Truth and fiction about AIDS


  • Handshakes, hugs ...
  • Hygiene items, toilet ...
  • Pools, bath, sauna ...
  • insect bites, contact with other animals ...
  • Masturbation...
  • Kissing ...
  • "Injections" in transport, metro ...
  • Letting analysis ...

  • Handshakes, hugs ...

    Leather is a natural barrier to the virus, so it is impossible
    transmission of HIV through shaking hands, hugging. And if there are abrasions, scratches,
    cuts and other? For at least a theoretical risk of HIV transmission in this
    case it is necessary that a sufficient amount of blood containing the HIV
    It fell to a fresh open and bleeding wound. It is unlikely that you will
    acquainted with someone bleeding hand, if you, too, whipping
    blood. Anyway, we do not recommend you to do anything

    Hygiene items, toilet ...

    It may contain only 4 human body fluids: blood,
    semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk. Through clothes,
    bed linen, towels HIV can not be transmitted, even if
    clothing, underwear got fluid containing HIV, then it will quickly die in
    environment. If HIV-lived "outside" person hours or
    even days, it would undoubtedly have been cases of domestic ne wayTruth and fiction about AIDStransmission,
    but simply do not happen, at least not for more than happened
    20 years of the epidemic.

    Pools, bath

    , Sauna ...

    contact with a fluid containing HIV, the virus will die in the water, besides
    Again, the skin is a reliable barrier against the virus. Only
    way to become infected with HIV in the pool - it is there to do without sex

    insect bites, contact with other animals ...

    - The human immunodeficiency virus, he can live and reproduce only in the
    the human body, so the animals can not transmit HIV. TO
    Moreover, contrary to popular myth, human blood can not get
    in another's bloodstream through the bite of a mosquito.


    it's unbelievable, but there are people who are afraid of contracting HIV through
    masturbation. The only thing you can say to that: from anyone in this
    or it may be passed on?

    Kissing ...

    that HIV is not transmitted through kissing already written a lot. At the
    However, there are people who are concerned about issues of "wounds and ssadinok"
    in the mouth. In real life, so that this virus is transmitted by
    kiss, two people with open bleeding wounds in the mouth should
    kissing long and deep, with one of them should not be
    just HIV, but a very high viral load (amount of virus in
    blood). It is unlikely that someone will be able, and willing, to reproduce such
    "Sadist" kiss in practice. If such a route of transmission was
    possible, there would be cases of HIV transmission through kissing, for example,
    Permanent discordant pairs (in which only one partner
    HIV). However such cases do not occur.

    "Injections" in transport, metro ...

    of 'infected needles' appeared in the foreign media at the very beginning
    epidemic. Our media is still actively replicate the myth. AT
    reality, there was not only recorded a single case of transmission
    HIV in this way, but not a single case of someone trying to "infect" with
    using a needle or syringe. Unfortunately, this shows how our
    society treats people with HIV, again, no one doubts,
    HIV-positive for some reason you need someone "trying to infect."

    all these twenty years has not been a single case
    "AIDS-terrorism," as it quickly dubbed. Even if we imagine
    this situation, the transmission of HIV in this case is excluded. HIV too
    dies quickly outside the body, the amount of blood that falls in
    in this case the blood flow is negligible. If you thought that you
    We felt a prick in transport - do not panic, this can be
    thousand much more realistic explanation.

    Letting analysis ...

    it happens
    and so that the people who have passed the test for HIV, there are fears that they could
    HIV is transmitted through blood directly in the office of the fence
    testing. Perhaps this fear arises from association with
    HIV infections, but it is absolutely excluded. Blood sampling is performed
    using a single tool, and arguments about what you
    "Substituted for" a syringe and so on - no more than mistrust.

    up, it should be noted that HIV transmission routes are well understood: if
    unprotected sex, sharing equipment with injections, by
    mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth or breast milk feeding.
    Other modes of HIV transmission there. They are not so "easy" to get infected in all
    situations that represent a risk of HIV transmission, each person
    can protect yourself and loved ones.

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