Forerunners of birth

Seeing the "positive" pregnancy test, eachthe woman begins to carefully monitor all changes in the body. Particularly closely watching future mom is the last month of pregnancy, when about to appear long-awaited baby. Today our site tells about the precursors of birth.

As there are harbingers of birth

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Approaching close to the deadlinepregnancy, the female body begins to slowly rebuild acquired earlier hormonal profile. As the number of stages of the placenta aging generated by it decreases the so-called pregnancy hormone - progesterone. Along with this increasing amount of estrogen, which provides training to the labor of all the processes in the body. When the amount of the latter reaches the limit mark, the woman feels contractions, approaching the meeting with the kid. Those hormonal changes that occur before the onset of labor and the availability of prenatal cause symptoms. According to the observations of physicians, harbingers of labor are beginning to emerge in the 38-39 week of pregnancy. But it is worth remembering that every woman has their own individual body, so sometimes there are exceptions when the harbingers of births occur in just two or three days before the child's birth.

List of precursors of birth

pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, the harbingers of birth, childbirth, training bout

All of the above symptoms are subjectivecharacter and nulliparous often treat them as ordinary sickness. It plays a role, and the fact that most women who are preparing to become a mother for the first time, all of these features are very smooth. Also, often women treat each individual according to his harbinger, not in the complex, which complicates the process of recognition of prenatal activities. The first symptoms primiparous may start as a few weeks or a few days. It is worth noting that often the harbingers of labor in nulliparous women may go undetected and include only two or three symptoms from all of the above.

Harbingers of births to multiparous

pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, the harbingers of birth, childbirth, training bout

Women who have already visited the mothers chairare anatomical differences between nulliparous. Most significantly the fact that the cervix multiparous has a wider lumen. Also experienced moms will respond to hormonal changes. Therefore, often harbingers of labor in pregnant women experienced more severe and begin to appear in earlier lines. So, it is noted that the mucus plug already given birth women more bulk, liquid and copious. Practice contractions are felt more strongly. Also, most of the abdominal ptosis is not for one or two weeks before delivery, but directly in front of them.

Regardless of whether you have the firstpregnancy or you are already an experienced mom, the main thing is to listen to your body. MirSovetov wishes not to miss the harbingers of childbirth and rush to the hospital to meet your long-awaited miracle.

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