Diet for Smokers


Replenish vitamins

Diet for SmokersSmoking causes changes in the body weight. For example, a lack of vitamin C. Tabakomanam it must be 2.5 times greater than the rest. This means that you need in your daily diet include fresh fruits and vegetables, and not anyhow be necessary, but strictly defined. First of all kiwi.

One small fruit cover dailythe body's need for vitamin C. But this is true only for non-smokers. Smokers need to eat at least two fruit per day. Then the harm caused by tobacco smoke, will be much less. It would be oh so nice if, in addition to a pack of cigarettes in tobacco stalls gave the kiwi!

But, first, not everyone loves kiwi. Secondly, some, such as diabetics, there simply can not be. Finally, someone has this fruit can cause allergies. What to do? What can replace the main source of vitamin C?

Pay your attention on citrus, in whichalso contains ascorbic acid, although to a lesser extent. In order to obtain the required number of treasured vitaminchiki, smokers need to eat daily at least a kilo of oranges. Their adequate replacement will be two large red grapefruit or two of lemon.

But you will agree, it is difficult to eat in a daysuch a huge amount of citrus. This is not only a severe blow on the wallet, but also a large burden on the stomach. After all, lemons and oranges contain a large amount of acid, which is harmful when enhanced gastric secretion.

Thus the citrus fruit to be combined with othersources of vitamin C. In the summer, you can lean on strawberries and black currants, in the fall - on lingonberries and cranberries. They contain plenty of askorbinki. Moreover, it is stored not only in fresh berries, but also pickled. That is, the workpiece can be done in winter.

A lot of vitamin C in sweet peppers, andpreference should be given to green, not red varieties. And of course, do not forget the apples. They also present a significant amount of askorbinki. Most of it in sour apples - such as Antonovka. In general, winter varieties of vitamin C greater than in earlier. So in the cold season the apples must include in the diet of every smoker.

reduce intoxication

Not less than fruits, smokers needfresh fruit juices. Moreover, tabakomany need them much more than non-smokers. And it's not even in vitamins and minerals, although these substances are never superfluous, and juice detoxification properties.

First, they need to make up for fluidthat a smoker is much more than the average person. Tabakomanu need to drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid per day, most of which should be in the form of fresh juice. Secondly, cellulose and pectin contained in the pulp of fresh juice, neutralize toxins in cigarette smoke. From all we know smokers are most suitable for juices orange, grapefruit, cherry, pomegranate, and of course, Apple. The latter must be unclarified - so it will have more pectin and fiber.

Moreover, as listed above, can be addedfreshly squeezed mango juice. Of course, it's exotic, which has no place in our everyday life. But such a luxurious addition to the daily diet can easily afford to those who leave the country for a vacation in the sun. Indeed, in Tunisia, Egypt, and many Asian states freshly squeezed mango juice sold in any cafe. So that our visitors can smoke almost every day "sanitize" your body is a tropical treat.

Separate conversation is deserved pomegranate juice. It must be bought in glass bottles. One such bottle is stretched at 3-4 day - provided that the beverage is stored in a refrigerator. Juice must be diluted with cold boiled water in a ratio of 1 part juice to 2 parts water. After each meal you should drink half a cup of healing drugs. It will fill and a lack of vitamin C, and connect part benz- pyrene compounds found in cigarette smoke.

Recent considered dangerous carcinogens,therefore it is necessary to neutralize them. Pomegranate juice is perfectly cope with this task. However, often drink this drink is not recommended. One half-liter bottles per month is enough. The rest of the time you need to give preference to other juices.

Neutralizing heavy metals

We often hear from smokers: "I smoked less than three cigarettes a day" or "I only smoke superlёgkie". It is self-deception. Smoking light cigarettes does not reduce the negative effects of nicotine on the smoker. Do not forget that with each cigarette you smoke, even super light, poisonous substances spread to virtually all cells of the body, and bring them out extremely difficult.

A balanced diet can partly solve thisproblem. After all, there are products that bind and neutralize heavy metals. First on the list of such products is Sweet, better known under the name of Jerusalem artichoke. This plant contains substances that bind krupnomolekulyarnyh toxins and remove them from the body. And it is - just what smokers need.

Diet for SmokersSo for any inclusion tabakomanaJerusalem artichoke diet will not be superfluous. The most powerful detoxification effect have tubers of plants. There are best raw. This is not only useful, but also quite delicious, as Jerusalem artichoke like a cabbage stalk. They can be cooked like potatoes, stew with herbs and butter and fry in a pan and serve as a side dish. Boiled tubers are especially good in salads and vinaigrettes.

It's easy to prepare and great tasteToluca-sandwiches with Jerusalem artichoke. Two or three peeled tuber grate, head of onions cut into thin half-rings, and all mix. Bread slice and spread a thin layer of oil, turn and press the greased side of the vegetables. Lightly season with salt and put Toluca for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator. Instead, you can use melted butter and grated hard cheese. In short, a lot of options, and in each case, a special and unique taste.

But even with all the variety of dishes made of artichokehardly anyone wants to include it in your daily diet. In this case, note laminaria. Its green weight at 10% consists of alginic acid salts, which binds to heavy metals. The resulting compounds are characterized by chemical inertness and therefore can not cause any harm to the body.

It is therefore recommended to eat more seacabbage in environmentally disadvantaged areas. And that definition fits any major city today. So all the inhabitants of big cities, it is desirable to include it in your diet. Smokers also do this it is necessary.

Not only because of heavy metals, but also because ofsterols. These substances are contained in sea cabbage and prevents atherosclerosis. Smokers risk of this disease is particularly high. Atherosclerotic plaques on blood vessel walls occur due to various reasons and in particular because of the regular inhalation of cigarette smoke. So that smokers should know that not only destroy their lungs, and their vessels.

"No," the sausage!

To minimize the chance of developingatherosclerosis, a seaweed, of course, is not enough. Smokers people need to constantly adhere to a certain diet. First of all, to minimize the delivery of animal fats. Do not get carried away fatty sausage and sour cream, bacon and cream, fatty cheeses and meats. Reduce the use of butter. Prefer fish dishes, they contain vitamin F, which is vital to all smokers, because, like seaweed, purifies the blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaques. And always remember that proper nutrition can reduce the harmful effects of cigarettes. And it will agree, is already a lot.

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