The tone of the uterus during pregnancy

Expectant mother awaiting her baby fallsexperience all the "charms" of pregnancy: morning sickness, swelling, a fundamental change in eating habits and, of course, the tone of the uterus. Today, our site will tell in what cases the body tension, which develops the kid is dangerous and how to neutralize this danger.

Sometimes women "in position" concerned achingpulling and discomfort in the lower abdomen. Soon the discomfort is not a trace remains - it disappears by itself. However, if the painful feeling for a long time does not pass, it is better to be safe once again and go to the doctor. Perhaps this hypertonicity.

Cause for concern

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Uterus muscle tissue is formed from, and canfrom time to time to contract and relax - this is normal. Tension arises in response to the anxiety of the pregnant woman, and just as a kind of training before childbirth. Physician worth a visit if this condition gives the expectant mother a significant discomfort:

  1. The feeling of tension in the abdomen and lower back is permanent and change of mood does not depend.
  2. Tension in the womb has a bad effect on the well-being of women: it is difficult to sleep, it hurts to move, she was very worried because of the discomfort.
  3. Tonus is accompanied by other symptoms: discharge, pain.

Tone may occur in early pregnancy andits conclusion shortly before birth. He feels it, any woman, even a completely healthy. But suspicion of hypertonicity can not be ignored in any case! The price of this levity is too high: uterine contractions cause vascular spasm, and the baby begins to get fewer nutrients and oxygen from the mother than it should. This leads to growth retardation and fetal pathologies. Advanced cases end tragically - spontaneous abortion (miscarriage in the early stages and miscarriage later on).

Causes of uterine hypertonus

pregnancy, pain in pregnancy, gynecology, uterine hypertonus, the health of the pregnant woman, the tone of the uterus, the threat of pregnancy

  1. Feeling like drawing pain before menstruation in the lower abdomen. Their intensity varies from subtle to strong painful.
  2. Solid and tight stomach.
  3. In some cases, together with the stomach "whining" sacrum and lower back.
  4. Cramping pain lasting up to several minutes. To the doctor to address immediately!
  5. Spotting is also an occasion to call for professional help.

hyper Treatment

pregnancy, pain in pregnancy, gynecology, uterine hypertonus, the health of the pregnant woman, the tone of the uterus, the threat of pregnancy

Fortunately, the tone of the uterus can be easily adjusted.

First of all, the tension of the uterus is removed with the help of antispasmodics. If the expectant mother is very nervous, she can recommend a light sedative for a short time.

The next step in solving the problem - findingthe causes of what is happening. If hypertonicity appear on psychological grounds, the patient is prescribed a course antispasmodic, sedative drugs and psychological therapy. Deep psychological correction of a pregnant woman is not required, but a group of psychological support, individual interviews with a psychologist and classes preparation for birth baby exactly will benefit.

In addition, the doctor will pass the general analyzes andexamine the results of the study of blood clotting may be sent for further examination. Women who have experienced pregnancy to inconvenience due to the cycle of violations would have to donate blood for the analysis on hormones. If need be, the expectant mother will appoint drugs that make the blood less viscous. When violations of the gastrointestinal tract of a pregnant recommend a diet, in complicated cases, seek help gastroenterologist.

How to help yourself

pregnancy, pain in pregnancy, gynecology, uterine hypertonus, the health of the pregnant woman, the tone of the uterus, the threat of pregnancy

When the US and scheduled scans doctorprove that your health is good, the pregnancy is developing normally and the baby feels good, and a tone reminiscent of a modest occasional spasms without causing you anxiety and learn to cope with it on their own, without leaving home.

To relieve the discomfort, you can drink 1shpy pill or use a rectal suppository papaverine - it has almost immediate effect. Do not be amiss to always have on hand sedation, which include valerian extract or Leonurus. If prior to delivery a lot of time and you have no discharge, will enjoy a warm bath. Think about what you normally calms - favorite band's songs, read or chat with your family? Take what you like: so you can quickly reduce the level of negative emotions and calm down quickly without resorting to drugs.

It encourages readers to pay MirSovetovattention to what you eat. Your body has to get enough magnesium. Originating in your life increases the daily requirement of this trace 3 times and 400 mg per day! Magnesium has a direct impact on the ability of the uterus to relax, and, moreover, reduces nervous excitability, which is very important for a pregnant woman. Magnesium is found in nuts, green vegetables, bread, bran, buckwheat and oats in porridge.

Make it a rule every day to drink a lot of water (more than 1.5 liters). With its help, you can avoid dehydration and constipationWhich is very undesirable in increased uterine tone.

To avoid hyper needed:

  • regular schedule;
  • moderate exercise;
  • limited sex life;
  • Careful intimate hygiene. For pregnant women are very dangerous sorts of urogenital infections (candidiasis. cystitis);
  • sufficient time for rest: in addition to a full night's eight or nine hours of sleep, to sleep, or just relax in the afternoon;
  • frequent airing of the room. Also, be sure to find time for daily (if possible), relaxing walks in the fresh air.

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