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    Mycoplasmosis children and during pregnancyMycoplasma - are microorganisms, occupying an intermediate position
    medical classification among bacteria, fungi and viruses.
    they can not exist independently, as parasites on
    the cells of the host organism, receiving from them the basic nutrients
    substance. Usually mycoplasma attach to epithelial cells -
    mucosal lining of the intestinal, respiratory and genitourinary tracts.

    Among the rather large number of mycoplasmas, occurring in
    human, only four species may under certain conditions cause
    disease. One of them - Mycoplasma pneumonia - affects the respiratory
    system, causing inflammation of the throat, bronchial tubes and lungs.
    The other three - Mycoplasma genitalium, Mycoplasma hominis, Ureaplasma
    urealiticum - are the causative agents of urogenital mycoplasmosis, which
    now occupies an important place among the diseases
    sexually transmitted diseases.

    The stability of these microorganisms in the environment is low - they
    perish quickly, so the main way of infection - sexual or intimate
    household contact. Household by infection can occur if,
    for example, to measure underwear or swimwear to all workers team,
    lend someone a bath towel, and so on. n. Typically,
    mycoplasmosis runs hidden, with a predominance
    erased, oligosymptomatic forms. Approximately 40% of patients do not feel
    any obvious symptoms until a stressful situation, such as abortion,
    It activates an infection, often resulting in serious enough

    Diagnosis of mycoplasma is quite complicated - features
    unique to this disease, no, but do mycoplasma
    so small that they can not be detected by conventional microscopy.
    Mycoplasmosis is detected or when the smears, the test method
    Polymerase chain reaction (PCR DNA diagnosis) or by

    Mycoplasmosis during pregnancy

    Of particular concern is the increasing spread of this infection
    among pregnant women. During pregnancy, mycoplasma infection
    usually escalates, leading to complications. More and more evidence indicates
    a direct link mycoplasmoses and spontaneous abortion
    pregnancy, as well as "non-viable" pregnancy (fetal death
    the embryo in the early stages).

    Fortunately, very few exceptions, mycoplasmas do not affect the fetus -
    the placenta protects the developing baby from the infection. But
    inflammation caused by mycoplasma, and with vaginal walls
    cervix may move to the membranes. Skins are torn,
    amniotic fluid wastes begin preterm labor. Risk
    premature birth when infected with mycoplasma grows 2-3
    times. The infant can become infected from an infected mother during
    birth, passing on the "dirty" birth canal.

    Mycoplasma cause of acute infection in the uterus
    (Endometritis) after childbirth, abortion, caesarean section.
    Endometritis is one of the most frequent and severe complications
    postpartum period. The main complaint of patients mycoplasmosis women
    is the presence of abundant irritating discharge from the genital tract,
    mild itching, discomfort when urinating, pain during sexual
    act. These sensations may be periodically amplified, then
    spontaneously decrease, until the complete disappearance.

    Children mycoplasmosis

    The flow of mycoplasma infection in children is different from adults -
    usually affected bronchopulmonary tree: are caused by inflammation of the pharynx,
    nose, bronchus and lung. The intensity of the process depends on the state of
    the immune system of the child. "Weak" infected with mycoplasma kids
    get sick more often and harder.

    Children can be infected mycoplasmosis in kindergarten, school - any "close" team. Mycoplasma then transmitted through the air,
    it only infected children whose immune systems are at the moment
    severely weakened (for example, after the common cold). Most often occurs
    bronchitis, but may develop pneumonia. In the US, 40% of bronchitis in
    children - mycoplasma.

    The main alarming symptom in these cases - for a long time (more than 2
    weeks) not passing cough. Sometimes mycoplasma "stick" to the children with
    bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis - attacks are becoming
    more. After the treatment of mycoplasmosis, these children forget about asthma
    for a long time.

    How is the treatment of mycoplasmosis

    Treatment mycoplasmosis - a complex process, as
    Mycoplasma is very resistant to antibiotics and sulfonamides
    penicillin. The peculiarity of the structure of mycoplasma (no
    cell wall) determines its resistance to antibiotics
    acting on the envelope proteins: penicillins, cephalosporins, and others.

    "Home" means from the disease is not present, but modern
    antimicrobials highly enough -
    izlechivaemost reaches 95%. Treatment must be conducted with
    regular sexual partner. Otherwise, reinfection is inevitable -
    resistance to the disease does not occur. As serious and
    slight disease should not become a part of your
    life, health and preventing frustrating to perceive beauty.
    Early treatment saves you from so many troubles.

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