Hypertensive crisis, causes and treatment

Many people, especially the elderly,often observed with blood pressure problems. Violations of the cardiovascular system can lead to a dangerous condition such as a hypertensive crisis. This disease is expressed in a sharp rise in blood pressure, resulting in the risk of severe consequences of the set.

Why is there a hypertensive crisis

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There are many preconditions for the development of this condition. They can be divided into external and internal factors. mymedinform.com allocated such external causes of hypertensive crisis:

  • stress, emotions, tension;
  • the use of hormones;
  • intense physical activity;
  • weather changes;
  • commitment to smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • the consumption of excessive amounts of salt.

Among the internal factors of the disease include the following:

  • hormonal changes the body in women during menopause;
  • prostate adenoma, causing problems with the excretion of urine;
  • complications ischemic heart disease;
  • poor blood supply to the kidneys;
  • respiratory disorders during sleep - apnea-hypopnea syndrome.

A separate group of causes ofhypertensive crisis are considered to be the so-called iatrogenic factors or drugs. This means that such a state can occur due to the elimination of certain drugs or as a result of side effects of some drugs. In some cases, it leads to hypertensive crisis use of two or more incompatible drugs.

Classification and symptoms of hypertensive crises

blood pressure, hypertensive crisis, hypertension, pressure, cardiovascular system

Due to the fact that hypertensive crisisIt poses a serious threat to health, and sometimes to human life, therapeutic measures should be taken immediately. If you notice the first symptoms a patient complications, urgently needed call an ambulance. While waiting for the doctors, the patient Seathorizontal position and try to give him rest. Independently give such a person medication drugs is not recommended, because it can lead to complications of his condition. patient treatment is carried out in a hospital under strict supervision of experts and with the use of intensive care.

If a hypertensive crisis develops withoutcomplications, hospitalization may not be necessary, however, the patient should call a doctor for examination and treatment purposes. As a rule, a person who has a problem with pressureIt should always be prepared for such a situation, therefore, the possibility of using certain medications should be discussed in advance with your doctor.

Upon the occurrence of hypertensive crisis sharplyPressure reduction can be very dangerous, so during the first two hours is recommended to reduce the rate no more than 20-25%. After 6 hours the blood pressure should be reduced to the level of 160/100 mm Hg. Art. During the following days the patient should see a doctor. In that case, if the drugs are available at hand does not help deal with the problem, you need to call an ambulance.

Prevention of hypertensive crises

blood pressure, hypertensive crisis, hypertension, pressure, cardiovascular system

This disease, as we have noted earlier,It poses a serious threat to health and human life. If you have at least once in their lives had a hypertensive crisis, try to avoid further attacks, keeping prophylaxis. Consider the basic precautions:

  1. Try to always control their blood pressure. Let the daily measurement of its performance will have a habit.
  2. Promptly take all medications that you appointed doctor. Permanent therapy and regular visits to the doctor will help prevent the occurrence of hypertensive crises.
  3. Avoid stress, nervous disorders andvoltage. Try to surround yourself with calm atmosphere of the deletion of everyday annoyances. If this is not possible, review their attitude to different situations. Did you find spiritual harmony help special training or a visit to a therapist.
  4. Provide your body regular physical activity.
  5. Give up bad habits.
  6. Eat sparingly as possible make up for yourselfhealthy and nutritious diet, limiting consumption of fatty, fried and very salty foods. Control your weight because extra weight can lead to increased risk of hypertensive crisis. To assign the correct diet consult a dietitian or doctor.
  7. During the rehabilitation period after the attack, observe salt-free diet - Then the drugs prescribed by the doctor will have the most effective action.
  8. Be sure to monitor the amount of liquid,drunk per day. People suffering from high blood pressure, it is recommended to use no more than 1.5 liters of beverages per day. From mineral water with sodium is better to refuse.

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