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  • A healthy and proper sleep
  • The rules for healthy sleep
  • Waking up too, need to correct!

    A healthy and proper sleep
  • Dream in winter nightA healthy and proper sleep - the key to a successful day andHave a good mood. Sometimes, things have so famously spin that sleep is the least time. A sleep time - priceless. Especially in winter, when there is a reorganization in the body, and it requires more effort and energy. Doctors have long been proven that people are sleeping in the winter is much greater than in the summer, so it is in the winter should devote more time to this occupation.

    Due to the fact that the street dark early anddawns late - the body is almost the whole day struggling to stay awake. And even if you do not follow the simple rules, the winter sleep can lead to big problems related to fatigue and lack of sleep.

    Use a few simple rules,to sleep in the winter night became an enjoyable pastime for you and awakening in the winter morning - easy and joyful. But remember that only the systematic adherence to the advice you really feel better, and this question - "how to sleep properly?" - Will come to naught.

    The rules for healthy sleep

    Arriving home after a long and busy day,Eat a light dinner. Everyone knows that a dense dinner will prevent sleep and you tossed all night. After dinner, must be at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Food must be absorbed in the body and this requires exactly that amount of time. In no case do not drink tonic beverages (tea, coffee, orange juice) because they act on the nervous system stimulant and sleep like a hand lift. After dinner, enjoy a favorite activity at least half an hour. Watch TV, read a book, listen to music and just relax. Forget the unpleasant aspects of the past day and immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of his home. After all, "a clear conscience - this is the best hypnotic" - reads the ancient aphorism.

    Then you can take a warm bath with the addition of essential oils. For centuries, it proved that aromatherapy - art, so use only those oils that soothe and relax your body.

    Going preferably not later than 22 hours. If not, then try to sleep between 2 and 4 o'clock in the morning. At this time, the most powerful dream, even sleep for an hour, you will not feel overwhelmed.

    North or east - this is where to be addressedyour head while sleeping, since the intersection of the electromagnetic fields of the human brain and the earth's crust are the same in this direction. Believe me, sleep is wonderful.

    Very importantly, in what clothes you sleep. The less clothes - better sleep. But in the winter a little brave to sleep without clothes, so use only clothes made of plant fibers.

    The bedroom must be fresh air. Whether you ventilate the room before going to bed or leave the window. But do not start a draft, and that instead of a pleasant dream to catch a cold. If you leave the window, you can wear socks to protect themselves from disease.

    Even the inhabitants of ancient China have shown that sleepmost quickly comes to those who sleep on a flat surface without a pillow. In this case there is no violation of the spinal cord blood flow and improved cerebral blood flow normalizes intracranial pressure. If you can not live without a pillow - use filler buckwheat husks. The Japanese, as they have proved the usefulness of buckwheat pillows, usually recommend them to eliminate neck pain, back, head, eliminating snoring and insomnia and other troubles. The natural filling has much more advantages than usual cushion stuffing. The most important thing is that the pillow neatly adapts to the shape of the head and neck, providing a flexible and passive support.

    If you feel that the dream does not come and sleepYou do not want to - do not sleep. Take care of some business, read, and work as long as Morpheus does not envelop you. There is nothing criminal, because the body itself knows the limit of your strength.

    Waking up too, need to correct!

    The main rule for the fans to sleep - notlie around in bed after you wake up, even if the clock has not stolen up to the figure 5 or 6. The fact that the brain from that moment begins active and trying to force him back to sleep, you make it worse.

    After lifting do not be lazy. Make a couple of physical exercises under the energetic music. Do not forget to look in the shower and take baths and contrasting with essential oils. Now, in order to wake up from sleeping bliss.

    Despite the bad weather outside the window, and the negativetemperature wake up every day with joy, because the mental attitude is not as important as the physiological. Think for yourself some optimistic phrase that includes music and get ready for next winter sleep ritual. Goodnight!

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