Diagnosis and treatment of anovulation

Nature opened so that a woman's body inable to conceive and bear a child safely. But, as in everything, sometimes in the body there are certain failures and, in spite of a strong desire not to get pregnant. One of these faults is anovulation, ie lack of ovulation. This pathology is becoming one of the causes of female infertility.

Anovulation: the problem

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When impaired fertility or abilitywomen to bear children, her chances of successful conception kid practically zero. The fact that the egg can not leave the follicle. If this failed ovulation is repeated over and over again, then we can talk about chronic anovulation. She, in turn, is of two kinds: physiological and pathological. In the first case anovulation manifested during pregnancy and lactation menopauseAnd in the second - dysfunction is constantly recurring condition.

Anovulation can be as an independentpathology or symptom of a acute or chronic disease, non-reproductive system. Any problem that prevents normal operation of the body, can cause this complication when violated the natural process of maturation and release of the egg. Under normal conditions, the fertilized egg, passing from the ovary to the uterus, is implanted into the endometrium, and it occurs only in the normal course of the menstrual cycle. Diagnosing patients in their cycle of failure, as a result of chronic anovulation, doctors say infertility.

Symptoms and Causes of anovulation

anovulation, gynecology, women's health, conception, ovulation, ovulation signs

It should be noted the fact that a healthy woman within a year can be several anovulatory cycles, and it is quite normal. Pathology is the same situation when ovulation does not occur at all.

Here are the possible reasons for this:

  • hormonal disbalance in the body (high levels of prolactin, LH and FSH insufficient hormones);
  • Regular inflammation of the pelvic organs;
  • genital infections;
  • ovary exhaustion syndrome;
  • an excess of the male hormone androgen;
  • polycystic ovaries, endometriosis or swelling of the appendages;
  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • overweight woman.

Other reasons for the lack of ovulation:

  1. Long-term exercise. Running or cycling tend to violate the ovulatory cycle by inhibiting the production of the hormone gonadotropin. In this case, usually there are no monthly, but after the woman changes her life, everything comes back to normal.
  2. Stress and anxiety are failing ovulatory cycles. It is important to bring their emotions in order to reduce such negative effects of stress.
  3. Taking certain medications. The fact that oral contraceptive pills can slow down ovulation. They affect ovarian work by inhibiting the production of hormones, ovulation and hence preventing pregnancy.
  4. To this list of possible causes of anovulation may also include:
    • after the age of 35 years;
    • low body weight, and vice versa, obesity;
    • giperterioz;
    • eating disorders, unbalanced diet;
    • Regular travel and climate change.

Diagnosis and treatment

anovulation, gynecology, women's health, conception, ovulation, ovulation signs

If you suspect that a woman's ovulatorydysfunction, a gynecologist must interrogate her about the periodicity of menstruation. The doctor will appoint to donate blood for analysis and determination of the level of hormones, as if progesterone levels higher than normal, could not occur ovulation.

To visualize the size of the uterus and appendages gynecologist can prescribe ultrasound. This will determine whether polycystic ovaries.

Methods of treatment of anovulation:

  1. Eliminating disease is entirely dependent on the reasons for itsappearance. Sometimes, in order that all normal, a woman is enough to change lifestyle and nutrition system. Reduce the intensity of exercise, gain weight or lose weight. In this case, ovulation can be restored in the next cycle.
  2. When the cause of anovulation becomes polycystic ovaries, the treatment will be aimed specifically at eliminating this disease.
  3. It is often treated with drugs anovulationdrugs, such as Clomid or clomiphene. They are able to cause ovulation by stimulating the pituitary gonadotropin hormone production and FLS. As shown by numerous medical studies, after taking one of the above products, in more than 45% of women ovulation was restored, and more than 30% of patients were able to successfully conceive.

Self-medication is dangerous to health, so our site recommends starting any treatment only after consultation with your doctor.

Pregnancy with anovulation

anovulation, gynecology, women's health, conception, ovulation, ovulation signs

To put a serious diagnosis of anovulation,gynecologist-endocrinologist is obliged to carry out a thorough examination of the endocrine system of its patients. Accurate diagnosis is the key to effective treatment.

The medical definition of anovulation isrepeated by ultrasound, that is, on different days of the menstrual cycle will be monitored by the state of the ovaries and endometrium. If several cycles are no signs of ovulation, then we can talk about chronic anovulation.

Thanks to the rapid development of todaymedicine provides various methods for overcoming pathologies depending on the cause of its occurrence. Unified effective troubleshooting techniques anovulation does not exist, but a full recovery and the further possibility of becoming pregnant can only lead comprehensive treatment aimed at the restoration of all systems of a woman in charge of a successful conception. In the case where the conservative therapy does not bring their results and can not get pregnant, you can think about the helper methods to overcome infertility. Women with disorders of the reproductive system and the most advanced forms of anovulation helps pregnant technique of in vitro fertilization. This modern technology is really effective in the way of women to happy motherhood.

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