Visceral Candidiasis (systemic)


  • systemic candidiasis
  • Symptoms of systemic candidiasis
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  • systemic candidiasis

    It was felt that in the development of visceralCandida is important phenomenon dysbiosis. The highest value in the development of dysbiosis impart broad spectrum antibiotics (penicillin, streptomycin, sintomitsina, et al.) And especially combinations thereof. Antibiotics violates vitamin balance in the patient's body (eg, suppresses vital functions of E. coli, has been actively involved in the synthesis of various vitamins and filling), there is a vitamin deficiency that contributes to the development of candidiasis. It is believed that antibiotics directly stimulate the development of yeasts. A role to play corticosteroids and cytostatics, although their mechanism of action, leading to candidiasis, has not been studied. Apparently, in the development of visceral candidiasis are significant causes of the disassembled with prevalence in some cases of dysbiosis factor, in others - vitamin A deficiency, etc.

    Symptoms of systemic candidiasis

    Visceral Candidiasis (systemic) When visceral candidiasis most oftenamazed airway mucous membranes, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary organs. Described yeast lesions of the cardiovascular and nervous system, kidneys, liver, spleen, lung and bronchus (pneumonia), brain tissue, cardiac muscle, blood vessels and other organs. Visceral candidiasis can cause severe infectious condition which sometimes occurs without the prior destruction of internal organs. These lesions tend to occur in debilitated and malnourished patients with severe chronic infections, or severe common diseases, as well as in the treatment of such patients with antibiotics, corticosteroids or cytostatics.

    No specific clinical symptoms forvisceral candidiasis no or very little. About Yeast defeat internal organ should think in those cases when the disease takes a protracted, lingering over (pneumonia, enteritis, colitis, myocarditis, etc.), Celebrated subfebrialnaya temperature (37-37.5), no effect on normal methods of treatment, the process deteriorates the use of antibiotics. Suspected visceral candidiasis often helps yeast defeat visible mucous membranes (especially in the mouth), nail ridges and nail plate, which is often accompanied by lesions of the internal organs. Less affected in these cases, the various portions of the skin. Finally, the question is solved on the basis of laboratory studies.

    Candidiasis is diagnosed by detecting the material taken from the lesion, yeast-like fungi.

    Prevention of systemic candidiasis

    It provides forsanitary measures with the identification of yeast lesions are professional dermatoses on vegetable bases, confectionery industries, agriculture and households. Prophylaxis of candidiasis in children is to identify and treat yeast lesions in pregnant women, nursing mothers, employees, child care, maternity hospitals, children's hospitals. Sick children and adults isolated. Houses and in the production of disinfection.

    Early detection and treatment of yeastdefeats, especially the mucous membranes of the mouth, the children and the staff is the prevention of candidiasis in mass groups of children (thrush, Zayed, yeast dermatitis infants). Neonates preventing the development of thrush is associated with measures of rehabilitation of pregnant and nursing mothers, with non-admission to the care of children of persons suffering from yeast lesions. Sick children should be isolated from healthy. In the prevention of candidiasis in children attach great importance to a balanced diet, hygienic care, disinfection care items and linen. It is necessary to recall the endogenous and exogenous factors that contribute to the development of candidiasis, and seek to address them. For example, antibiotics and corticosteroids should be administered on a background of patient body vitamins saturation carefully and regularly monitor oral, since the appearance of white plaque is often the first sign of visceral candidiasis.

    Monitoring compliance with the production technologyIt is a measure of yeast profilakgiki interdigital erosions in the hands of workers and canned fruit and vegetable production, which should be excluded maceration of the epidermis with water, acids, fruit syrups, conduct combat traumatization.

    Treatment of diabetes and obesity in patients with impairedmetabolism, gastrointestinal disease, vegetative neurosis, restorative therapy debilitated patients, people who have had severe infections, elimination of violations vitamin balance - all of this is the prevention of superficial and systemic candidiasis. These patients to prevent Candida recommend vitamins, especially B group, and receiving large doses of antibiotics and corticosteroids - Nystatin.

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