10 Tips: How to wake up easily


  • Tip 1: merry Service
  • Tip 2: scheduled pleasure
  • Tip 3: festive breakfast
  • Tip 4: Charging the laziest
  • Tip 5: petting
  • Tip 6: Wake-up call
  • Tip 7: biorhythms
  • Tip 8: light
  • Tip 9: Evening rituals
  • Tip 10: favorite thing

  • 10 Tips: How to wake up easilyWeekday morning long winter - the biggest nightmareall day. Outside, a thick darkness and cold. Alarm Clock - the worst enemy, screwed into a sweet sleep nasty sharp sound. To get out from under the warm blankets and tear head from the pillow - a grim nightmare. These routine - breakfast, when there is not want nasty wet procedure, when dreams of a dry bed, get dressed, comb, crawl under the snow and pushes in transport ...

    How to wake up in the morning easy and joyful?

    It would be nice to wake up with anticipationpleasures, feel the whole body tingling tingling energy and be fit and active all at work! There is nothing easier! Choose: an assortment of ideas, it is easy to wake up even in the most inhospitable time.

    Tip 1: merry Service

    Buy yourself (or ask you to present)Service, which will help you to wake up. This may be a runaway alarm clock, an alarm clock in the form of a funny animal or man, an alarm clock with a projector on the ceiling paintings or Service-player, so you can wake up to your favorite music.

    Tip 2: scheduled pleasure

    Remember how quickly you jumped in my childhood,knowing that the day prepares you surprises and delights. How to wake up in the morning easy like a curious child? Plan for the day something nice! You can hang up before bed reminder: "A romantic dinner", "Shopping", "Movie", "guests". The consciousness of the future pleasure will set you in a positive way and help to get out of bed and dreaming about pleasant.

    Tip 3: festive breakfast

    If you do not want to eat in the morning, you have to yourselfforce. And it can be done only when the breakfast is very, very tasty. Allow yourself in the morning favorite goodies. Even if you are on a diet, a handful of biscuits, a couple of circles raw sausage, or even a piece of cake will not make you fatter. But the anticipation of a delicious breakfast buffet will allow to throw a blanket.

    Tip 4: Charging the laziest

    Note: potyagushi! Hearing the alarm, start to stretch. Imagine yourself a cat, which stretches sweet numb legs, stomach and back when going at home to hunt for food. Stretch the entire body, wallow, Put your feet up on the wall - anything to run faster blood flow. And let the brain wakes up later, with a cup of coffee and magical music.

    Tip 5: petting

    Sex in the morning - this is for active or larksfor the weekend. But the kiss and gentle touch of a loved one can make a real miracle. By the way, not necessarily ask for it spouse. You can take the initiative in their own hands and start the day with an innocent affection. Nerve endings help to wake up the whole body.

    Tip 6: Wake-up call

    Use popular Internet service"Buddhists,". Give joy to others, even strangers - an enormous pleasure. Wake up call from a person in another city or even country and hear the good luck and good morning - charge marvelous mood until the evening.

    Tip 7: biorhythms

    In the era of smart phones everyone has the opportunityexamine your biorhythms and adjust the phase of revival under the surface of sleep. Wake up when the alarm can not remove you from the depths of dreams, is extremely difficult. And if you open your eyes and start the day at the right time, you from the very first moments of wakefulness will feel sorry for the tautology, cheerfully.

    Tip 8: light

    Luminous alarm clock, bright fluorescent lights,bedside lamp with the same fluorescent light (though it would be better to call it a matinee), garlands with flashlights - everything goes in motion. In the season of darkness and dullness, when the sun's not enough, you need to simulate the sun at home. If you turn right after awakening bright light, your body and mind will make it easier to wake up and start to act aggressively.

    Tip 9: Evening rituals

    Of course, it is best to go to bed always at thesame time, and so had to sleep at least seven to eight hours. But even if you do not have a strict regime, think out rituals to help you wake up. For example, eat the last three hours before sleep - then you wake up the next morning with a sense of hunger and will be easier to get up.

    Tip 10: favorite thing

    And finally, the most grandiose idea. The easiest way to get up to the person who does what he likes! You completely forget about the question "How to wake up easily?", If you will burn the eyes of the working plans for the day. Start each day to devote time to what you like the most. You will not notice how in one moment will start to earn a living is the pleasure of a hobby. And you'll wake up with joy!

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