What causes cystinuria?


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  • Cystinuria. Causes, symptoms, treatment

    Violation of cystine metabolism at the level of the renaltubules leads to the disease. Cystine, as a sparingly soluble amino acid accumulates in the body fluids, especially those having an acidic environment.


    The disease manifests as inflammationvarious organs due to irritation cystine exchange their products (such as gastritis, inflammation of the duodenum ulcer, pyelonephritis, cystitis, biliary tract).


    What causes cystinuria?If a child is suspected of cystinuria (in urinefound high content of cystine), and in his family there were cases of diseases urinary and biliary tract, it is an indication to the purpose of diet therapy.

    The diet is based on restricting the administration with foodmethionine amino acid products, which is a precursor of cysteine. To do this, from the food are eliminated cottage cheese, fish, cheese, mushrooms, egg white. All other animal proteins are allowed to take food only in the morning, at lunch and in the evening we recommend a vegetarian table. This is due to the fact that cystine is accumulated in the body in the evening and night hours.

    In addition to diet, usedpharmacological agents - vitamins (pyridoxine, ascorbic acid), and sodium salts. During exacerbation assigned vegetarian (potato and vegetable) diet with total exclusion of animal proteins for 2-3 weeks.

    Sample menu for the period of exacerbation

    First breakfast: mashed potatoes with a salad of apples, carrots, cabbage, sour cream; coffee.

    Lunch: Boiled potatoes with onions, seasoned with vegetable oil; the infusion of rose hips.

    Dinner: vegetable soup, vegetable stew, stewed fruit.

    Snack: apples, marshmallows.

    Dinner: salad, cake and jam, fruit juice.

    Daily - white bread, butter.

    Showing fruit juices, mineral water( "Smirnoff", "Slavyanovskaya", "Borjomi", "NAFTA") in the afternoon and at night for alkalizing urine, which prevents loss of cystine in the form of salts.

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