Phyto-pads in different periods of life


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  • Nature took care of health

    Phyto-pads in different periods of lifeThe nature itself took care of intimate healthpart of the female body, providing natural separation between periods - a kind of system of protection of these bodies from the ingress of outside infection. The nature and profusion of these selections are very individual and depends on many factors - hormonal women day cycle, her temperament and health. That is how comfortable you feel, and how to use pads will affect your health, depending on the shape, construction and material of which the hygiene products are produced.

    The ecosystem of the sexual sphere of women contains a largethe number of microorganisms that support an acidic environment, disastrous for most pathogenic bacteria. This delicate balance is provided by nature, not disturbed only when the soft impact of plant substances. DAILY phyto-laying at the expense of the individual plant components maintain the ratio of microorganisms in the vagina and the required level of pH, create favorable conditions for the development of beneficial microflora. This is especially important for women, who often have some inflammation: thrush, bacterial vaginosis. After all, a plant extract made of plants have long been used in the Korean medicine for the treatment of female diseases.

    Critical days

    It is no secret that many intimate diseaseregion is aggravated during menstruation. Menstrual blood - a perfect environment for bacteria habitat, which can easily penetrate into internal organs through the open cervix. In addition, bacteria actively proliferate during menstruation, caused not very pleasant smell when exposed to oxygen. Therefore it is very important that the gaskets are not simply absorbed isolation, but also blocked the growth of the bacteria.

    For the critical days in a series of phyto-padspresents the day and night. Soft superthin phyto-laying block bacterial growth and prevents unwanted odors. Herbal ingredients increase the absorbent properties of phyto-laying, whereby biological fluid is instantly absorbed, distributed and retained within, not spreading. Due to the anatomical form and content of phyto-lining is securely attached to the laundry and invisible even under the most fitting clothes.

    What to advise her daughter

    The daughters of any age my mother's advice is useful. A mother who does not like to know about the importance of proper hygiene daughter at the beginning of puberty and the more - in the beginning of sexual activity. At this time, especially the probability of inflammation, the cause of which - activation of conditionally pathogenic microflora due to an imbalance of beneficial and harmful microorganisms. This may manifest discomfort, itching, burning, advent cables. Phyto-laying support necessary acidic environment of the mucous intimate area, have anti-inflammatory effect and are therefore recommended for each girl.


    Happy months of waiting baby oftenovershadowed by inflammatory processes by reducing the local immunity. Pregnancy - is a special condition of the female body. For example, c 17 th week of an expectant mother increases vaginal secretion, and at the same time as a result of the growing uterus on the bladder pressure, women are increasingly visiting the ladies' room. All these changes are physiological and absolutely normal for the period of carrying the baby, but if the woman is not prepared for them, she gets nervous, fearing for the purity of their clothes and image. However, the nature offers a safe and effective way to daily care. Phyto-phyto-composition DAILY pads will reduce the risk of many troubles during pregnancy (such as thrush, bacterial vaginosis) and provide exceptional comfort for each new day of happy expectation.

    Healthy mom

    In the first days after childbirth the uterus of a young mother"Wakes up", restoring their inner surface, defeated vessels and tissue. In this regard, there are women vaginal discharge, menstrual like. As the healing of the inner surface of the uterus, they decrease the consistency and color change. Since postpartum discharge can be quite heavy, after delivery is recommended NIGHT phyto-gasket having enhanced absorbency. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect of Sophora yellowing, torilisa Japanese members of the phyto-pads, normalizes microflora of the mucous membrane of the intimate zone and prevents the development of postpartum endometritis.


    Due to the termination of the ovaries in the periodmenopause in women is sharply reduced estrogen level, which leads to a thinning of the mucosa. The number of lactic acid bacteria also depends on the level of estrogen, so the lack of this hormone interferes with the normal flora of the mucous intimate zone. During menopause, it is strongly recommended to take daily herbal pads, antiseptic herbal inserts and soft cotton inner surface maintain a healthy microflora.

    Most women use dailysanitary napkins, and it is important that this strip was comfortable and safe for any health condition and at any age. All of this match superthin mild phyto-comfortable anatomically shaped pads that fit snugly to the laundry, repeating the contours of the body. Increased comfort when using also achieved thanks to the natural cotton inner surface of phyto-laying and the effective operation of plant components.

    Medicinal plants maintain a healthy state of women's intimate area, it provides extra protection. Special herbal composition of the inside lining:

    • prevents undesired odor for 12 hours;
    • It prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms;
    • normalizes microflora of the mucous membrane of the intimate area
    • It protects against vulvar itching and irritation;
    • strengthens local immunity intimate zone mucosa.

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