What is substance abuse


  • drug addiction

  • drug addiction

    The main reason for the inhalation of solvents include hallucinations, similar
    on dreams. These dreams can be both enjoyable and threatening, but always
    very bright and colorful. Most addicts are collected in a group of
    several people to become members of the same

    In the sixties of the twentieth century, it began to appear the first victims
    substance abuse and substance abuse was then identified as a new
    a kind of addiction. Inhalation of volatile organic vapors
    solvents mainly interested in children between the ages of eight to
    sixteen years old, and this "hobby" bore and still bears

    The most commonly used inhalants - glue, paint thinner,
    liquid for cleaning, lighter gas, gasoline, nail
    nails - gained popularity among children from low-income families
    low-cost and available in stores. This addiction to
    mainly develops from interest or peer pressure. Although
    Inhalant abuse is widespread, but, for example,
    poor people in developed countries and concluded immeasurably
    More abuse these substances. Nitrite is used
    popular among homosexuals, to enhance sexual
    excitation. There are several grounds on which it is easy
    determine Beezer (so called drug addicts) is swollen red
    eyelids, gait disturbance and speech, similar to alcohol intoxication.

    What is substance abuse
    The main reason for the inhalation of solvents include hallucinations, similar
    on dreams. But the initial intoxication similar to alcohol vapors. "Sniffer"
    It feels pleasant noise in my head, lifting the mood, warmth and
    relaxation. Then mind loses clarity, the actual environment
    perceived illusory. Objects change their form, seem to paint
    bright and deep and unusual sounds. It appears the need for
    movement, but co-ordination is already broken.

    The next phase of intoxication is called "watch cartoons" or "dreams".
    Hallucinations are projected on the screen. They can strengthen or
    stop only at the beginning, then they move spontaneously. In
    many drunken raises complex hallucinations: they see and crawling
    insects running around the body and at the same time feel their touch.
    It seems that the move walls, the floor collapses, experienced a sense of
    flying or falling. Sometimes intoxicated feel on other worlds, in
    space. Drunken see from the separated parts of his body
    (Part of the brain), the body from the inside.

    Beezer is usually collected in a group of several people, in order to
    to become parties to the same "dream". Sometimes the participants, in order
    to re-play the previously seen sleeping, going to the identical
    circumstances where everything is copied up to the posture. duration
    dreams from several minutes to several hours, but they suffered a
    man it seems that a lot of time has passed. Out of intoxication
    accompanied by lethargy, headache and nausea.

    Case of an overdose in a drugged state - it is a common
    cause mortality. Since the loss of self-control causes
    breathe fumes again and again is not going to happen "sudden death from
    inhaling "- a cardiac arrest and breathing. Another danger
    lovers solvent is their uncontrolled behavior and
    disappearance of inhibitory processes. The behavior of drug addicts under
    hallucinogenic effect is dangerous to others and for their own lives.
    The perception of reality is very limited by the action of vapor, and
    Beezer not realize in his mental and physical
    insolvency and absolutely not critical in the evaluation of their own
    features. Trying to fly, or to destroy, standing in front of them
    barrier, they are often hard to injure yourself and sometimes die.

    Due to the chronic abuse of couples comes a sharp
    weight loss, inflammation of the oral mucosa. Harmful
    material damage internal organs: stomach inflammation, intestine,
    kidney disorders of the central nervous system and bone
    brain, entail severe anemia and bleeding hidden
    internal organs.

    Another dangerous consequence of inhalation is an entry into
    narcotics dependence, which leads to further
    the transition to a more narcogene drugs. Many adults with drug addicts
    experience started with glue. A drug treatment at the experience of anesthesia with 8
    years is a very difficult process because there is a complex
    changes in a person's identity, in which drugs are perceived as
    an integral part of life.

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