Between us, girls ...


Between us, girls ..."Malawi» - a special product, the result of the interaction of traditional and
traditional medicine. As part of the preparation - bio-active complexes of copper and silver,
mummy, cedar and fir resin, extracts of herbs and roots of the Altai Mountains. "Malawi»
It is highly effective in the early stages of inflammation and acute injury, accelerates
the regeneration of tissues.

Female body, thin and fragile instrument,
more vulnerable, and inflammatory processes deliver a lot of problems for women,
that begin due to violation of the vaginal microflora. But this trouble
You can be fought successfully. Helps gel soap for intimate hygiene "Malawi». It
It helps to restore the natural microflora of the mucous membrane
vagina, because it contains a neutral pH value. This is a unique product of
series "For the health and beauty of women", created on the basis of a balanced
the ratio of only natural ingredients. All products TM
"Malawi» contain multifunctional naturopathic remedy
"Malawi» and manufactured using the original "Malavit technology"
which significantly increases the level of the original natural components of the
the drug.

Between us, girls ...
So, in your bathroom appear
gel soap for intimate hygiene "Malawi». Gel-soap "Malawi» gently cleanses,
deodorizes, supports the natural microflora of mucous intimate areas,
It soothes the skin, eliminating the itching and irritation. It will help to avoid
infectious diseases after going to the swimming pool, sauna. Protection against possible
infections after swimming in open water.

Ingredients for soap gel selected so that
not cause irritation of the external genitalia, and at the same time, to perform
basic hygienic function. Also in the gel composition include soaps pleasant

In short, from now on taking care of your home
comfort, cleanliness and safety takes on the nature, Nadel
"Malawi» amazing properties
calm, gently and delicately rid of the problems. And, mind you, all
it secretly, and women are so fond of secrets!

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