Cervical erosion


Cervical erosion
Cervical erosion - common disease, provokes growth
rate of cell division. The disease breaks epithelial structure at different
depth is the depth of defeat shared three degrees of severity of erosion. it
disease belongs to a group of pre-cancerous, which means a high risk of developing
substandard tumors in the absence of timely treatment.


The most common cause of erosion
cervix is ​​the human papilloma virus, its DNA is found in
the vast majority of patients. Medicine is known for more than 20 species of this
virus, some of which cause cervical erosion.

Other risk factors for erosion:

  • Early pregnancy and birth (before 20 years);
  • cervicitis chronic form;
  • promiscuous;
  • sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted

Cervical erosion is not characterized by specific
symptoms in most patients and is found only in the inspection
gynecologist. Patients with HPV genital warts may appear on the
vulva, the vaginal wall, in the anus.

and treatment

Asymptomatic nature of the disease
significantly complicates the diagnosis of erosion, so it is important regular gynecological
examinations for the women of mature age, especially in the presence of risk factors.


Cervical erosion
Erosion of the cervix are diagnosed during inspection
gynecologist, for it may be necessary to identify a number of studies, including:

  • examination on a gynecological chair by a
  • cytological examination of smears from the mucous membrane
    of the cervix;
  • PCR analysis of the smear with cervical mucosa
    for HPV detection and determination of its type;
  • identification of other urogenital infections;
  • biopsy and curettage (appointed by indications
    in some cases).

and prevention

Cervical erosion is not treated with folk remedies,
so the whole therapy should be carried out under the strict supervision of the attending physician. AT
as a treatment for most patients offered surgical techniques
treatment (cryosurgery, laser vaporization, conization, etc..), the choice of which
It depends on the extent of the epithelium.

To prevent erosion should be regularly
visit the gynecologist and test swabs from the cervix mucous membranes. at
detection of precancerous disease or HPV infection is important
strict compliance with all recommendations of the attending physician. Vaccination
HPV is also an effective method of preventing erosion, it is carried out for
Women from 11 to 26 years before the onset of sexual activity.

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