Drug addiction


  • The causes of addiction
  • Types of drug dependence

  • The causes of addiction

    The main cause of drug addiction is "Deficiency Syndrome
    satisfaction. " This particular combination of genes, in which
    man is hard to feel comfortable. People suffering from deficiency
    satisfaction from childhood unconsciously looking for ways to compensate
    this lack of different types of behavior, and as a teenager or already
    adult age under certain circumstances often
    resort to psychoactive substances, which help them gain
    desired pleasure and enjoyment.

    It is also one of the reasons is the "wrong family", where education
    It carried out either one of the parents, or where there is
    relaxed atmosphere, down home, no
    emotional intimacy and trust each other households. there are
    freaky family where one or both parents suffer from drug addiction. The probability of initiation to the bad propensities of children from such families increased by 2 times.

    Types of drug dependence

    • Psychic;
    • Physical;
    • Tolerance.

    Psychic dependence - Morbid desire
    continuously or intermittently taking a narcotic or other
    psychoactive drug in order to experience pleasant feelings or
    remove the effects of mental discomfort. It occurs in all cases
    systematic drug use, but may be after
    a single dose. Is the most powerful psychological factor,
    promoting regular use of drugs or other psychoactive

    Pathologic psychological dependence is pathological
    inclination to change their status by means of anesthesia.

    There are two types:

    • Psychic (constant thoughts about the drug,
      accompanied by the rise of sentiment in anticipation of recovery
      his admission, depression, dissatisfaction);
    • Compulsive (irresistible desire for anesthesia, the desire to obtain the drug, determines the behavior of patients actions);

    Physical dependence - state adjustment functions
    the body as a response to chronic use of psychoactive
    substances. Manifested severe mental and somatic
    disturbances when you stop taking drugs. These disorders are referred to as
    withdrawal, withdrawal or deprivation syndrome. They
    alleviated or completely cropped in the new introduction of the same
    drug. The clinical picture of abstinence syndrome in different types of
    different addictions. Physical dependence develops in the process
    chronic use not all narcotic drugs (eg,

    Tolerance - Adaptation to the state of the Narcotic
    or other psychoactive substances, characterized by reduced
    reaction to the introduction of the same amount of drug to achieve when
    the same effect, a higher dose of the drug.

    • Drug addictionThe first stage of addiction treatment
      It includes relief of withdrawal symptoms and conduct
      detoxification measures aimed at normalizing
      somatoneurological violations and correction of mental disorders.
    • On
      the second stage of treatment is aimed at full restoration of exchange
      disorders, behavioral disorders and mental normalization
      state (including sleep).
    • The third stage of treatment is
      identifying psychological dependence and conduct basic syndrome
      targeted therapy. This refers to the definition of
      psychopathological Your craving for Drugs and
      features of its dynamics (periodic, permanent).
    • Fourth
      step is to determine the recurrence conditions
      diseases with a view to the appointment of anti-supporting

    Treatment of drug addiction involves a complex
    measures aimed at getting the addict in the first place by
    physical dependence ( "break") and detoxification of the body. Only after
    This can itself addiction treatment process,
    implying the removal of psychological dependence on drugs
    means conversation with the patient, social adjustment and other
    psychotherapeutic techniques. Furthermore, if the first stage is,
    may spend at home, for the effective treatment of
    addiction usually requires hospitalization

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