The alcohol is dangerous for a growing organism?


  • The alcohol is dangerous for a growing organism?Remember how S. Marshak wrote:
    "For drinking there are reasons:
    Funeral, meeting, celebration, farewell,
    Christenings, weddings and divorce,
    Frost, hunting, New Year,
    Recovery, housewarming,
    Sadness, remorse, joy,
    The success of the award, a new rank.
    And just drunkenness, for no reason! "

    These words reflect ingrained in ourthe custom of celebrating every little bit significant life event. Gradually people drawn into drinking with his head and begins to seek out all new reasons to drink. Personally, I just plunges into shock spread of teenage and youth alcoholism. Special danger carries a wide propaganda of beer among the youth. At first glance, a safe, this drink very subtly begins to teach very young body to the regular use of alcohol. And the movement on an inclined plane begins ...

    zero level

    The most serious consequences for the person alcoholcalls on the embryo stage in the early days and months of his life, when laid important organs and body systems of the future. The loss of even a few cells at an early stage of embryo development in the future may result in underdevelopment of the body, and can even lead to deformities and abnormalities. Even quite minor alcohol a pregnant woman necessarily lead to abnormalities in fetal development.

    It is a mistake to believe that alcoholic defects alwaysshould be visible on the outside of the child view. Most of them occur on internal organs and can often be identified only several years after birth. For example, hypoplasia of the cerebral cortex, congenital heart defects, mental retardation.

    In recent years, medicine has accumulated extensiveinformation confirming the fact of the backlog of physical and mental development of children whose fathers regularly consume alcoholic beverages. As you can see, not only the woman should think about the future health of the child. Unfortunately, the majority of young people are not even aware of the extent of danger of alcohol for posterity. French doctors have analyzed the development of children whose fathers have some time do not use alcohol. And they came to the optimistic conclusion that the conception and birth of a healthy baby full man and a woman should completely give up alcohol for a period of not less than 2-3 years.


    Let us return to our youth. For the growing organism alcohol poisoning is especially serious consequences. First, the protective systems in a child or adolescent is not yet formed, so thrombosis and cell death from oxygen starvation in the developing organism have much greater impact than in an adult. Removing the toxins of alcohol is much slower.

    Secondly, the body is still at the stage ofdevelopment, which means that there is a heavy construction for the cell division of organs and tissues. As a result of alcohol poisoning of these essential body cells inevitably die, and thus entail nedoformirovanie some vital structures of the body that have been programmed at the genetic level. From this it follows that the younger the organism, the more dangerous for him alcohol.

    Weapons of genocide

    Increasingly, young people at the age of about 30 yearssuffer from diseases of the stomach, liver, cardiovascular system, nervous disorders and disorders of the sexual sphere, arising on a background of drinking. The action of alcohol is equally unfavorable for all systems and organs, and often diseases occur suddenly, amid the apparent prosperity.

    Danger and deceit effects of alcohol onyoung organism give rise to call it a weapon of genocide, undermining and weakening the gene pool of humanity. The force of these weapons can be seen in the conquest of America. It was enough to teach the Indians to "fire water", continued not long in coming: there is large number of Indians now?

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