Nutrition for a healthy liver


  • Principles of supply for hepatitis
  • Sample menu for acute course of the disease

  • Principles of supply for hepatitis

    Nutrition for a healthy liver Acute hepatitis may have an infectious or toxic-allergic origin. significantly change its function and metabolism Due to the destruction of liver cells.

    Therapeutic feeding provides an improvement of liver function, normalize metabolism, stimulates the regenerative processes.

    Food must be rich in proteins (100-110 g) and lipotropics (choline, methionine).

    Preference is better to give vegetable oils(Sunflower, corn, olive, etc.), since they have unsaturated fatty acid. From animal fats permitted butter and the remaining fat should be sharply limited.

    A diet enriched in carbohydrate(Sugar, honey, jam, etc.). It is equally important to take vitamins (retinol, vitamin B) or eat foods containing them. Vitamins help restore liver function.

    The amount of liquid is not restricted. Drinking fruit, berry and vegetable juices, fruit drinks, jelly, light sweet tea with jam or honey, broth hips.

    Do not: alcohol, chocolate, cocoa, pastry, spinach, fatty meat and fish, soups, meat and fish, mushroom broth, fatty cream, fried foods, meats, preserves, pickles, pickles, spicy food and seasoning (vinegar, mustard, onion garlic), ice cream and other cold food and drinks.

    Eating is necessary 5-6 times a day. This activates the biliary excretion, prevents stagnation of bile in the liver.

    Sample menu for acute course of the disease

    Diet after feeling better

    After the improvement of well-being can go to less sparing diet.

    Sample menu:

    Breakfast: cheese souffle, baked in sour cream, rice milk porridge, tea with milk, bread and butter.

    Lunch: soup milk, cabbage rolls, stuffed with boiled meat with vegetable oil, jelly, apple juice, rye bread.

    Snack: tea, bread and butter.

    Dinner: buckwheat porridge, tea, bread and butter.

    At night: a glass of kefir.

    Throughout the day rate: stale white bread - 200 g stale rye bread - 200 g butter - 80 g sugar - 50 g

    Due to the slow recovery of the liver, this diet should be followed for 4-6 months.

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