Folk remedies for the treatment of typhoid and paratyphoid


  • Modern treatment of typhoid fever
  • Recipes of traditional medicine in the fight against typhoid and paratyphoid

  • Typhoid fever - an acute infectious disease of thegroup of intestinal infections characterized by the intestine, liver, spleen and other organs. In the old days people in typhoid and other diseases related to it is usually called a fever. They usually took the form of devastating epidemics, accompanying famine, wars and other social evils.

    Modern treatment of typhoid fever

    All patients with suspected typhoid fever shouldIt is sure to be hospitalized in the infectious diseases hospital. The patient is assigned to strict bed rest. Sitting is only permitted on 9-10 day of normal temperature, and up to 14-15 minutes a day.

    the patient's food should be easily digestible,rich in vitamins. For exposure to bacteria prescribe antibiotics. Chloramphenicol most cases, less ampicillin, tetracycline, etc. If necessary, use tools that enhance the immune system. With the development of complications of the operation is carried out.

    Recipes of traditional medicine in the fight against typhoid and paratyphoid

    Folk remedies for the treatment of typhoid and paratyphoidSince the fever was known long ago, there are many recipes of traditional medicine, allowing to cope with the disease. Here are a few tools.

    • The rhizome of calamus is considered ordinary folk inmedicine strong bactericidal agent. Its use during epidemics of influenza, cholera, typhoid fever: rhizome chewed raw as a prophylactic against infection.
    • Positively affect the treatment of the disease andused for recovery from fever: cow's milk, cheese, yogurt, broth hips, black currant, vegetable juices, fruit, coffee, lemon or red Hungarian wine, beer yeast.
    • In the treatment of typhoid fever canuse a variety of herbs: decoction of the roots of burnet (especially the autumn collection, typhoid and killing germs parathyphoid group for 15 minutes, astringent, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and analgesic effect). A decoction of the roots of burnet is prepared as follows: 1 tbsp. l. chopped roots on 1stakan boiling water, boil for 30 minutes, cool, strain and take 1 tbsp. l. 5-6 times per day.
    • valerian drugs effective for the treatment ofsome diseases of the stomach, they possess choleretic and anti-bacterial action. It is advisable to use conventional doses of tincture of valerian in combination for the treatment of typhoid and paratyphoid.
    • Currants are used as a means of toningcardiovascular system in infectious diseases. When inflammation and ulcers of the stomach and intestines of any origin take fresh juice of berries 2-3 glasses 3 times a day, or use a decoction and jelly of currants.
    • As a general tonic used nextFee: Rhodiola rosea (root) 4 pieces, devil's high (roots) 4 pieces, rosehip tea (fruit), 4 pieces, hawthorn blood-red (fruit) 3 parts, nettle (leaves) 3 parts, St. John's wort (herb) 2 part. To prepare the broth, take 2 tablespoons of the mixture, pour 200 ml of water, boil for 15 minutes, strain. Take 1/3 and 1/2 cup broth 2-3 times a day.
    • In inflammatory bowel diseasesuse infusion: Blackberry blue-gray (sheet) 2 parts, Calendula officinalis (flowers) 1 part. 4 teaspoons pour 1 cup boiling water and take 1/2 cup 3 times a day before meals.
    • Collection of herbs: Melissa officinalis (leaf), 2 pieces, knot-grass (grass) 5 parts. Applied as a tincture (1 tbsp. L. Mixture pour a glass of boiled water, in a thermos for 10 hours.) 2-3 cups during the day when the intestinal inflammation.
    • St. John's wort herb has long been known and is widelyused in folk medicine. It is called the grass of the "ninety-nine diseases." It has astringent, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, antiseptic, contributes to the rapid recovery of damaged tissues. Take tincture for half a cup 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
    • Folk medicine recommends tincture of herbs: centaury, sage and camomile - for the successful treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. It is necessary to make a glass of boiling water 1 teaspoon of these herbs. Drink infusion of one tablespoon every 2 hours to about seven or eight times a day. The drug is considered to be harmless - and because it can be treated for a long time.

    These funds should be used in addition to medications prescribed by the doctor, and then the disease will go quickly and does not cause complications.

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