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    We talk with the head of the lab problems of directional memory recovery department Rehabilitation Research Institute. N.I.Burdenko RAMS OA Krotova.

    memory features

    Let's treat memoryIt is known that individuals differ in height. With this observation we face on a daily basis, and everyone can relatively accurately be said to myself, he is tall, average height, below average, etc. As the memory differences between people is several times more important than on growth. However, a comparison is made difficult not only by the fact that growth is visible at once, but the memory still need to somehow evaluate, measure.

    The difficulty is that if the height of the cancharacterized by a single value (one digit), then this can not be done for the memory. Our memory is made up of various sub-systems of different characteristics, each of the memory parameter has a different brain organization (is provided by different parts of the brain).

    Even a healthy person can be some parts of the brainbe functionally more advanced than others. These individual characteristics of the human brain when it comes to memory, most clearly manifested in the spontaneously formed memorization strategies. For example, one person to memorize the text of the page it is necessary to read it, and remembering how it will be read with the visual image, the other - to hear her expressive reading, because in memory of well-kept hearing, the third - said aloud, to step-Speech, the fourth - to build a logic of content, etc.

    If you examine the memory of these people, in testson visual memory better performance will be one, and on audio-verbal - in the other. But there are plenty of parameters that characterize our memory, and do not allow to give its assessment as one of some magnitude. Rather, it is a personal "Profile Memory" with peaks for certain characteristics and downs for others.

    Fight for our memory

    How can we overcome memory deficits, and what role is played here by the memory profile?

    Drug correction of memory disorders. The doctor prescribes a drug on the basis of the identified memory defect causes of the violation of brain activity. But the same reason, such as memory impairment as a result of traumatic brain injury, profile memory can be different, depending on the affected areas of the brain.

    Rehabilitation training. Profile Memory shows the ratio of intact and disturbed memory units. Special exercises for memory training allow to strengthen its capabilities and partially realign storage building on the most well preserved mechanisms.

    Formation of skill of the efficient conduct of businessrecords. There is a misconception that recording anything, we have less train their memory, and therefore weakens it. In fact, the ongoing business records properly organize and systematize our memory, allow to remove stress from the opportunity to miss something important out of sight, free amnestic function for creative processing of information and quick decision-making.

    However, the ability to write correctly does not meanthat a person can competently and really effectively conduct their business records, sometimes it requires a psychologist. Especially important such assistance when the weakened memory. In these cases, a neuropsychologist, based on the profile memory, work out with the patient new methods of compensating for his records.

    How to help yourself

    Sit down at the desk in the evening. Close your eyes, relax, and try to remember what you did this morning. Well, if you manage, how to scroll the film before his eyes: visualize all situations, "see" the clothing to communicate with you people "hear" the tone of their voices, to feel that if you want you can recall any details of the subjects who had been in your hands, all developed in greater detail in the morning events.

    But, most likely, your memories will notso clearly, and in the memory will be able to revive only the most common memories, rather logically arrayed knowledge that a particular event occurred this morning full of his "view" from memory, as if it was a video, did not happen.

    However, take some time to thatto recall the events of this morning, as detailed as possible. Try to call at all the sensations that accompanied your life this morning - visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, tactile, motor - as well as your emotional experiences in relation to certain events.

    How to keep a journal memory

    Let's treat memoryAfter that, take a notebook or notebook. Write on it "The Notebook." Open the first page, write today's date and the current time (for example, 20.10.2001, 19.15). Record the events that you have managed to restore the memory. If you can, write down the approximate time when they occurred.

    Do not record the events about which you justYou know that they will take place in the morning ( "got up, washed, had breakfast, etc."). You do not remember anything, just write down what usually happens. However, if the breakfast was kind of unusual food, and you remember it, or have an important conversation, which also managed to recover in memory, or you are watching television and remember some fragment of the transmission, - write it down in the diary memory. Writing the events of the morning, go to the day and evening.

    Keeping memory Diary can be detailed andcan - a brief, schematic. Choose any form convenient for you records. If there is something important that you are sure to want to remember, do not wait for the evening - just write down the necessary information. On some pages of the Diary or in the text of the current record in the fields of its plans, intentions, orders as coming the next day, and long-term.

    The last page is reserved for recording those thingsor money you lent to someone or borrowed you. cross out the appropriate entry When returning the debt. Marks on the last page do immediately, without delay for the evening.

    Why do we need a diary memory

    Firstly, this exercise, memory training. When you sit at the table and try to recall the events of the day, you train the process of extracting information from memory, spontaneously develop the most successful strategies.

    Second, the entry in the diary will help the doctor determine what is happening with your memory. They concretize the difficulties

    Third, while the memory is still uncontrollable, Diary is a reference material that allows at least partially avoid the hassles associated with the inability to recall important information.

    Fourth, based on the Diary we gradually move to a new form of doing business records. Skill briefly and quickly formulate a thought does not arise by itself in writing.

    Record must not only something important thatIt happens to you during the day, but any clear recollection that arose when you do exercise. For example: "distinctly remembered the content of the next series about Stirlitz who watched last night before going to bed." Diary entries in memory may differ from each other, both on the level of detail, and style. The main thing is that you start. Good luck!

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