Allergies: Prick your sorrows


  • Three and another method
  • happiness needle
  • Hedgehog is not

  • Externally, hay fever similar to the common cold. But that's no medicines
    It does not help. Because cause this allergic reaction is not viruses, and
    pollen of flowering trees - hazel, birch, alder ... Immune System
    allergic person somehow perceives Allergies: Prick your sorrowsprotein pollen as an enemy
    agents and starts to fight with them.

    Three and another method

    Remove the mucosal edema help antihistamines.
    But they help to a week or two, and then, conversely, may cause
    deterioration. In addition, they do not cure the disease - at the next meeting with
    pollen immune system will react the same way.

    There is another way to get rid of hay fever - leave at the time of flowering to another climate zone.
    But again this is not a cure, and prevention of the disease only. and
    few people have the opportunity to go for 2-3 weeks each year.

    To teach the immune system to distinguish between "us" and "foreign" doctors try using allergovaktsinatsii.
    Sufferer administered small doses of allergens that cause it
    the most severe reactions, and thus try to teach them
    body. The process gives good results, but to make such courses of injections
    it is necessary to fall and winter, before flowering period.

    And what to do if you are faced with hay fever for the first time? Acupuncture -
    a relatively simple and safe method that will help to cope with
    aggravation, and perhaps forever do away with allergic rhinitis.

    happiness needle

    The basis of acupuncture is the reflex mechanism. Needles are annoying
    biologically active points - and in the internal organs, related to the
    them, there are reactions, normalize their operation.

    Placing needles on certain points, you can remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa
    and inflammation of the eyes. Moreover, stimulation of nerve receptors causes
    impulses along nerve fibers that reach the brain and spinal
    the brain, which in general will improve allergy condition. Will come into balance
    sympathetic and parasympathetic system (i.e., in Chinese medicine
    called the "yang" and "yin"), organize the work of the immune system. therefore
    acupuncture can not only remove an attack of hay fever, but also hurt
    the body properly respond to environmental factors.

    And injections cause the body to produce endorphins - the hormones of joy, so people during the sessions does not feel pain.

    Hedgehog is not

    The procedure is as follows. The doctor inserts into the desired point around the nose, on the
    arms and legs thin (disposable!) needles. In the case of hay fever
    10 will no longer stories that patients lie on the couch
    reflexologist, studded with needles as hedgehogs, - in the field of myths. So
    I have to lie down for 20-30 minutes. Pain is felt, no trace
    will remain.

    The course of treatment - 10 sessions. It is best to do them every day, as a last resort
    case - in a day. The effect lasts from one session per day, but
    Complex 10 sessions provide a state of health improvement that some
    Patients then do not drag on the exchange rate re-fixing.

    Keep in mind that in the early stages of hay fever acupuncture allows you to completely cure it.

    Reflexologist in major cities today have almost every conventional clinic, and only in commercial centers - all the more.

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