Mononucleosis: before, during and after disease


  • At risk - children and adolescents
  • Mononucleosis - master of disguise
  • The disease behind - to recover
  • Therapeutic diet for liver
  • To mononucleosis did not leave a trace

  • "Die Another Day, but do not give a kiss without love." Such a council of textbook works of Nikolai Chernyshevsky "What?" The modern teenager certainly seem ridiculous.

    But the fact remains: viral disease - mononucleosis outbreak which every year is observed among children and adolescents of all major cities of Russia, it is often transmitted through kissing.

    At risk - children and adolescents

    Mononucleosis: before, during and after diseaseSince the infection occursairborne, by contact, you can catch the virus at the time of close contact in dance, in a brawl at a school change, in the commotion of transport. In one of the Moscow schools mononucleosis epidemic broke out because of the telephone on which the call sick child, and then it was used a lot - both children and adults. Disease contributes to overcrowding, it is passed through poorly washed dishes, door handles, taps, for which the patient was taken.

    The causative agent of mononucleosis - Epstein - Barr virusof the herpes family. This so-called latent virus, and most of us - its carriers. However, the disease usually develops in children of preschool and school age. Adults suffer from mononucleosis rarely.

    For some unknown reason, Science in Africa the virusalways found in children suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma and Burkitt's lymphoma - a type of cancer that affects primarily the submandibular lymph nodes. In Europe and the United States, this form of cancer is almost does not occur.

    Infectious mononucleosis and downstream, andeffects compared with carcinoma or lymphoma seems kitten next to lion. Still, this is a very serious disease that requires specific treatment and attention to the patient even after the acute period.

    Mononucleosis develops most often in children debilitated,undergoing stress, severe mental and physical stress. And all of our children are under heavy pressure of life. Even in the most affluent families are not immune to the stresses and loads. Activation caught in the body virus may contribute to quarrel or divorce of parents, lack of understanding best friend, friend, even just the inability to get enough sleep during the week, hypothermia.

    Mononucleosis - master of disguise

    The disease begins high temperature: She does not get off the traditional medicines and kept 2-3 weeks. This dramatically increases the lymph nodes - often cervical, develop a strong angina.

    Sometimes the throat swells so that the child is forced tosleep sitting, so as not to suffocate. Unfortunately, pediatricians do not always immediately put the correct diagnosis: believe it or severe angina (if not strongly swollen throat) simply SARS.

    Final and correct diagnosis can beput only a blood test. The disease is easily calculated from the spectrum of specific antibodies. If you want to be absolutely sure of the diagnosis, it is necessary to donate blood for antibodies to Epstein - Barr virus (IgM and IgG). If your child has a strange, long time passing SARS within ten days if it has increased lymph nodes, constantly keeps the temperature, insist on this study. Another symptom of mononucleosis - enlarged spleen and liver.

    The acute period of the disease lasts for about three weeks,during which the need to observe strict quarantine: a sick child in any case should not meet with friends and relatives is not necessary to kiss him and enjoy his dishes. Cups, spoons, plates separate wash sponge, rinse with boiling water, and clothes, personal things better simmer for 5-10 minutes.

    It used to be that when mononucleosishospitalization in an infectious diseases hospital is required. Now, if the parents can provide the child proper care, it is permissible to be treated at home. But keep in mind: a blood test should be done every three days. At the same time, any viral diseases difficult to treat by conventional medicine, and Epstein - Barr virus - is no exception. If mononucleosis relies on the mobilization of internal forces of the patient's body. So he prescribed interferon, various adjuvants. Fortunately, now available to physicians are highly effective antiviral drugs. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics, antipyretics. They are directed not only against the virus, as against the related complications.

    The disease behind - to recover

    While high fever, children usuallyeat very reluctant - mostly drink plenty of fluids (better if it's natural juices without preservatives, sweet tea with lemon, sour fruit drinks and fruit drinks). But then, when the temperature is normal, the child played voracious appetite. It is important to enter it in the right frame, because it is not less than six months will have to follow a diet, so as not to overload the liver, and so that has got over his illness.

    These six months after an illness in general should bevery gentle: child, endured mononucleosis, can quickly get tired, feel weak and broken. It takes more time to sleep - well, if it will be possible to sleep in the daytime. It is important not to overload his school and household chores.

    And further. Such children and adolescents should be sure to watch the doctor. First of all it requires constant consultation doctor-hepatologist, as well as the possibility of special regular serological and biochemical studies. It is important to at least once in ten days for him to do a special blood test.

    Therapeutic diet for liver

    Mononucleosis: before, during and after diseaseJust what the doctor ordered. Epstein - Barr virus in the acute phase of mononucleosis blood enters the liver. Completely it is recovering from this massive attack only six months. Therefore it is necessary to follow a diet, the duration of which will recommend a doctor. Power must be complete and caloric content of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins. Eating is recommended 4-6 times a day in small portions.

    Preference is given to dairy products, vegetablessoups, mashed potatoes, lean fish, lean meat - beef, turkey, rabbit, unsalted crackers, sweet fruit, nonacidic berries, cabbage, carrots, beets, pumpkin, zucchini. Recommended as a variety of cereals and pasta, bread, mainly wheat, meal, baking previous day, cookies and other products nesdobnoe test.

    Limited butter (30-40 g per day)of the fat is introduced in the form of vegetable oil (sunflower oil, corn oil, olive oil), sour cream - Filling dishes, egg yolk - no more than 1-2 times per week (protein can be more), cheese - in small numbers, not sharp grade beef sausage, doctoral sausage, diet.

    Prohibits all kinds of fried, smoked,pickled products; preserves, pickles; pork, lamb, goose, duck; hot spices - mustard, horseradish, pepper, vinegar; radishes, radish, onion, garlic, mushrooms, sorrel; confectionery - cakes, pastries; chocolate, cocoa, organic coffee, ice cream; peas, beans, beans; meat and chicken broth.

    To mononucleosis did not leave a trace

    To prevent possible late complications of mononucleosis must be followed within six months following recommendations:
    • be careful on the dispensary examination at the clinic;
    • Avoid hypothermia and overheating, it is prohibited to sunbathe, not recommended for a trip to the southern resorts;
    • prohibited from engaging in physical activity for the general school curriculum, participate in sports clubs, competitions, camping trips, but the physical therapy sessions are desirable;
    • children are exempt from the preventive vaccination.

    Will benefit the quiet leisurely walkoutdoors. Very good for a while, after the disease live in the country, in the village. And, of course, elation, zest for life especially necessary - virus do not like to communicate with the optimists. Fortunately, mononucleosis occurs only once in a lifetime, after which it remains lifelong immunity.

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