behave in stressful situations, to overcome anger, fear and anxiety, to go "dry" out of the difficult life conflicts. Remarkably, if suffering from IBS have a chance to try out for yourself hypnosis, collective or individual relaxation therapy.

Directly affect the state of the intestineparticular mode of the day: a deficit night's rest and physical activity negatively affect the body's ability to be cleaned. The only properly considered a habit to defecate in the morning, preferably after breakfast - an excellent prevention of constipation. The chair can be a regular, if in the morning (before the meal) to combine a glass of cool water with mild exercises like "bicycle" and "scissors".

50% success rate in the treatment provides a diet. All labels must be carefully scrutinized: good, if the products contain a minimum of food additives and preservatives. Occasionally present in the composition of the substances causing a laxative effect. These include, for example, sorbitol and xylitol are - beloved components of the chewing gum. Carbonated and alcoholic beverages, caffeine, milk and other dairy products are often poisonous to humans, prone to disorders (diarrhea).

If a person is suffering from constipation, you should not drinkless than 1.5 liters of purified or non-carbonated mineral water, there are natural products with a sufficient amount of fiber: it is especially raw vegetables and fruits, which are at an increased gas formation can be boiled. Do not forget about the cuts.

From medicines bring significant relief antispasmodics in pills or rectal suppositories: Duspatalin, Ditsitel, Spazmomen, papaverine, No-spa, Buskapan.

When diarrhea use antidiarrheal drugs (loperamide, Imodium), Drugs with astringent (Smecta, calcium carbonate), phytoremedy (cherry fruit, blueberries, roots of cinquefoil and coil), natural antispasmodic (peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers).

constipation problem quickly solvedprokinetics and laxatives (Motilium, Dufalak, Mukofalk). They not only activate the intestinal peristalsis, and put in order the intestinal microflora. Many prefer natural laxatives: Senna, Buckthorn, rhubarb. However, they are not all suitable as a spasm can enhance in some cases.

With increased gas use preparations with active substances simethicone and dimethicone.

IBS and traditional medicine

abdominal pain, gastroenterology, stomach, intestines, intestinal peristalsis, irritable bowel syndrome, IBS

  1. Tea made from fresh peppermint relieves pain and eliminates bloating.
  2. Inflamed bowel wall treats decoction of chamomile flowers, mint leaves, marshmallow and goldenseal. Means takes 4 times per day.
  3. Cinnamon and ginger added to food, eliminate flatulence.
  4. The correct remedy for constipation - plantain. 1 tbsp. l. plant seeds pour 200 ml of cold water and waiting for a half hour. If constipation and to prevent them from taking medication for polstolovoy spoon 3 times a day.
  5. When diarrhea is very good medicine mixedoils of peppermint, tea tree, sandalwood and geranium (two drops each). The mixture was dissolved in 30 ml of almond oil and their abdomen massaged clockwise.

Preventing IBS

Our website gives a few simple conditions, compliance with which will help your bowels work smoothly:

  1. Regular eating right.
  2. Properly compiled daily routine.
  3. Adequate exercise.
  4. Respect for their own nerves.
  5. Maintaining the balance of the endocrine system.

Tips for a person suffering from IBS

abdominal pain, gastroenterology, stomach, intestines, intestinal peristalsis, irritable bowel syndrome, IBS

  1. There need to slowly, carefully chewing food.
  2. Morning exercises should become a habit for life.
  3. The toilet need to walk when the body is really necessary. It is impossible to defecate "through force", just as it is impossible deliberately to delay the moment when there is the urge to defecate.
  4. In the process of bowel movement can not be strongly strain - better to stay in the bathroom longer.
  5. According to statistics, the majority of people,IBS prescribe surgery to remove the gall bladder and appendix, and these operations are not always justified. They only exacerbate the already dire condition of the intestine. Only in extreme cases, you can resort to surgery.

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