A cigarette in the pocket


  • Why do they smoke?

    A cigarette in the pocketIn Belgium, smoke 45% of boys and 44% girls,respectively, Switzerland - 46 and 36%, in Greece - 54 and 46%, Italy - 55 and 51%. However, in Paris smoking more girls (66%) than boys (58%). In England especially parents do not restrict smoking in children, and there the boys try smoking for the first time in 9 years, and girls - in 11 years.

    In Moscow, 45% of smoking adolescents and young adults. It is a matter of great concern. The younger the child is, the less it has defense mechanisms, the faster the smoke destroys his body. The one who started smoking as a child, for example, in 11-12 years, we can expect the development of heart failure or lung cancer in 35-40 years.

    The first cigarette - a game in adulthood. The struggle for independence from parents, teenage rebellion, in a word, all the dangerous brink of puberty came together in a single cigarette. And if the taste of tobacco will not cause rejection of the child, it will be only the first in a long list of names and titles.

    Drawn into the first game customize other. First - a personal example, smoking in the courtyard and in the school toilet. Then - the instinct of the pack. Everything is already smoke, and I'm not, that I, a little something? If I do not smoke - the boys laughed at me. And so on, the list of these arguments can be continued, and no matter how ridiculous they may seem to adults, these considerations are more severe than for a teenager. Easier to survive the war with their parents, than to remain "black sheep". Non-smokers among smokers friends.

    The second cause of teenage smoking - imitation. And it is not about friends and classmates. Smoke idol - and the guys grab the cigarettes. The image of the smoker is actively advertised on TV and in magazines. And if smoking is not only the wrong people? If smoking father or mother, older brothers or sisters? Then smoking becomes a habit since childhood, and the likelihood that the child will start to smoke, barely get a little bit of time and money, much higher.

    Smokers nonsmokers

    A special challenge for the health of the childIt becomes passive smoking. Suppose that the teenager made his choice, and decided not to smoke. But sometimes you do catch on his clothing faint smell of tobacco smoke. Friends smoke - he answers your questions surprised. Yes this is true. Tobacco smoke is easy to "cling" to the hair and clothing, but hazardous to the health of nicotine settles in the lungs of the child, even if he inhales his cigarette through the filter is not, but just out of the air.

    An even greater danger - smoking parents. Even if they try to smoke on the balcony or on the stairs, and allow yourself to relax at home for a coffee and a cigarette only when a teenager in high school. In the house where smoke, household dust and outdoor surfaces become nicotine deposits. And sources of secondhand smoke to children. Scientists say that a few weeks in this house children can be subjected to the effects of tobacco smoke, which is equivalent to several hours of intense passive smoking.

    We should also be said of the cafe with a "non-smoking"halls. It turned out that the arrangement of the premises where smoking is prohibited, not only protects against the inhalation of tobacco smoke. Scientists came to the conclusion that such zones in clubs and restaurants, at best, help to reduce the "secondary" inhaled smoke half.

    What to do?

    A cigarette in the pocketIf passive smoking is becoming moreone factor of environmental pollution, which is difficult to fight, the active - is a serious problem, a danger to the child's health, which is difficult to ignore. What can you personally do to protect their children from this addiction?

    Above all, be an example for children. If you have kids, stop smoking immediately. You will never be able to convince a child to leave a cigarette when smoke themselves. Tells the children about the dangers of smoking. Give examples, call for help anatomical atlas. Try to dispel the idea of ​​the smoker as a fashionable person, or the same language of the youth, "cool dude". You can notice the indulgent - all smoke, and you've decided to start with? I thought (a) you are not of those who go systems. Who smokes? What, all of them? And one of them you want to be like?

    Talk to children about what they care about

    Tell a teenager that in 40 years he dies of cancerlight, - to say nothing. Young people are especially worried about day today. Here is a list of the benefits of being a non-smoker, in which young people may be interested today:

    Appearance: on fingers and teeth smoker often settles tobacco yellow plaque. It can not be called attractive.

    Facilities: Ask the teenager to calculate how much money itspending (or spending may, unless going to become a smoker) of cigarettes a day or a week. How much money you can save if you do not smoke? Compare this amount with the price of coveted teenager things - music center, a new computer, a trip abroad.

    Feel: It is known that smoking blunts some of the sense of taste as well as smell. For the teen who eagerly rushes to all the benefits of the world, it is a tangible loss.

    Look for problem

    Very often, smoking - a signal of a seriouspsychological problem. What's going on with your child right now? Maybe he had lost the location of old friends or classmates failed wallpaper is your favorite girl? Faced for the first time with the betrayal of their peers or adults? Maybe he was in trouble and frantically looking for a way out? That's a cigarette in his hand - a sign of despair and rebellion, which so often go together.

    And stay in touch with your child. Talk to him often, and not only on estimates or school subjects. If a child trusts you, your chances of preventing teenage smoking or convince a teenager is much higher. And if not ... think, Did you not become accidentally reason that your son or daughter made friends with a dangerous toy - a cigarette?

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