How quickly fall asleep at night?


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    If you go to the search for information asquickly go to sleep at night, you will find many valuable tips. However, most of them will be that you need to revise your diet, exercise during the day, spend more time in the fresh air, to observe mode and advance to prepare a thermos sleeping potions. All methods are fine if you have chronic insomnia: you gradually change your life by getting rid of the inability to fall asleep. But what about those who rarely meets trouble sleeping? What if just yesterday you fall asleep instantly, and tomorrow for some reason will be an hour tossing and turning, unable to immerse yourself in a dream? If insomnia suddenly overtaken, will not help you useful tips on how to just turn off the computer and TV. In the event of an insomnia you should have on hand a quick sleep techniques. What to do, to quickly go to sleep, if you can not fall asleep? How fast can sleep at night if you are awake and not in a hurry to return to the arms of Morpheus?

    If you do not sleep at night

    You tossed a half-hour, and sleep is not all? Prepare to be to spend twenty minutes of relaxation.

    • A warm bath. Ten minutes in warm (not hot) water should be enough to restore your body and spirit to sleep to banish the obsessive thoughts.
    • Open wide the window. If the window winter quite minute. If the autumn - ventilate the room as long as it will not be cool and you do not want to immediately hide in the folds of warm blankets. Cool fresh air - ideal for sleep.
    • Herbs brew late. But warmed in a microwave oven and a glass of milk to eat a teaspoon of honey, you can almost always. Do not neglect the warm milk, even if you do not like him. In the case of insomnia perceive it as a cure - not taste good, but it helps.
    • Go out, if you have a balcony. Pull warm shoes and throw with a jacket over his shoulders - no need to dress up completely. Wait in the dark, eyes closed. Focus on the sounds of the night, you hear. Do not look, and imagine how the car with burning headlights sweep through the city streets, imagine girl banging in the night on the pavement heels, imagine the night hunting yard cats. Five or ten minutes - and you will be much easier to fall asleep.
    • Make sure that the room is dark. Really dark. If you have thick curtains on the windows, it's what you need. If the light of lanterns and windows of the house next door is leaking into the bedroom, do anything to avoid being seen. Just closed my eyes will not help - you need or soft sleeping mask, or the ability to halt the further window. Interference with sleep may be even burning lights of the router, "pilot" or computer. Cover them any opaque cloth.
    • Listen to the sounds of the room. In a state of excitement and sudden sleep can interfere with insomnia, lying next to the bed, even the ticking of a wristwatch. Get rid of all noise sources.
    • The best way to relieve stress and bodilyfree thought - sex. In an emergency, when before the morning alarm clock is too little time, forget about the foreplay. Your goal - to get a quick discharge. If you are not satisfied with the "quickie", think about masturbation. Nothing helps to sleep better than the release of pent-up stress through fun.

    If you wake up at night

    Ways to sleep at night do not differ from the techniqueswhich you can use to quickly fall asleep at night. Unless it is unlikely that you are going to gain a bath at three o'clock in the morning. What to do, to quickly go to sleep at night, when there is neither the time nor the desire to hold many ceremonies?

    • Do you want to eat? If your body has had time to decide what it was morning, it will help warm glass of milk or unsweetened weak tea.
    • Take a bath at night is inappropriate, butdouche - what you need. Do not be afraid to wake up from the cold water. Easy harmless stress that will get your body to help you relax. If fully doused himself with ice water, you do not want to, dip your feet in very cold water for ten seconds.
    • Use the method of facial relaxation. Lie on your back, in turn relax your feet and hands. Turn attention to the face. Relax the muscles around the eyes and keep them relaxed a couple of minutes. Soon you will feel like you are overcome by sleep.
    • Simulate a yawn and stretch. After some time, it will be a real blunder, and you will find that sink into slumber.
    • Waking up at night, do not turn on the top and a bright light. Use your mobile phone to light his way into the bathroom. Even a small amount of light is able to interrupt your sleep.
    • Try it in the dark quickly translate gaze from one object to another, but do not look into their outlines. Two minutes of this exercise - and you want to sleep.

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