Why girls are hurt during sex

This delicate question of girls and ladies do not oftendare to raise with their cavaliers. Typically, for an answer, they go to her friends, the Internet, much less - to the doctor. Although most early solution to the problem depends directly from both partners. Today let's talk about what could be causing pain during intercourse, and that should be take as a woman and a man.

The reasons for discomfort

The most common causes of pain can serve a number of factors:

  • sexual dysfunction;
  • gynecological disease;
  • small sexual experience one or both of the partners;
  • the natural structure of the girl's body.

You can try to figure it out yourselfthe source of the pain, but the best way out is still a visit to a specialist. It would be nice to do this right away with your partner, because sometimes a man is perplexed by the condition of his soul mate: it seems to him that he offends her with something, that she is against sexual intercourse. This problem is best dealt with together.

Sexual dysfunction

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There are so many differentfear of the first intercourse, violence in the past, and of various kinds: rape, rude attitude, domestic violence, as well as stress and fright. It is almost impossible to cure a sexual disorder on your own, it is best to consult a specialist, first a gynecologist, and then a sexologist.

The percentage of sexual dysfunctions is quite small,One of the most common is considered vaginismus. It occurs in approximately 3-4% of women who complain of pain during sex. Vaginismus is accompanied by a convulsive contraction of the muscles of the vagina and perineum when trying to introduce the penis. The contractions are completely uncontrollable and sometimes a woman simply does not understand what is happening to her. They are also observed during a gynecological examination, sometimes an examination is simply impossible, since the doctor cannot enter medical instruments, and very rarely - with the mere thought of sex.

Treatment of vaginismus - a fairly simple process,if you see a specialist. Usually it takes no more than 10 sessions, sometimes sexologists treat a woman, sometimes the treatment is attended immediately both partners. Most importantly, do not be afraid to consult a doctor, as well as open to the partner.

Gynecological diseases

lower abdominal pain, pain during sex, vaginitis, excite girl, gynecology, female body, sex

It is important not to dismiss the problem and not to postponeindefinitely, and to determine exactly what the cause of the discomfort. Sometimes a woman experiences pain due to gynecological diseases. Get rid of unpleasant sensations can only passing treatment by a doctor. Disease, of course, may be different, but there are common. Basically, they all share one thing in common: pain started suddenly, nothing like a woman previously experienced.

  1. If a woman experiences pain and itching duringsex, and after - the strong burning, it is likely to present fungal infection. To treat it is necessary as local agents, and it is important to take restorative medicine prescribed by a doctor. In order to avoid the resumption of the disease, it is necessary to examine and treat the partner.
  2. It is very alarming symptom may be feeling'Something outsider "in the vagina during sex, as if it" bumps "phallus partner. To this can be added the feeling of aching pain after intercourse, as well as the failure of the menstrual cycle and pain during menstruation. When such symptoms may be a question of a benign tumor - fibroma. Absolutely can not put off a visit to the doctor.
  3. Endometriosis - a fairly commona disease that requires urgent specialist attention. There is most often in women of reproductive age, and patients complaints associated with severe pain during menstruation, sexual intercourse and defecation.

These diseases - notthe only possible because it is important to listen carefully to your body and consult a doctor to determine the cause of discomfort, do not be shy or afraid. Sometimes a trip to the doctor - the only way to find the cause and sometimes to maintain health.

Small sexual experience one or both partners

lower abdominal pain, pain during sex, vaginitis, excite girl, gynecology, female body, sex

Experts note that most often on pain ofsex while the girl complained recently lost their virginity. Normally, all this is due to the narrowness of the vagina, but rather with its undeveloped muscles, you can not change, and quite excited.

The situation is considerably easier ifGirls experienced and attentive partner. It will help the lady to relax and not think about the pain, nor discomfort. Much more serious this may not be, if the partner is not experienced.

In this case, it is important to be as frankwith your partner, talk and ask to be more attentive and gentle. Try as much as possible to prolong foreplay, they can lead to a maximum degree of excitation.

Visit a sex shop with your partner, geterotic massage oil, buy lubricant. Take a closer look at the “toys” that are sold there, maybe both of you will like something, help you relax and sharpen your sensations.

Another important factor is the use ofcondom. The friction of the delicate female skin, even with a lack of lubrication can be created for a young woman very uncomfortable. One way would be to use extra lubrication, but it is very important to use a special, for condoms, so as not to provoke a sudden deterioration. However, if this does not work, it is necessary to revise the method of contraception.

The natural structure of the girl's body

Often the cause of pain duringsex may be too close to the pelvis location genitals. Discomfort may accompany the girl, as well as in the time of the first sexual experience, and later. Most often, these pain lasts long enough, after a few weeks of regular sexual life they retreat. But it may be resumed after a short break in the sexual life.

Some women are associated with painlust and pleasure during sex because it is not afraid of the discomfort. Some women also like pain scare, it is very important to note a partner, it should slow down a little cool his "zeal", allow a woman to relax. You also need to know that the close proximity of bodies, can help posture change.

Sometimes pain during intercourse may beassociated with vaginal structure - it may be too narrow. In this case, they may be accompanied by sex as at the beginning of sexual activity, and after a short break, even a very experienced woman. To cope with this problem will help a long prelude, maximum relaxation woman, attention partner.

Very important is the high degree of excitation. Sometimes she did not tend to have sex, but for fear of offending a partner, yet agrees what brings yourself more pain, and the partner is much less fun. Of course, it's a lack of natural secretions that are produced with great excitement. But sometimes the woman should try to relax and surrender into the hands of a partner, even when she does not feel a strong desire.

By the way, sometimes banal lack of lubrication canlead a woman to severe depression. So, after 30 years, a woman may feel "old" in connection with the fact that feelings should not drive. Not everyone knows that after 30 years the body produces less lubrication even under strong excitation and best use lubricants.

MirSovetov recommends very closelytheir condition and to be able to separate the momentary discomfort from the constant pain threatens health. Also pay more attention to a pleasant sensation during sex, it will help to relax and enjoy the magical moments.

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