Menopause - a physiological process,taking place in the body of every woman of a certain age. All it occurs at different ages, with the flows with completely different symptoms. And if in advance to prepare the body for menopause, it is possible to alleviate syndromes and easily move it.

Menopause - a physiological process,taking place in the body of every woman of a certain age. All it occurs at different ages, with the flows with completely different symptoms. There are methods that help it to survive more easily.

What is menopause

In a woman's body, a period of extinction,age-related changes occur in the body. For some women menopause syndrome goes unnoticed, while others are very difficult to feel it for yourself: rush of blood to the face and neck, insomnia, Inner restlessness, and as a result of all this - increased nervousness.

Beginning menopause

Most often, menopause begins in women 45-55years and lasts for a year or two. But there are cases when this period comes earlier or later and lasts longer. Early menopause before 40 years, often occurs after gynecological surgery or the use of drugs inhibiting hormone levels.

At the age at which menopause occurs,It has a great influence hereditary factor. So do not hesitate to ask the mother (and, if possible, her relatives), when that period and how to flow.

About the beginning of menopause indicate changes in the menstrual cycle: irregular menstruation are becoming increasingly scarce and eventually disappear altogether.

Stages of menopause

Climacteric period is divided into three stages. First is premenopausal, when monthly take irregular. In 60% of women at this time is marked lengthening of the intervals between periods, and they are becoming more scarce. Acyclic, that is coming from the violation of cycle, uterine bleeding observed in 30% of women. And 10% of menstruating women stopped suddenly.

After a month does not have an effect on the course of the year, comes the second stage - the menopause. During this period, the level of progesterone, the hormone responsible for the menstrual cycle, is reduced to zero.

Then comes the third stage - postmenopause, which lasts from three to 15 years after the last menstrual period.

Despite the fact that during menopausehormones are not sufficient for conception, so can still happen, because it is not uniform and may experience temporary surges in which the probability of conception, so forget about contraceptive methods before postmenapauzy not worth it.

Miscellaneous during the period

A significant role in the body during menopause has a woman. If it has reduced weight, it is not excluded manifestation of osteoporosis, mental disorders and emotional background. Women who are overweight are marked headaches, increased blood pressure. Hard menopausal syndrome can occur in those who have previously experienced with the menstrual cycle disorders.

When the level of estrogen in a woman's bodydecreases slowly, it may not even notice the changes occurring in the body. In contrast, with a sharp decrease of hormones observed brighter symptoms. This pace is due to genetic characteristics. In order to compensate for the reduction in the level of hormones in the body and thereby contribute to the smooth flow of menopause, hormone therapy is recommended. Its meaning is to receive hormonal preparations in low concentrations that are sufficient to meet the needs of the body, but too little to save the reproductive functions.

Regular physical activity

Regular physical activity
We must try every day to give moreminutes of exercise, it will not be easy at first, but over time it becomes a habit. Walking, cycling, aerobics and other exercise will improve your mood and health. In addition, they will help prevent manifestations of osteoporosis. Exercise will not only bring a woman's health, but also a beneficial effect on the condition of her skin.

Do not linger long at the computer or watching television. These classes take a lot of emotions and do not give the body to relax.

Balanced diet

Women over 40 should eat moretimes a day, dividing the daily ration in small portions. It is desirable if possible to take food in one and the same time. It is worth noting that the number of calories consumed should not exceed 2000-2500 per day.

The presence in the diet of a large number of plant foods and vegetables will give your body the vitamins and fiber. Vitamins are not always enough, so it will be necessary to take further vitamin-mineral complexes.

Fish strengthens the cardiovascular system, andalso helps reduce cholesterol levels, so it's worth it to enter into the diet several times a week. Meat should choose low-fat varieties, and cook it for a couple.

sausages, smoked meat products, sweets, tea, coffee: The following foods should be limited in the diet. Do not abuse the salt and seasonings.

Beauty forever

Beauty forever
Climax has an impact not only on thewomen's health, but also on the condition of her skin. During this period, elasticity, moisture and tone of the skin down, it starts to sag, and the sensitivity of the skin on the contrary increased. To improve the condition of the skin is necessary to adhere to certain rules: smaller is in the sun, spend more time in the shade, to give up nicotine and limit alcohol consumption.

By lowering the amount of estrogenhair color become weak, their number decreases. For this reason, at the time of menopause for women, it is desirable not to use electricity and hot rollers, hot hairdryer. The teeth of combs should be soft, with rounded ends.

The drugstore chain has a number of healthdrugs that can support the woman's body during this period. To decide that it is better to take, you should consult your gynecologist, who will select the best option.

Our website focuses readers on whatIf the body to prepare in advance the onset of menopause, it is possible to alleviate syndromes and easily move it. That is, lead an active lifestyle, engage in physical exercise, maintain a healthy, balanced diet, observed by a doctor and, if necessary, take the treatment prescribed to them.

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