Under the sign of diabetes


  • Under the sign of diabetesA heart

    If atherosclerosis typically develops in years50-60, then it affects diabetics already to 40. The same applies to the investigation of atherosclerosis - coronary heart disease. Moreover, a person can not feel pain, and angina attacks go unnoticed.

    Often the patient does not know for a long time about hisdisease. Women with diabetes are much more likely to happen, and heart attacks. "Diabetic" heart attack can also begin without pain in my heart. Therefore, a diabetic should especially take care of your heart. Regularly doing the ECG constantly and not just from never, to take heart medications.


    All diabetics increases with ageblood pressure, but that patients can not feel. Meanwhile, high blood pressure affects the kidneys, impaired vision, increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. Therefore, the pressure must be controlled by measuring at least twice a day. And, of course, regularly receive funds to reduce the pressure.

    In this case you need to know: Diabetics are contraindicated, most drugs, effectively lowering blood pressure and simultaneously preventing angina. Propranolol (Inderal), oxprenolol, nifedipine and verapamil cause an increase in blood sugar or a sharp decline in his. Clonidine may also increase the sugar.

    The pressure is difficult to reduce without diuretic, however,they are contraindicated in diabetes. Precautions must be taken nitroglycerin sustak and nitrong. But this does not mean that there is nothing to be treated. There is a whole group of drugs, which not only reduce blood pressure and improve heart function, but also have a positive effect on the kidneys and blood vessels. This medication type hood, Enap and monopril.


    As already mentioned, diabetes affects the kidneys -developing diabetic nephropathy, leading to high blood pressure and kidney failure. In the elderly it is almost always joined pyelonephritis: sweet urine - an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Like other diseases, pyelonephritis long runs hidden. To detect it in time, hand over urine on a regular basis, not only sugar, but also on the overall analysis, and analysis of Nechiporenko.

    Elderly people are prone to cystitis, besides theyget cold easily and often suffer from urinary incontinence. This problem can also be overcome if treated pyelonephritis, cystitis and maintain low blood sugar.


    Diabetes and atherosclerosis affects blood vessels, so the elderly are frequent sores on his feet and, even worse, gangrene. first signs circulatory disorders - Sensitivity to cold feet, numbness, tingling and pain when walking.

    In diabetes, the sensitivity is reduced, and patientsI do not feel that rubbed leg or hurt yourself. And any, even a small wound in the diabetic quickly infected. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the feet perfectly clean, neatly trimmed nails, watch for signs of circulatory disorders.


    It has been observed that in women with diabetes, menopauseIt occurs earlier and is more severe, with nervous disorders, contributing to the progression. During the climax of the bones active leaches calcium, they become brittle, break even with minor injuries. Against the background of high blood sugar occur pelvic inflammatory disease. It is therefore important to consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist.

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