Causes and treatment of female infertility

Infertility - is not a disease. But, nevertheless, in order to get rid of it, many couples take years. Infertility occurs when a pregnancy does not occur after one year (in some sources of two years) with the proviso that live steam regular sexual life or use contraceptives. It is in this case requires timely access to specialists.

The terrible word "infertility" can hear up to 15%married couples. And in 60% of cases the reason lies in the irregularities and failures is the female body. Our site will tell you all about female infertility - from prevention and causes to species and treatments.

Infertility - is not a disease. But, nevertheless, in order to get rid of it, many couples take years. Infertility occurs when a pregnancy does not occur after one year (in some sources of two years) with the proviso that live steam regular sexual life or use contraceptives. It is in this case requires timely access to specialists for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

Causes of female infertility

Infertility is a situation when a pregnancy does not occur after one year
The causes of infertility are so many that just gets scary. And you need to know about them is absolutely all women and girls, beginning in adolescence.

  1. Hormonal disorders in women. If there are any malfunctions and violationsof the menstrual cycle, it means that it is possible that you will have certain problems with conception. With changes in the normal hormonal background (and this may be due to heredity, and even ecology), ovarian functions are disrupted and problems arise with the maturation of eggs, which in many cases lead to infertility. By the way, it is hormonal disruptions that provoke an early menopause.
  2. Inflammation of female genitals (Ovaries, fallopian tubes). It has long been proven that the inflammation caused not only by hypothermia, but also sexually transmitted diseases. 75% of women of childbearing age from time to time suffer from inflammation and naively believe that they do not necessarily treat. It turns out that running or chronic inflammation - the first step in infertility.
  3. Abortion or uterine injury (Eg, during delivery). This everyone knows, but nonetheless ... I repeat that one of the consequences of abortion It is infertility and miscarriage fetal syndrome.
  4. Various tumor and uterine and ovarian cysts. Such events are not uncommon today. Of all my friends aged from 23 to 35 years, only one managed to avoid such a diagnosis. The rest can "boast" of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and polycystic. The reasons for the appearance of their doctors clearly do not call, but only advised to regularly visit a gynecologist.
  5. Congenital defects of the genital organs. From this no one is immune to blame besides heredity and environment. But these defects - "baby" uterus, The absence of ovaries, fallopian tubes underdevelopment - sound like synonyms of infertility. However, modern medicine, and here offers a way out - from treatment to surrogacy.
  6. Metabolic disorders in the body. According to many studies, metabolic disorders in the body causes 12% of cases of female infertility. No wonder they say that "pyshechki" harder conceive.
  7. Obstruction of the fallopian tubes. It is the cause of 20% of infertility cases. Partial or complete obstruction occurs as a result of inflammation, as a consequence of abortion, pelvic operations. And it can occur and giving birth, and in nulliparous women.
  8. The age factor. Western fashion for "late delivery" came up to us. Modern ladies make a career, live "for himself", and the birth baby plan the period "after 30". It is in vain, because the most successful physiological age for giving birth - 19-25 years. After 35 drops twice fertility compared to the age of 20-30 years.
  9. Stress, overwork. This "joy" enough for every woman. Both at home and at work, and in public transport there because of what upset. A chronic sleep deprivation and exhaustion, the frantic pace of life and lack of "quality" guests can not only lead to infertility, but also to the weight of other diseases.
  10. Inexplicably medicine. This is when the couple is healthy and not pregnantoccurs. This is the so-called psychological factor when the fear of maternity or early reluctance to have children becomes an invisible barrier to conception.

Impressive turned spisochek. It turns out that infertility threatens almost every one of us. And only one way out - to protect and treated in time. But, believe me, today is treated almost everything.

I am 21 years was diagnosed with polycystic. Fear and only ... They said that I have a maximum of a year, after the expiration of getting pregnant will be very difficult. I got pregnant at 25, with the first attempt. After birth, polycystic disappeared. While I was treated absolutely nothing. Like this. Diagnosis - is not a sentence!

Types of infertility

Depending on the cause of the inability to bear children, infertility is divided into hormone (In case of violation of oocyte maturation and release process due to hormonal disruption in the body); pipe (When broken fallopian tubes); royal (If acquired or inherited disorders in the development of the uterus).

These three types crouches over half of infertility cases. They are diagnosed and successfully treated. Is there unexplained infertility. Unexplained - from the point of view of medicine. In this case, both the man and the woman's health and pregnancy does not occur. That's exactly what happens in 10% of cases, which once again reminds us that the medicine is not omnipotent. But this kind of infertility can be explained from a spiritual point of view.

According to this conception occurs only in theoryatmosphere of perfect harmony between man, woman and the unborn child. Yes, for a long-standing belief comes baby shower for the mother for 3-4 months prior to conception. Therefore, harmony is perceived, at first, as the desire of having a child and an endless love for unborn brood as well as love and respect to the future father. Secondly, it is a man's love for a woman and a sincere desire to continue the race. A variety of negative words and emotions disrupt this harmony. It happens that a couple of a long time did not want a baby, but now changed my mind. So this reluctance becomes invisible barrier to conception. Therefore, in a family where waiting for a child should be peace and love, respect and kindness. Mutual forgiveness and a sincere expectation of a miracle birth will do the job. Interesting theory. And, even when convinced materialist, I believe her.

