Ulcer - an infectious disease


  • The story of one ulcer
  • The news first (bad): the plague is contagious
  • And a little history
  • News of the second (good): cure ulcers may

    The story of one ulcer

    I did not get sick kidneys. Sometimes after eating pain. I'll be honest, at first attention is not paid too, because it thought that this is just an exacerbation of gastritis. But then the pain became permanent, and they are manifested in different ways: the "fired" in the back, in the upper chest. Tortured heartburn. Then I got scared: I do not whether to play tricks serdchishko? Because read somewhere that these symptoms are typical for heart attack. Do nothing - ran to the doctor. After a series of examinations revealed that I had a stomach ulcer. "Look here, my friend, - said the good doctor, looking at me over his glasses - if you are not treated, it will bite you. Incidentally, the complications can be very serious: for example, bleeding or perforation of the ulcer. Then it is necessary to urgently do the operation ... By the way, my friend, because the plague and malignant tumors can be reborn. This occurs in 60% of patients. Do you want that?"

    The news first (bad): the plague is contagious

    Ulcer - an infectious disease
    Nothing, naturally, I did not want to. "I beg you, Doctor, save, - I whined. - It's retribution for the sins of his youth, of a wrong way of life, is not it? Power snatches of street eateries, liquor ... stress. " "And that, of course, too, - said the doctor - but in vain do you think ulcers in temperance does not happen. Stress, smoking, poor diet and environmental factors can trigger the outbreak, but the traditional view that gastritis and stomach ulcers occur due to high acidity and stress, is already outdated. One of the main causes of the disease, according to recent data, - a microbe called Helicobacter pyroli ». This mysterious microbe "Helicobacter", which happens to be settled in my miserable body, threw me into despair. However, I certainly wanted to know all the details.

    And a little history

    It turned out that a harmful bacteriumobserved with an optical microscope in 1983 by Australian researchers Warren and Marshall. After carefully studying it, scientists have concluded that the bacterium causes 80-90% of inflammatory diseases of the mucous membrane of the stomach, almost all cases of duodenal ulcer, from 70 to 80% of gastric ulcers. In other cases, the cause of diseases can be medicine, and one of the first places in this matter in such a popular worldwide aspirin. By the way, at a time when "Helicobacter" was discovered, not all doctors agreed that she is the cause of the disease, as it was believed that the acid, which highlights our stomach kills any bacteria on the spot. Incidentally, one of the pioneers of "H. pylori" Marshall, in order to prove his innocence to the skeptics, grown in vitro that the bacterium, swallowed it and got sick from a stomach ulcer. "Helicobacter" does not die in acid because it highlights the special enzymes that neutralize the acid. His isolated bacteria decompose urea in the stomach, and under the cover of the decay products - bicarbonate and ammonia - penetrates the mucosa. To introduce into the cell wall of the stomach, the bacterium is in a comfortable environment. The body tries to prevent the invasion, but in most cases without success. Numerous studies suggest that Helicobacter can cause cancer. There is evidence that it plays a significant role in diseases of the heart and digestive problems.

    In its prevalence Helicobacter pyroliIt is second only to agents of caries. German gastroenterologists believe that the bacterium is present in every third citizen of Germany. According to experts of the Moscow Medical Academy. Sechenov, in Russia are sick from a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer more than 1.5 million adults, and even these diseases affected 18 thousand teenagers and about 10 thousand children under 14 years. Moreover, peptic ulcer disease - a disease predominantly male. According to statistics, one sick woman comes ulcer ulcer 4 male. Fall ill about one-sixth the carrier of infection. This is because people have different immune system. Furthermore, the microorganism mutating.

    "So - I said to my doctor, hanging exuberanthead - I have nothing to help ... "-" Do not despair, - assured doctor. - If you will comply with all medical advice, the ulcer may scar completely in 4-6 weeks. "

    News of the second (good): cure ulcers may

    Since the plague, as it turns out, is contagious andIt is transmitted through dirty hands, saliva, utensils, etc., and then have to deal with it as an infectious disease. The new technique is to destroy malignant bacterium "Helicobacter". For this purpose new antibiotics combined with kislotoponizhayuschimi means. According to experts, recurrence of gastric ulcers during treatment amount to only 3% compared to the previous 70%. However, until now the majority of doctors for the treatment of gastritis and ulcers are the old methods, which do not get rid of the pathogen and of the results of its operations. Patients are stuffed with means to reduce the acidity. But it is necessary to stop reception, the symptoms returned - and have to start all over again. According to the press in early 1994, the US National Health formally requested a "revolution" in therapy. But the spread of knowledge about Helicobacter pylori among practitioners interference inhibited pharmaceutical companies in many who fear for their multi-billion dollar business in the lowering drugs acidity.

    In fact, despite the knowledge of the newcauses of peptic ulcer disease, you should not rely only on drugs. Diet has not been canceled. Stomach ulcer should not be idle. There should be little and often. Approximately 5-6 times per day. From spicy foods should be avoided. All of this tells me the doctor and said that after a while the stomach problems I will not. Well ... I believe the doctor.
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