Can pregnant women sleep on their stomachs

Throughout his life, every manproduced their habits. One of those habits is to sleep on your stomach. It would seem, nothing wrong there, but for a pregnant woman is the body position during sleep can hurt.

It turns out that almost half of women Statisticsaround the globe simply can not imagine a night without sleep posture "on his stomach." Why sleep on my stomach is for many the best? The fact is that during the day the spine is experiencing a heavy load, and when the person lies down on his stomach - relaxation occurs.

Sometimes it happens that a person simply can notsleep, will spin on the bed, it all inconvenient pillow is not one blanket hot, uncomfortable bed, and one has only to take a favorite pose - there comes the long-awaited dream. Scientists have even described this factor as "Uncomfortable" and that he encouraged many future moms to learn more about whether they can sleep on their stomachs.

The first trimester of pregnancy

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You have the first weeks of pregnancy? MirSovetov congratulates you and says that at the beginning of pregnancy, when the uterus has not increased and remains almost in its former dimensions, can allow themselves this pleasure, how to sleep on his stomach. This authorization will confirm and gynecologists. They argue that the uterus, which is slightly raised, is the protection of the pubis bone from both sides, so the early stages of sleep on the stomach can be pregnant. But not all women will feel comfortable even in the first weeks of pregnancy. Even at an early period filled uterus can bend forward, this is due to the softening of the cervix. By the way, this situation shows the uterus and pregnancy. This feature has a medical name - "Symptom Gentera".

Besides discomfort, a woman already beginningfill the breasts that with increasing gestational age are prepared for lactation. And it is this phenomenon can also cause discomfort for the pregnant woman. Despite the well-being, a woman can not afford to take a position "on the belly," because of the sensitivity of the breast.

Mid pregnancy

pregnancy, maternity pillow, posture during sleep, sleep, sleep, pregnant, sleeping on your stomach

He speaks for itself: woman belly becomes like a big watermelon or beach ball. Naturally, to go at it is not possible. By the way, not only on the abdomen, but also on the back with a round, impressive size tummy sleeping is uncomfortable.

Kid, who is in the womb, has grown sowoman, lying on his stomach or back, will expose the fruit of enormous effort. In addition, the head of the baby, which is located almost right at the entrance to a small basin, will put pressure on blood vessels, disrupting blood flow.

Tips obstetricians

Advising future mothers, gynecologistsoften they respond to the question: "Can I sleep on your stomach?". And his answer, they begin with the word "NO". Yes, sleeping on the stomach of a pregnant woman is not desirable. These experienced professionals will help future mums tips to learn more about this issue:

  1. Even from the very first weeks of pregnancy, a womanHe must know that sleeping on your stomach becomes unsafe. This applies to all trimesters, because when a woman lies down on her stomach, her whole body is putting pressure on the uterus, thereby causing it to tone. A tone, in turn, can lead to abortion.
  2. It is desirable as soon as they become aware of the joyful event, rebuild your body and unlearn to sleep on his stomach.
  3. Do not be afraid to break the habit, or to be afraid to get used to sleep in a different position. If you constantly think about it, the brain receives impulses and the body to quickly get rid of the habit of rolling over in his sleep.
  4. If you are in the stage of "longwithdrawal ", you should know that if you continue to sleep on his stomach, the child can suffer greatly from lack of oxygen and other nutrients. It threatens to decrease fetal heart rate, lack of oxygen (hypoxia) And premature detachment of the placenta. And the woman may develop diseases such as varicose veins.
  5. If you do go to sleep on his stomach (applies to women in the early weeks of pregnancy), you must often turn in their sleep.
  6. After the twentieth week of pregnancy is necessary to fully wean themselves from this habit.
  7. In addition, obstetricians argue thatin the last stages of pregnancy is extremely undesirable to lay down on his stomach. If a woman takes a position, it will increase the pressure on the uterus, which will put pressure on the veins, thereby impairing blood flow. By the way, lie on your back on the last timing is also not recommended.

What are the acceptable posture during sleep

pregnancy, maternity pillow, posture during sleep, sleep, sleep, pregnant, sleeping on your stomach

In the first and early second trimester of pregnancyallowed to sleep on your back, but only for a short time. If you continue to sleep on your back after 25 weeks of pregnancy, it can be extremely dangerous for the life of the mother and child, because Vienna, which runs along the spine, compressed and narrowed blood flow. As a result, a woman may feel:

  • acute shortage of air;
  • dizziness;
  • bad feeling;
  • weakness;
  • spasmodic work of the heart muscle.

The most optimal posture for sleeping withPregnancy is a position "on the side". Our website recommends to sleep most of the left side to avoid pressure on the kidney. Doctors also recommend to occupy an "intermediate" position, turning over on his back not to the end and put back under the soft pillow to keep the spine.

Also it helps to distribute the load from the spine properly selected mattress. It should be with orthopedic effect.

In the "lying on its side" by one side can put a flat, soft pillow and a pillow placed between the legs to relieve strain on the pelvic muscles.

Incidentally, not to be cushioned pluralitypads, you can buy a special pillow for pregnant women. This arrangement greatly facilitates the recreation woman helps the body relax. It looks such a cushion in the form of a "banana" or the letter "D" has a soft filling. Consultants at the store will help you choose the right pillow. After giving birth, it is useful for its feeding.

Tips for future mothers

pregnancy, maternity pillow, posture during sleep, sleep, sleep, pregnant, sleeping on your stomach

  1. You are going to rest for half an hour? Then choose comfortable clothes.
  2. If during sleep your body is signaling you to: back pain, heaviness in the stomach - take a different stance.
  3. If your hands or feet start to go numb, you must often turn and change posture.
  4. Pose "on the left side" improves the circulation of blood.

In addition to all these factors, it is advisable to purchase high-quality mattress and a natural linen.

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