Tuberculosis - NO!


  • What is tuberculosis?
  • tubercle bacillus
  • How to protect yourself from tuberculosis?

    Tuberculosis - NO!

  • What is tuberculosis?

    It is very difficult to protect yourself from tuberculosis as
    Infection is transmitted mainly by airborne droplets, falling into
    respiratory system from a sick person to a healthy, so catch
    It can be anywhere and not necessarily as a result of direct contact
    with the patient.

    The disease is
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis, or Koch's bacillus. When the active form
    tuberculosis tubercle bacillus multiplies rapidly in the lungs of the patient and,
    figuratively speaking, it eats human tissue, destroying the lungs,
    poisoning the human products of their vital activity, highlighting
    toxins in it. The process of tuberculous intoxication or poisoning

    If untreated, the death rate from
    active TB up to 50% within one to two years. AT
    the remaining 50% of untreated TB becomes chronic
    shape. Chronic patient lives for many years, continuing to allocate
    mycobacteria and infect others.

    It affects people regardless of their social status. get ill
    tuberculosis in two ways: by infection or by activating
    latent infection (dormant infection).

    tubercle bacillus

    Tuberculosis nature was proved by the German scientist Robert Koch, when
    he discovered the pathogen belonging to the Mycobacterium genus.
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis is still called Koch's wand.

    from other microbes, it is very stable in the environment: capable
    maintain its properties in the ground, snow, ice, resistant to
    effects of alcohol, acids and alkalis. At the same time, the tubercle bacillus
    killed by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high
    temperature, chlorine compounds.

    Tuberculosis - NO!

    How to protect yourself from tuberculosis?

    reduce the likelihood of primary infection of others, people sick
    active tuberculosis must adhere to certain rules:

    • cover your mouth with a handkerchief or hand and turn away when coughing;
    • burn paper handkerchiefs immediately after use;
    • use separate utensils and not allow others to use it.

    for disinfection is possible to use bleach.

    A good and simple method of disinfection is airing and
    hanging in the sun blankets, woolen and cotton items, as
    direct sunlight kills the bacteria for 5 minutes (while
    bacilli in the dark for a long time remain viable and, therefore,
    the most widespread infection occurs in dark areas).

    The bacteria are destroyed by heating: for 20 minutes at 60 ° C and
    for 5 minutes - at 70 ° C.

    The following factors
    It affects the body's ability to resist the development of
    active tuberculosis if infected, and increase the likelihood
    Activation of latent infection:

    • the quality of food.
      There is strong evidence that fasting or
      malnutrition reduces the body's resistance;
    • consumption
      toxic products. Smoking tobacco and drinking plenty of
      alcohol significantly reduces the body's defenses. The same effect
      immunosuppressants have used in the treatment of certain
    • other diseases. Tuberculosis is also susceptible to HIV-infected patients with diabetes, leukemia, or leprosy;
    • stress. It is proved that stress and depression adversely affect the immune system.

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