I want to share with the readers of our sitestory of my life. My colleague after two births (first, unfortunately, resulted in the death of a baby) decided to give birth to a daughter. 5-year-old brother and her husband had only "yes". Only now it did not work the whole year. Strange, because the first two of conception took place without any problems. She twice made all the necessary tests in the two diagnostic centers, and all of them confirmed - a woman is absolutely healthy.

One day she said to me that for a long time dreaming ofpersonal cars, which already passed on the right, and the money accumulated. And casually added that if she gets pregnant, then these savings will go to repair the nursery and as they say "the first time" after childbirth. I was very surprised by this recognition, because before that she just repeated on the coveted little daughter. I advised her to intuitively or buy a car, or as quickly as possible to start the room renovation for the future remains. The employee chose the latter, and three months later she learned that she was pregnant. That's because, by removing the barrier - the old dream of the car, she opened the way to a small miracle.
Another classification is divided into infertilityabsolute and relative. The latter combines types described above, ie it is subject to recovery. But the absolute mean pregnancy quite impossible for certain physical reasons - because of the absence of the uterus or ovaries, etc.

And the last two types of infertility - primary and secondary. primary referred to a situation where, regardless of age,a woman can not get pregnant and never pregnant at all. And if a woman has been pregnant, regardless of their outcome, and now she can not conceive a child, it is called infertility secondary.

Methods of treatment of female infertility

Infertility - is not a disease
To cure infertility, it is important to quickly andthe right to determine its cause. To this end, both spouses pass certain tests. As a rule, we are talking about analysis for infections, pelvic ultrasound, blood test for hormones. Depending on the results of the doctor or offer additional diagnostics, or in the case of detection of reasons - will choose the most appropriate method of treatment.

  1. Scheduled intercourse. If the test results are satisfactory andno physiological causes of infertility have been identified, the pair are advised to hold the so-called "planned intercourse." In this case, pregnancy can not occur due to incorrectly calculate ovulation or due to some psychological reasons. Your doctor will tell you the best time for conception and recommend to see a shrink. And may last for many readers of our website is sounds crazy, but this expert will help to reveal the "pitfalls" of your problem. By the way, many people prefer to visit a psychoanalyst visit to the church.

Correctly identify ovulation will help a special test. It is very similar to a pregnancy test (and mind, and on the process used) and costs about 20 hryvnia.

  • Treatment of hormonal preparations. It is used for hormonal infertility. Hormonal woman corrected using special drugs that normalize the activity of the ovaries and stimulate the production of eggs. After hormone treatment increases the likelihood of getting pregnant several times. If we consider that today one in three women observed thyroid disease, every fourth - periodic disruptions of the menstrual cycle, this type of therapy is now the most popular. However, there are a number of negative consequences of such treatment (weight gain, hot flashes, vaginal dryness and even depression). But the result, as they say, justifies all expectations.
  • Insemination. This method is used for smallhormonal disorders in the body of the future mother. After a survey carried out hormonal stimulation of the ovaries. In the US tracked the maturation of follicles in the most favorable moment in the woman's uterus injected the sperm of her husband.
    The probability of getting pregnant by insemination reaches 30%, and the procedure is absolutely painless.
  • IVF ( "grown children from a test tube") - one of the most effective treatments for infertility
    ECO. One of the most effective methods of treatmentinfertility. In Russia, one in five infertile couple doing IVF. Many clinics' grow test-tube babies. " First, under general anesthesia, a woman makes the fence eggs from the ovary. This is not an operation, and a five-minute procedure. Then the egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body of the parents of the husband or a donor. And then, after 72 hours, several embryos are placed in the woman's uterus (completely painless), and in a week or two carried ultrasound, which shows whether the pregnancy. This method saves with obstruction of the fallopian tubes.
    For 20 years, the widespread use of the method of IVFIt came to light for more than a million children "test tube". Nobody can guarantee pregnancy on the first try. But our site draws your attention to the fact that in many hospitals in the case of three low performers attempt to return money to clients. The method is not cheap. Efficiency up to 30%.
  • donation. It is not just about surrogacy,when a certain amount of donor embryo bears the infertile couple (a way out of the situation is available not for everyone). In cases where the ovaries are exhausted and do not produce eggs or there are serious hereditary diseases, can be used by the donor egg. At the same time the woman herself can make their child.
  • I would like to add that for the treatment of infertilitycreated hundreds of specialized medical centers. But the choice of the institution and the doctor should be taken carefully. Prefer clinics and qualified doctors with many years of experience and the corresponding reputation. We are talking about your future baby, but such a thing does not trust amateurs.


    Prevention of female infertility is held undersign "avoid!". It is about the prevention of abortion, avoiding all sorts of inflammations and infections of the genital organs, sexually transmitted diseases. So cute girl, do not get carried away with short skirts in the cold season, because you can and dress warmly, and be attractive overnight! Carefully choose sexual partners and use a barrier contraceptive methods (Condoms) - the only way you protect yourself fromunwanted pregnancy (and later from abortion), and various infections. In addition, keep a healthy lifestyle, which will allow your body to develop without pathologies. Do not smoke or abuse alcohol. And twice a year visit the gynecologist - in fact any disease is easier to cure in the early stages.

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