A holiday that is always with you


  • Do you think this is not about you?

  • A holiday that is always with youDrink should not be drinking harmfully. But still, many drinking and heavy drinking chronic alcoholics are becoming more severe. Since the time of Brezhnev's ban on drinking wine beverages remains the poor quality in the world. On the one hand this is due to low excise taxes and the ability to make profits with falshoborota, and on the other a growing demand, which satisfies the fake products.

    Statistics - something convincing. The number of drinking bouts and acute alcohol poisoning is steadily growing. Poor quality alcohol, desire udeshivit manufacture "fire water" technology and other factors lead to frequent and sometimes destructive to the body, the deaths of the use of alcohol-containing products.

    drug treatment services for this reasonbecoming popular during the "protracted govogodnih vacation." That's just on the eve of the holidays almost all phones good specialists are not available, and the cost of services has grown significantly.

    Alkomed Center - the only Moscow clinic for the first time offers a unique service to the residents of the capital: the book psychiatrist.

    According to statistics, 30 percent of the people duringholiday festivities will suffer from heavy libation, 10 will not know where to spend the holiday and the end with an evening full of alcoholic treats. The remaining risk to themselves can get tremor syndrome, headache, nausea, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

    And help in the early days of the holiday, as a rule, there is no place to wait!

    Do you think this is not about you?

    Did you know that the most frequent clientsNarologov-doctors for the holidays are those who are not is dependent on alcohol? Conversely, turning the ordinary people who are not fortunate to spend a holiday without consequences. Remember the film "Irony of Fate." After Lukashin did not drink! What happened to him?

    Have pity on your body. Make him a gift and make a specialist beforehand. Even if you do not need help, you will know that you are protected!

    It is very easy:

    • Call us at +7 (495) 925-05-64
    • Tell us about when it makes sense to ask you or your loved ones of your well-being, or even please inform us when you make sense to start saving.
    • Be sure that in spite of the chrezvychanuyu workload of doctors in the New Year holidays in narcology specialists will be reserved a window to your health.

    Where to learn more details and price? Call us or read the information on the withdrawal of the binge online.

    Hour phone center "Alkomed" +7 (495) 925-05-64.

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