Determination of sex of the baby on the heartbeat

You do not wait to find out the sex of their unborn child, but ultrasound is not seen nothing? There are other complementary method that allows to determine the sex of the fetus by affiliation heartbeat.

The heartbeat of a baby

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Approximately 25 days after conception It begins to form tiny fetal heart in the womb. The first cutting movement in the 6th week already can be fixed by passing a transvaginal ultrasound examination in the unit.

Regular inspection called transabdomialny,displays the heartbeat on the 7th week. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetal heart rate is very volatile. For example, the rate can fluctuate after the start of fluctuation from 110 to 130 beats per minute. Starting from the 8th week heart rate increased to 180. And in a period of 12 weeks, obstetric and reduced heart rate normalized in the range of 140 to 160 beats per minute. These rates will be fixed until delivery.

This variability of heart rate in the earlypregnancy is normal and tells about the formation of the nervous system, which will continue to be responsible for the functioning of other organs. The heart rate of the fetus indicates viability and is an important indicator. For example, if the rate slows to 90 beats or conversely, it is increased to 200, then it may indicate the presence of disease. In this situation needs immediate diagnosis of all causes. If the embryo 7 mm there is no heartbeat, the obstetric practice it is called non-viable pregnancy.

In determining the sex of the baby on the heartbeatshould be guided by the above information. People's diagnostic method is best used after the 20th week of pregnancy, when the rate should already be smooth.

Sexing by heartbeat

pregnancy, gender planning, gender of the child, a baby girl, give birth to a boy, palpitations

Some have noticed that the boys and girlswomb are different, this is due to the peculiarities of their development. If the heart rate is fixed on the right side, so there will be a girl, to the left - the boy. However, the unreliability of this method is that in the early stages of pregnancy the baby in the womb is quite spacious and can keep moving in different directions. That's why every time you visit the antenatal clinic heartbeat is heard from left and right.

We must always remember that the results of the definitionfetal heartbeat on the floor there are valid only until the 5th month of pregnancy. At a later date this is not possible because the closer the birth, the measured heart begins to beat the child.

Trying to determine the sex of the baby soyou have to be extremely careful and cautious. You need to know that the work of a tiny heart is dependent on many features of the fetus and its current state. For example, if the baby is in good spirits at the moment, and then his heart beat more often. If awake, the heart rate slows down. When lack of oxygen the heart rate varies whether it is a boy or a girl. The nature of the heartbeat also affected by other disturbances in fetal development. That's why you have to be careful with the results, and we must first find out whether the hidden features of the heart possible genetic abnormalities.

About one hundred percent reliability of this methoddetermining the sex of the child accessories do not need to talk. The most highly effective, according to doctors, is the method of ultrasonic diagnosis, but even he can not guarantee a perfect result. Experienced gynecologists say that only by having sufficient experience and good intuition can be trusted ultrasound in determining the future child's sex. During diagnostics specialist not only captures the rhythm of the heart, but also compares it with the following information:

  • the current gestational age;
  • the ratio of rhythm and heart rate;
  • comparing the data obtained with the heart of a pregnant woman.

It follows from the foregoing, the doctor usesnot only the result of ultrasound examination, but also the overall analysis. To find out how reliable was the result determining the sex of the baby on the heartbeat will be in the later stages, starting from the 6th month of pregnancy. That's when all the indicators are compared, and after childbirth can match the correct and incorrect predictions. The truth is that hardly anyone will do, because it is already in the field of sociological research.

The reliability of the method

pregnancy, gender planning, gender of the child, a baby girl, give birth to a boy, palpitations

About the veracity of such a method of determining the sexbaby accessories all speak differently. For some pregnant women, this method has become a key and correct, while others completely deny such a diagnosis. Official medicine also recognizes only the US, as the most simple and informative way to help not only to see a boy or a girl, but also to diagnose possible developmental disorders, which just might talk heartbeat. However, the US has an error.

The most accurate results can only givelaboratory study anamnioticheskoy fluid or the placenta particles. According to doctors, the heartbeat is directly dependent on the duration of pregnancy, the future mother's body position, condition of the fetus at the moment when your listening. Abnormalities in heart development also affect the nature of his work. Despite this, many experienced obstetricians and gynecologists can draw their own conclusions on the results of the listening.

In view of the many nuances that can haveeffect on the heart rate of the child, gender, diagnosis by heartbeat - this is only an unproven myth minimal likelihood. In ancient times, people used to do a variety of signs and conjectures. Some do this by looking at the shape of a pregnant belly, while others tried to find out in what direction to move over the abdomen wedding ring on a string.

Identify the child's sex frequency of his heartbeat as possible, but today it is only a method of assumptions unrelated to structural diagnosis.

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