The path to harmony with breathing exercises "Tszyanfey"


  • Chinese breathing "Tszyanfey" exercises for weight loss
  • Exercise breathing exercises "Tszyanfey"

  • The path to harmony with breathing exercises "Tszyanfey"The external beauty of a person depends on manyfactors: the nature of data, the ability to choose clothes from the posture and gait. The list is endless, but the general concept of human beauty means symmetry and smartness. Excess weight has been and remains a challenge, not only from an aesthetic point of view. Already no one doubts that a normal body weight, is as much a necessity as healthy teeth, hair, no problems with digestion. Watch your weight has become fashionable, most people understand that you can become successful only by having a healthy weight and having a certain health.

    Chinese breathing "Tszyanfey" exercises for weight loss

    Chinese breathing exercises "Tszyanfey"designed for those who seek body harmony. "Tszyanfey" is translated from Chinese as "lose fat". With three unpretentious exercises can in a short time to slow down significantly in weight, and for many years to maintain a perfect state of health.

    Classes do not take up a lot of time, do not requirephysical training, special equipment. The exercises are simple, to help relieve hunger, reduce food intake, improve metabolism and cope with weakness and dizziness.

    Exercise breathing exercises "Tszyanfey"

    Breathing exercises for weight loss "Tszyanfey"It includes three exercises: "The Wave", "frog" and "Lotus". All exercises are given in a simplified form that is accessible to all levels of fitness. You can also watch videos in which a more complex version of breathing exercises reveals a real qigong master.


    Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees at a right angle, feet rest against the floor. One hand lay on his chest, the other on his stomach.

    Breathe deeply, plunging stomach. On an exhalation, on the contrary, lower chest, bulging stomach at the same time. Movement of the chest and abdomen should resemble waves, breathing should be natural, free.

    The cycle includes 40 breaths. Work can be both at home and in transport, and in the workplace, "Wave" to help cope with hunger.

    Exercise "Wave" by qigong masters.


    Breathing exercises for weight loss tszyanfey, exercise frogSit on a chair, knees, spread apart onwidth apart. Squeeze one hand into a fist, palm of the other hand grasp the fist. Leaning his elbows on his knees, put his forehead against his head on his fist. Now close your eyes, relax as much as possible. Free body, let him obmyaknut as after a strong physical fatigue.

    Breathe in through your nose and mentally "spend"the air in the abdomen, and then slowly exhale through your mouth freely. Once again, inhale through the nose, filling the lower abdomen, stand still for a few seconds and make a short additional breath, and after a long, free breath out through your mouth.

    Chest during exercise remains stationary,Only abdominal breathing, movement resembling a frog belly. Performing the exercises necessary to dedicate 15 minutes, repeat it three times a day. Making it possible to regular meal hours before a meal, or choose a different time. Abdominal breathing plays the role of massage internal organs, stimulates blood circulation, increases metabolism, raises the tone of the whole body and makes it easier to diet.

    Exercise "Frog" by qigong masters.


    Chinese breathing "Tszyanfey" exercises for weight loss is partly based on meditative techniques, exercise "Lotus" means complete relaxation and detachment.

    Effective Chinese breathing "Tszyanfey" exercises for weight loss? pose "lotus"Starting position - sitting on a chair, feetshoulder-width apart, hands on his knees, put his hands up on one another. Not leaning back in his chair, straighten your back, shoulders slumped, his chin just send down. Close your eyes and completely relax the muscles of the face and body language, touch the tip of the sky at the level of the upper teeth, inhale and exhale. Sit for a minute as another drive out snatches of phrases and themes that arise in the mind, continue with the breathing exercises, consisting of three parts.

    1. Control of breathing lasting 5 minutes. Try to breathe deeply and calmly as possible of course, aware of each inhalation and exhalation, controlling their depth, frequency, listening to emit sounds and trying to achieve the most silent air movement.
    2. Controlled exhale (5 minutes). Breathe Casual, free, as you exhale try to relax as much as possible, trying to achieve silent, smooth movement of air.
    3. Uncontrolled breathing (10 minutes), stop to think about breathing, chase outsiders washed and maximum comfort themselves.

    Exercise "Lotus" is performed three times a day, can be combined with "frog" and can be early in the morning after getting up and in the evening before bedtime.

    Exercise "Lotus" by qigong masters.

    "Lotus" and "Frog" will help get rid offatigue, relieve stress, improve your metabolism, get rid of vascular dystonia, help for many chronic diseases they can carry out in order to strengthen the health and raise the tone of the body.

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